Front Desk Clerk Resume Objective Example

A Front Desk Clerk serves as a company’s first contact with customers and potential customers. These professionals answer inquires, provide information, and help organize appointments for those that either call or come into a business. To secure this position, it is important your resume objective is clear and direct. Be sure to highlight your skills, talents, and career goals.

What The Front Desk Clerk Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

Because Front Desk Clerks are usually the first, and sometimes the only, contact that clients will have, strong communication and customer service skills are vital to the position. This is the most important aspect of your abilities that you can communicate with your resume. Beyond that, employers will be looking for clerical skills, computer knowledge, and basic administrative and managerial abilities in the individual they hire. Communicate all these elements succinctly.

Sample Front Desk Clerk Resume Objectives

When writing your resume objective for a Front Desk Clerk position, outline what makes you the best fit for the job. It should be clear and direct, describing what you can bring to a company in a straightforward way. It is also very effective to use the company name in your objective to convey how excited to are to potentially work there. Here are a few sample resume objectives:

1. Looking to bring excellent and consistent administrative and customer service experience to a Front Desk Clerk position with ABC Company while making a positive influence through organization and communication with all potential clients.

2. Self-motivated professional seeking Front Desk Clerk position with ABC Company that can provide unmatched customer service and organization through problem-solving and communication.

3. Seeking Front Desk Clerk work with ABC Company that encourages application of customer relations, administration, and organization skills.

4. Individual with 10+ years of Front Desk Clerk experience looking for work with ABC Company to utilize customer and personal service, utility, and clerical expertise.

5. Proactive and organized professional desiring to transfer customer service and administration skills to ABC Company in a Front Desk Clerk position.

Skills To Put in a Front Desk Clerk Resume Objective

A great objective section succinctly tells the reader what makes you an outstanding candidate for the position. This means including the top skills you bring to the table. The proficiencies you list inform employers about not only your skillset but also your understanding of what abilities contribute to high-level performance as a front desk clerk.

The job listing will provide your first clues as to what qualifications a particular employer prioritizes. Be sure to also include important personal skills a front desk clerk needs for top job performance, such as communication, organization, and the ability to calm down upset customers. A front desk clerk may work in many settings, so put down industry-specific skills as well. The following list offers some examples of essential skills:

  1. Excellent phone manner and ability to deal with high-volume calls
  2. POS and office software proficiency
  3. Experience in using online calendar and scheduling systems
  4. Knowledge of the hospitality industry
  5. Excellent at going the extra mile to assure customer satisfaction
  6. Problem-solving and conflict resolution
  7. Able to remain calm and efficient under pressure
  8. Effective multitasking while maintaining relaxed and pleasant manner
  9. Thorough knowledge of local attractions, restaurants, and services
  10. Organized and detail-oriented
  11. Skilled in positive communication with difficult customers
  12. Quick learner

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