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The baking industry has a lot of potential for those with a passion for bread and pastries. Chew on this: bakery products represent 2.1% of the United States’ gross domestic product and generate more than $30 billion in revenue every year.

With a wide range of job opportunities available for bakers, competitive candidates need a strong resume. Our baker resume examples, crafted by our team of certified resume writers with in-depth industry knowledge of the field, show you how. Refer to our resume examples to understand all the ingredients that go into creating an engaging resume that will highlight your strengths and help you rise to the top of the candidate pool.


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What is a Baker?

Bakers are experts in creating baked goods, such as breads, biscuits, snacks, and cakes. They can work in a variety of settings, including restaurants, bakeries, cafes, hotels, and pizzerias.

Bakers follow recipes to maintain consistent quality in their baked goods. They prepare baking equipment, check the quality of the ingredients, mix them in the correct measurements, knead dough, and create equal portion sizes for baking. Bakers have to be extremely detail-oriented and have strong time management skills to maintain consistent baking times. They must also be physically fit enough to spend considerable time on their feet.

What Makes This a Great
Baker Resume Example?

Having a strong resume is more than just icing on the cake. You may possess the right mix of talent, skills, and experience, but it’s critical to learn how to articulate this. Our baker resume example is designed to show you how to accomplish this. Here are three ways our example can help: 

  • Professionally-written resume content: Our team of certified professional resume writers understand the current trends in the culinary industry and write resume examples that are designed to show you the right keywords and job-specific resume phrases to use to make an impression. Study the language of our baker resume example or, for more help, use our Resume Builder, which will make pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume. 
  • Best resume format: Our baker resume example helps you identify the format that is best suited to your level of experience. The example above uses the combination resume format, which is perfect for a mid-career applicant who wants to show off both strong skills and an impressive career progression. Job seekers with more or less experience should consider another resume format.
  • Industry-appropriate designs: Bakers are highly artistic, which means it’s appropriate to use a colorful, creative resume template. However, for more conservative roles, applicants should choose a more traditional resume format.

3 Baker Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary is one of the most important sections of a resume because it tells employers why you are the best applicant for the role. Study our baker resume example to learn how to craft a succinct yet compelling professional summary.

Here are three additional professional summary examples suitable to customize for your baker resume:

  1. American Baker’s Association-certified baker with four years of experience. Adept at using modern baking equipment to produce a delectable spread of desserts and savory baked items on a large scale. Responsible for creating three to five seasonal menu offerings using local ingredients each quarter.
  2. A baker with seven years of experience working in restaurants and patisseries. Expertise in making vegan, low-calorie products suitable for the needs of health-conscious customers. Extensive experience customizing menus for those with special dietary needs. Strong process management and team coordination skills.
  3. Creative baker with a current ServSafe food handler certification and 12 years of experience working in hotels. Possess extensive knowledge of classic recipes. Execute hotel’s overnight baking operations overseeing a staff of four.

3 Baker Work Experience Examples

Your work experience section should be more than just a list of job responsibilities; it should communicate specific, measurable accomplishments. Study our baker resume example to learn how to write compelling content for this section.

Here are three additional work experience section examples that you might consider:

  1. Increased kitchen efficiency by 30% using automatic kneaders and rollers.
  2. Introduced a paleo-dessert line that increased the restaurant’s monthly revenue by $29,000.
  3. Trained five junior culinary school summer interns in traditional baking methods.

Top Skills for Your Baker Resume

Bakers must have a mix of hard and soft skills to excel in the role. Our baker resume example shows you how to incorporate skills that recruiters seek in top candidates. You can also refer to our builder to look at a comprehensive list of skills sought on a baker’s resume.

Here are some skills that our builder might recommend:

Hard Skills

  • Expert cake decorating skills
  • Recipe formulation
  • Scheduling
  • FreshBooks, FlexiBake

Soft Skills

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Physical strength and stamina
  • Customer service

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Baker FAQs

What are some responsibilities of a baker?

The primary responsibilities involve measuring ingredients according to recipes, mixing them using different types of equipment, and finally baking them in the oven at the right temperature for a specific time. Baked products have a short shelf life, and bakers have to ensure that stale or damaged products are not served to customers. Bakers also have to ensure that machines are always well-maintained and the ingredients are consistently high-quality to maintain the same taste.

Is certification mandatory for bakers?

Depending on the job and where you work, ServSafe certification may be required for a baker. However, to improve their skillset and advance their career prospects, they can voluntarily pursue a certification course offered by organizations like the American Baking Association or the Retail Bakers of America. Moreover, a certification assures recruiters that you have the skills and capabilities to carry out the job effectively.

What does a typical day in the life of a baker involve?

The nature of a baker’s role varies depending on the type of establishment in which they work. However, their day typically involves checking the bake list for the day, selecting ingredients for it, ensuring the spread is ready for the breakfast schedule, cleaning the equipment, and closing the kitchen prepared for the next day’s work. Their work involves a lot of time on their feet and may even entail overnight or early morning hours.