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Working as a software developer can be a rewarding and well-paying career, which makes this a competitive field. If you want to land interviews for your ideal job, you will need an eye-catching and compelling resume. Using LiveCareer’s software developer resume examples can help. Our examples show you exactly what recruiters look for in candidates. Study them to learn how to write your own.


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What Is a Software Developer?

Software developers are information technology professionals who create applications or systems that run on computer devices. They help to research, design, refine and test software. These applications benefit a diverse array of industries that include technology, finance, business, transportation, government and many more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there could be nearly 300,000 new software developer jobs created between 2018 and 2028. This indicates that software development could be a rewarding career path for anyone interested in technology.

What Makes This a Great
Software Developer Resume Example?

The software developer resume example above is a great resource as you learn to write your own resume. Written by our team of certified resume writers, all of our resume examples teach you how to showcase your skills and experience in the most powerful way. Here’s how our software developer resume example can help you:

  • Write compelling content: Use our resume example to learn how to write every section of your resume. From the professional summary to the work experience section, we show you the right language to use to get the attention of a recruiter. Or, if you need more help, use our Resume Builder, which will suggest pre-written content written by our resume writers. Use the suggestions as-is or modify them to suit your needs.
  • Find the right format: Utilizing the right resume format helps emphasize your most significant software developer qualifications. In our example, the job seeker chose a combination format, which highlights her summary of qualifications and skills while also including her full work history. Depending on your level of professional experience, you might choose a functional or chronological resume format instead.
  • Pick an appropriate template: In our example, the job seeker chose a bold, red template to catch the eye of a recruiter. This resume template is a great choice for a creative workplace. However, if you are applying in a conservative field, you should choose a more subdued design. When you use our resume builder, it will suggest appropriate resume templates based on the information you provide so you can find the right one for your job search.

3 Software Developer Professional Summaries Examples

Your professional summary is your first chance to impress hiring managers with your resume. Your professional summary should be three- to five-sentences about your most impressive skill and experience as a software developer. Study the software developer resume example above as inspiration as you learn to craft an impactful and compelling summary. Or, use our Resume Builder. Here are three examples of software developer professional summaries our builder may recommend to you:

  1. Software developer skilled at systems design, architecture and documentation. Over five years of experience working in startup environments. Proficient in software development process from beginning design through final integration. Enthusiastic about bringing skills and insight to a leading-edge team.
  2. Knowledgeable software developer with 10 years of experience working in diverse settings. Adept at applying creative problem solving and “out-of-the-box” thinking to designing novel software solutions. Experienced with backend development for enterprise SaaS products.
  3. Enthusiastic software developer with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Eager to apply classroom knowledge to help an innovative team in a technical environment. Hard-working and dedicated team player willing to undertake any assignment.

3 Software Developer Work Experience Section Examples

Our software developer resume examples can also help you craft impactful descriptions of your work experience. Getting noticed as a software developer requires effective explanations of the work you did on a given project. If you need more help, our builder offers pre-written text suggestions, written by certified resume writers, for you to use as-is or modify for your own needs, Here are three entries our builder might suggest for your software developer resume:

  1. Troubleshot bugs in existing code and worked out fixes for updates and releases
  2. Analyzed functional requirements and designed an effective software solution based on stated needs
  3. Documented work carefully including detailed code specifications and project activities


Top Skills for Your Software Developer Resume

Hiring managers are looking for applicants with relevant hard and soft skills. Our software developer resume examples provide inspiration and suggestions for your which skills to add to your resume. Here are some examples of the software developer skills hiring managers are looking for:

Hard Skills

  • jQuery
  • C++
  • Software programming
  • Systems analysis

Soft Skills

  • Collaborative design
  • Technical writing
  • Client communication
  • Project planning

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Software Developer FAQs

What is a software developer portfolio?

A portfolio is a set of completed projects you have worked on that you have collected as examples of your achievements and abilities. Many software developers use online tools such as GitHub or personal websites to show their portfolio of work. When you are applying to jobs, a portfolio can demonstrate and bring to life the skills you included on your resume.

How do I add project details to my resume for experience?

Details about projects you have handled are typically included in your work history section. You can use the detailed bullet points to emphasize specifics, including troubleshooting steps and measurable outcomes, about the work you completed on each undertaking. In some cases, software developers include non-professional projects, such as class assignments or personal designs, on their resumes in addition to their work history.

How much do software developers make?

The median salary for software developers in 2018 was $105,590 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Developers in the bottom 10% of the salary tier earned under $61,660. Those in the top 10% earned over $161,290. The median pay for software developers working on systems software was about $6,380 more than for those working on applications.