Nursing Assistant Resume Examples

With faster-than-average projected job growth for nursing assistants through 2028, there’s greater opportunity to land this kind of job. Of course, you’ll need a resume that demonstrates the valued qualifications hiring managers seek in nursing assistant candidates. Our nursing assistant resume examples, drafted by our team of professional resume writers, demonstrate how to craft a unique document for every position you apply for. Below, learn more about how we can help you.


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What Is a Nursing Assistant?

Patients rely on nursing assistants for basic health care and help with daily tasks, and occasionally medication administration, depending on how much training they have. Assistants work alongside registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and licensed vocational nurses. Depending on the hospital or facility, nursing assistants may have to work holidays, nights and weekends. Because patients may remain in a residential care facility or a nursing facility for an extended time, assistants often forge strong bonds with residents.

What Makes This a Great
Nursing Assistant Resume Example?

If you long to enjoy a fulfilling career and the ideal nursing assistant position that comes with it, you can achieve that goal with the help of our resume examples. After looking them over, it’ll be easy to apply what you’ve learned to your own page:

  • Read expert-crafted content: Use keywords and phrases from our professional resume writers that will leave no doubt that you’d be the ideal nursing assistant hire. Note the use of “reliable team player with flexible schedule” in this example. This demonstrates the job seeker’s ability to work a variety of shifts and willingness to help their coworkers.
  • Learn how to use format: Nursing assistants with a decent amount of experience benefit from using a combination format, like in the example above. This style equally emphasizes both work history and role-relevant skills. Those who just received their state certification and desire entry-level work may be more comfortable with a solely skills-focused functional format.
  • Pick an appropriate template: Job seekers need to take just as much care when choosing a resume template, which dictates the design of a resume. This applicant’s use of understated gray tones helps reflect their potential workplace’s professional culture without sacrificing its striking use of contrast. Be sure to consider the culture of where you’re applying when picking a template.

3 Nursing Assistant Professional Summaries Examples

Our resume examples will inspire you to craft a nursing assistant professional summary to impress employers. If you prefer, look to our resume builder for more guided assistance in drafting your summary section. Following are three professional summaries the builder might offer:

  1. Empathic nursing assistant with seven years of experience caring for elderly patients. Solid time management and communication skills for patients and coworkers alike. Able to lift as much as 150 pounds.
  2. Newly certified nursing assistant with an interest in offering patients quality home healthcare services. Trained at two private hospitals and an assisted living facility. Background in administrative services and customer service.
  3. Nursing assistant with 10 years of experience taking excellent care of patients of various ages with various medical conditions. Focused on transporting, adjusting and moving patients with proper technique to avoid workplace injuries. Communicated with each patient to ensure individual comfort and peace of mind during recovery.

3 Nursing Assistant Work Experience Section Examples

If you’re in need of inspiration to write your own nursing assistant work experience section, our resume examples serve as excellent models. Additionally, for all job titles, our resume builder features pre-written content you can tweak to suit your individual needs. This may include adding metrics, or you can keep the content as-is. Here are three work responsibility examples:

  1. Undressed and bathed patients, applying lotion and deodorant for proper hygiene and patient comfort.
  2. Worked with registered nurses to create proper patient treatment plans and full patient assessment.
  3. Prepared and served food according to patient dietary restrictions and preferences.


Top Skills for Your Nursing Assistant Resume

When you refer to our examples or use our builder, you won’t have to guess at which skills belong on your resume. Let our resume writers help you understand which qualifications employers prioritize. You can use skills the builder recommends, add your own or do both. Check out these examples:

Hard Skills

  • Medical procedure coding software 
  • Health information database software
  • Basic life support 
  • CPR training

Soft Skills

  • Reading comprehension
  • Service orientation
  • Social perceptiveness
  • Problem sensitivity

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Nursing Assistant FAQs

How should a nursing assistant resume look?

Your resume’s appearance depends on your current skills, experience and education. The functional resume format is a good choice if you recently earned your license or certification. If you have some experience under your belt, the chronological format highlights your work history and past responsibilities. If you’re in the middle of the road in your career, think about using a blend of the two formats.

What are tasks you should never do as a nursing assistant?

Nursing assistants who are not certified medication assistants should never administer medication to patients. Assistants untrained in properly lifting patients put themselves at risk for sustaining an injury, which is common in this occupation. These health care professionals must consult with registered or licensed nurses for tasks that fall outside their usual job responsibilities.

What makes a good nursing assistant?

A good nursing assistant must have basic medical skills and observational skills. Because nursing assistants spend so much time with patients, they must be personable, compassionate, patient and kind. They must also have good communication skills to be able to discuss patients’ concerns and share all information with other nurses and doctors. Physical stamina is also important, as assistants spend a lot of time on their feet and moving patients.