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Both the rapid development of the aviation industry and an increased focus on air safety has boosted the demand for quality aircraft mechanics in recent years. Primarily responsible for repairing aircraft parts and ensuring compliance with aviation rules, there were about 183,000 aircraft mechanics and service technicians employed in the United States in 2018.

Hired mostly by government and private airliners, aircraft mechanics play a crucial role in ensuring passenger safety, putting a massive responsibility on their shoulders. Our aircraft mechanic resume example can help you zero-in on all the qualifications your resume will need to show recruiters you’re equipped for this role.


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What is a Aircraft Mechanic ?

Aircraft mechanics are responsible for inspecting an aircraft’s structural, mechanical and hydraulic systems, and repairing any faults in them. They carry out scheduled maintenance of aircraft, fixing leaks, repairing broken wings and more. They typically examine all components of an aircraft for defects before implementing fixes. They replace defective parts with precision, using only tools specifically designed for the job.

An aircraft mechanic needs to be at least 18 years old, and must be proficient in written and spoken English. Aircraft mechanics also must attend an aviation maintenance technician school approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

What Makes This a Great
Aircraft Mechanic Resume Example?

It’s essential to write a top-tier resume to stand out from other applicants. Our certified resume writers know exactly what recruiters look for when sourcing aircraft mechanic candidates, and craft each example to reflect these qualifications.

Here are a few ways our aircraft mechanic resume example can help your resume writing:

  • Professional-level content: Blending the right keywords, such as “FAA-issued” and “corrosion expertise” in this example, with professional-sounding language, our team ensures our resume examples demonstrate the kind of writing that catches a recruiter’s eye. With additional help from our Resume Builder, our experts provide you with pre-written, high-quality content you can borrow for your own resume.
  • Using the right format: Our aircraft mechanic resume example offers a better sense of which resume formats job seekers should choose to highlight their strengths. The resume above uses a combination format to more strongly emphasize the candidate’s skillset, drawing attention away from the fact that they only have a moderate amount of experience.
  • Appropriate template selection: The design of your resume template should reflect the position to which you apply. A more technical, straightforward role, an aircraft mechanic’s resume might be best served by one of our simpler,  traditional resume templates. Our Resume Builder offers a range of templates that can suit any position or industry.

3 Aircraft Mechanic Professional Summary Examples

A well-crafted professional summary should be the first thing a recruiter sees when reading over your resume. While you can use our aircraft mechanic resume example to inspire your own professional summary, you can also customize the pre-written content from our Resume Builder.

Here are a few summaries our experts might recommend:

  1. Seasoned aircraft mechanic with nearly 10 years of experience troubleshooting and repairing aircraft. Possess in-depth knowledge of technical documentation standards. Supervised 2,000 hours of inspections as a Phase Dock Inspector, maintaining a 100% pass rate over three years.
  2. Efficient aircraft mechanic with five years of experience repairing various models of aircraft while leveraging maintenance and operations expertise. Adept at repairing components like fan cowls, inlet cowls, exhaust components, thrust reversers and various other parts of nacelle systems.
  3. Diligent aircraft mechanic with eight years of spent in structural quality assurance. Extensive, hands-on analytical and problem-solving experience. Proficient in upgrading military aircraft components such as Blue Force Tracking and modifying components of heavy aircrafts .

3 Aircraft Mechanic Work Experience Examples

Your resume’s work experience section should highlight times your achievements in past roles resulted in measurable success for employers. Check out our aircraft mechanic resume example for guidance in writing this section, or take customize our Resume Builder’s suggestions with your own metrics.

Below are some work experience examples our builder might suggest:

  1. Managed and led a team of 10 aircraft mechanics specialized in component installation for private aircrafts.
  2. Served as leader of a 25-member team responsible for testing and upgrading entire Airbus A220 fleet.
  3. Recognized with “Best Aircraft Mechanic” award for three consecutive years at XYZ Aircraft Inc.

Top Skills for Your Aircraft Mechanic Resume

When applying for an aircraft mechanic job, it’s essential to show hiring managers you have the exact skills they need. Our resumes highlight the major skills recruiters look for when searching for candidates. Use our Resume Builder to generate suggestions of hard and soft skills your resume will need.

Here are some additional skills you might want to consider:

Hard Skills

  • FAA-approved repair guidelines
  • Reading aircraft schematics
  • Quality control analysis
  • Supervising complex repairs

Soft Skills

  • Active listening
  • Social perceptiveness
  • Teamwork and coordination
  • Judgment and decision making

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Aircraft Mechanic FAQs

Is a license or certificate required to be an aircraft mechanic?

No, they are not required. However, without a certificate from the FAA, you are eligible to work only under the supervision of a mechanic who has an FAA certificate. Without this certification, your long-term career progress can stall. To become a certified mechanic, you need to pass practical and oral tests and will need to pay fees to do so.

Do I need experience to become a certified aircraft mechanic?

Yes. The necessary experience may be gained by undergoing either civilian or military training. Alternatively, you can get this experience by enrolling yourself in a special school meant for training aircraft mechanics. According to the FAA, you must obtain 18 months of practical experience in order to qualify for certification.

What are the personality traits of an aircraft mechanic?

Maintaining an aircraft is a huge responsibility, as are the lives of others that depend on their use. Other than possessing the technical know-how related to keeping aircraft in top condition, aircraft mechanics must have the ability to solve complex problems, pay great attention to detail, have an eagerness to learn, be reliable, have integrity and be passionate about their job.