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Software engineering is a competitive field and to stand out in the job market you’ll need a resume that catches the eye of hiring managers. LiveCareer’s resume examples are a great place to start. They show you the exact skills, experience, and education credentials recruiters look for and give you a sense of the best format and template to use as you write your own document.


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What is a Software Engineer?

Software engineers work on the design side of software development. These professionals decide the functions and parameters of the software before developers bring it to life. Software engineers also often work alongside developers during the building process to tweak the design if necessary. There are many programming languages that engineers can learn to assist with the development end, such as SQL, JavaScript, C++ and Python, the most sought-after programming language.

What Makes This a Great
Software Engineer Resume Example?

One great tool for building a strong resume are LiveCareer’s software engineer resume examples. These provide guidance on several elements of crafting a strong resume to make the process quicker and easier for you. Here’s how our software engineer resume examples can help you:

  • Pre-written content: Our resume examples show you the right way to word your application materials. If you need more help, use our Resume Builder which suggests pre-written content that has been crafted by certified resume writers. Use these suggestions as-is or as a starting point for writing your own content.
  • Showing resume format options: There are three main resume formats: chronological, combination and functional. The job seeker in the resume example above chose a combination format, which is perfect for a job seeker with some work experience and a robust skill set. If you are an entry-level worker or are seeking a senior-level software engineer role, another resume format might be better suited for you.
  • Template suggestions: Software engineers are a creative bunch but where you are applying for work should dictate which resume template you choose more than your job title. For those applying in more casual environments, like tech, a touch of color like in the example above can show off your flair for design. However, those applying in more conserative industries, like banking, should choose a more subdued template. Our resume builder will suggest templates based on the information you provide as you build your resume. It also makes it simple to switch between templates when you are applying for roles in multiple fields.

3 Software Engineer Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary is the gateway to your resume. In three- to five-sentences, you must persuade a recruiter to keep reading by highlighting your top skills and most impressive achievements. Our resume examples show you how to craft a strong professional summary, or use our builder to write your own.

Here are some of the professional summaries our builder tool might recommend for your software engineer resume:

  1. Emerging software engineer who graduated in the top 5% of his class. Completed 12 software design projects during studies and worked as a front-end engineer intern at Microsoft Corp every summer. Ready to put these skills to use in a more long-term position.
  2. Self-taught programmer with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences. Certified to code in Python, Java, JavaScript, C+ and C++. Built two award-winning telehealth applications for local healthcare facilities to serve patients remotely. Ready to work on the design end of software as part of a team.
  3. Experienced software engineer with nine years of experience in a variety of industries. PMI-Agile professional who has led software development projects from start to finish. Proven ability to make accurate time estimates for deliverables and to complete projects on time. Experience managing projects and teams of up to 14 employees.

3 Software Engineer Work Experience Examples

Finding the right words to describe your work experience section in a compelling way is a challenge. Using our software engineer resume examples can show you how to word your document in a way that will grab the attention of a recruiter. Or, customize the professionally-written suggestions in our builder using your unique metrics. Here are three bullet points you might consider for your software engineer work experience section:

  1. Liaised with the robotics departments to design an operating system that reflected the mechanical functionalities for assembly line robots
  2. Handled the on-time launch of four big software engineering projects from start to finish in 2019-2020
  3. Redesigned the existing software used by the bank to improve functionality by 40% and reduce crashes by 90%

Top Skills for Your Software Engineer Resume

While hard skills are critical in this field, soft skills are not to be overlooked. Software engineers often undergo rigorous testing as part of the interview process to showcase their abilities. Even so, soft skills also play a role, especially when it comes to interpersonal skills. Here are some hard and soft skills that you might consider adding to your software engineer resume:

Hard Skills

  • Open source experience
  • Website building
  • Data structures
  • Coding

Soft Skills

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity

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Software Engineer FAQs

What do software engineer employers look for?

Employers are most interested in the hard skills a software engineer brings to the table. However, many projects involved high levels of teamwork. The more there is collaborative work involved in software engineering projects or positions, the more important soft skills become.

Software engineering is as much practical as it is intellectual, so work experience is crucial unless you are right out of school. Finally, a bachelor’s degree represents the bare minimum when it comes to educational qualifications.

Are software engineers in demand?

Of all the professionals big tech companies seek out the most, software engineers top the list. Software engineers bring both project management and technical skills to the table, which companies need to manage teams and complete projects on time. Here are some of the most in-demand software engineer job titles:

  • Blockchain engineer
  • Security engineer
  • Embedded engineer
  • Data engineer
  • Backend engineer

How do you write a project description on a resume for experience?

If you want to highlight a few key projects, knowing how to describe them can strengthen your resume. The first step is choosing words that powerfully summarize your contributions, such as “introduced” or “created.” Next, remember to use metrics. These might include the dollar value of the project, size of the team or the percentage of improvement in the issue the software tackled.