Full Stack Developer Resume Examples

Employers of all types nearly always prefer to hire candidates with multiple skill sets. In software development, full stack developers can take advantage of this fact since, by definition, they possess multiple technical skills. Specifically, they work on both the front and back ends of a software application or website.

This naturally adds an extra level of complexity when it comes to one’s resume, skill development and job prospects. Luckily, our full stack developer resume example is written by experts who can show you how to sell your own abilities to hiring managers. Read on to learn how to best communicate these achievements on a resume.



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What is a Full Stack Developer?

Full stack developers have a hand in building websites, software and more, from both back-end and front-end perspectives. In other words, they manage both the server and client sides of software. A full stack developer must be efficient in implementing Agile projects and have proficient knowledge of programming languages like Perl, JavaScript, Java and Python.

Their responsibilities might include developing databases and maintaining servers, managing APIs and technical documentation, testing software, troubleshooting, debugging and upgrading software. Since they single-handedly manage the tasks of multiple employees, 38% of hiring managers say full stack developer roles are the ones they want to fill the most.

What Makes This a Great
Full Stack Developer Resume Example?

Certified resume writers wrote our full stack developer resume example so you can learn exactly what catches a recruiter’s attention. Our expert-crafted resume demonstrates how best to organize your qualifications. Here are a few of the biggest advantages of using our example as guide for your own document:

  • Each is written by a professional: A well-written resume makes a significant contribution to any applicant’s hiring prospects. Our full stack developer resume example is an ideal way to learn which keywords will impress hiring managers, like “API design and GitHub” in the example above. Additionally, our Resume Builder provides additional help via pre-written text suggestions, also crafted by our team of experts.
  • They help you choose a resume format: Picking the right resume format is essential to making the most of your qualifications, and the option should reflect your level of experience. The moderately experienced example above uses a combination format, which equally emphasizes one’s experience and skills. Professionals with more years of experience, on the other hand, might benefit more from an experience-centric chronological format.
  • Shows the best resume templates: Full stack developers, like all other job seekers, should pick a resume template that reflects the employers to which they’re applying. Our diverse selection of templates perfectly suits this much in-demand position, since it’s a key part of so many development teams within such a wide range of workplaces.

3 Full Stack Developer Professional Summary Examples

Sitting at the top of the page, your professional summary should immediately pique a recruiter’s interest. It should concisely present your skills and experience in a way that implies you’re perfect for the job. To help you easily add this to your own resume, our Resume Builder offers customizable summaries pre-written by certified resume writers.

Here are three examples of professional summaries the builder might suggest.

  1. Qualified full stack developer with a decade of experience building databases and programming in six languages. Equally adept in web and mobile development, and most skilled with SQL, Python and JavaScript.
  2. Innovative, collaborative developer with track record of successfully leading three teams to product launch. Passionate about technology and developing robust applications. Experienced enforcing high programming standards for large and small teams.
  3. Full stack developer with twelve years of experience within start-ups and large corporations. Self-motivated and efficient problem-solver. Responsible for reducing budget and development timeline length by an average of 19%.

3 Full Stack Developer Work Experience Examples

Our full stack developer resume example gives an idea of what hiring managers hope to find in your work experience descriptions. This and our Resume Builder can help you add your own impressive achievements to your resume, complete with quantifiable metrics that prove your value.

Here are three work experience examples we might offer:

  1. Leads eight-member support team to resolve user issues while writing code and preparing thorough software documentation.
  2. Worked with five domestic and three international clients to assist in solving database errors while simultaneously developing new features.
  3. Write, test and deploy code to servers and migrate existing development environments to the cloud; work as team lead and co-lead across two ten-member teams.

Top Skills for Your Full Stack Developer Resume

Your skills section should not only tell recruiters what you can do, but that you can fill the exact role they’re offering. Our full stack developer resume example and Resume Builder will show you which skills hiring managers look for. Check out some examples below.

Hard Skills

  • Node.js
  • HTML5, MySql, Angular
  • Client- and server-side programming
  • Web and mobile design

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Organization and planning

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Full Stack Developer FAQs

What are the educational qualifications of a full stack developer?

Full stack developers typically possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or related fields. Employers look for candidates who have been trained or certified in programming languages like JavaScript, C++, PHP or Python. Though not a requisite, a certificate in Agile can be an added advantage when applying to particular employers.

How is a full stack developer different from a software developer?

A full stack developer is responsible for managing databases, clients and servers, and system engineering and design. They are generally masters of web development and multiple programming languages. A software developer simply works on software applications in some capacity. They often must be knowledgeable in Swift, C#, Java and other programming languages, as well as familiar with other basic computer science concepts.

Should I mention certifications on my full stack developer resume?

Including additional, relevant certifications will demonstrate your passion and interest in these roles. This gives you an edge and might better catch the attention of employers. Add only certifications from accredited organizations or boards. The more specific to your desired job these are, the more valuable these kinds of certifications will be to your chances of being hired.