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A job applicant without past work experience may be described as a fresher. Freshers are usually interested in entry-level jobs or internships but may be unsure how to write resumes that present them as competitive candidates for these positions. As resume writing is a vital skill for professional success, you should look over our fresher resume template for Word and the following tips for writing each resume section from a summary statement to lists of skills, relevant experience, and education.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

A summary statement is a great place to emphasize key aspects of your skills, experience, and educational background. You may want to describe your accomplishments using the exact wording of the job description wherever possible.

You have the option to present your summary statement as a series of phrases, which do not have to be complete sentences, or to organize this section using bullet points. Try to limit the number of featured details to three. For a fresher new to the job market, these might include:

  • Relevant skills or training

  • Educational achievements

  • Soft skills or personality traits that suit you for the position

Refer to our fresher resume template for Word and the following examples for ideas on how to present your experience in ways likely to interest hiring managers or recruiters.

Example 1

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with highest honors. Three years of experience offering technical support to hundreds of students in a campus computer lab. Skilled in remote support techniques and incident documentation.

Example 2

  • Associate of Arts in Public Relations with training in image consulting

  • Led debate team and mock trial club

  • Outstanding communication and problem-solving skills

Example 3

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a focus in machine learning

  • Vice-president of Robotics Club for 2 years

  • Award-winning undergraduate research project and report

Example 4

Bachelor of Science in Biostatistics. Trained in Statistical Analysis System (SAS) programming. Over 2 years of involvement in undergraduate research and public education outreach.

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section of the resume is a place where a fresher can shine. Even if you don’t have extensive work experience, the chances are that your education and extracurricular activities have given you a unique set of skills. These skills can help you stand out from the competition and present yourself as a contender for the position. Describe each skill using a few words or a short phrase and try to prioritize the most relevant skills. See the skills section on our fresher resume template for Word, and keep in mind that it is usually a good idea to:

  • Format your skills section using bullet points and include approximately 6-8 skills

  • Use keywords and phrases from the job description wherever possible

  • Reserve details for other relevant sections of the resume like work history or education

Useful skills for a fresher might include:

  • Strong work ethic

  • Willingness to learn

  • Verbal and written communication

  • Active listening

  • Ability to work as part of a team

  • Problem-solving

  • Initiative

Writing Your Work History Section

If you are applying for your first job, you may have anxieties regarding what you should include in your work history section. The main goal is to communicate your capacity to assume responsibility and work with others. Consider including extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or even casual or temporary gigs. Refer to the sample work experience section on our fresher resume template for Word as well as the following tips and sample entries:

  • Start by listing your current or most recent involvements or gigs and move backward in time

  • Be sure to mention leadership roles and any skills you gained from your involvement in extracurricular activities or organizations

  • Consider including paid and unpaid roles in your work experience section

  • If you are debating whether or not to include an activity, ask yourself whether the skills you gained are applicable to the position for which you are applying

Here are a few sample entries suitable for a fresher work history section:

  • Elected for three terms as a student government representative

  • Tutored 10 students in logic and mathematics

  • Worked in campus library 20 hours per week

  • Wrote two articles a week and monthly editorials for campus newspaper with a circulation of 15,000 readers.

Writing Your Education Section

The education section is one of the most significant parts of a resume for a fresher applying for entry-level positions. Specify the degrees you have pursued, your major, and other relevant areas of study, and be sure to include any professional certifications. See our fresher resume template for Word as well as the following pointers and examples when writing your education section.

1. Start with your most recent degree or coursework in progress and proceed to past degrees.

2. If you did not complete a degree plan, write “Coursework in” followed by the subjects you studied and provide the name of the school.

3. List relevant professional training, conferences, or certifications under the education section.

Example 1

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics – 2017

Oregon State University – Corvallis, OR

Courses included: Models and Methods of Applied Mathematics, Advanced Mathematical Software

Example 2

Associate of Arts in Fashion Design – 2017

Fashion Institute of New York – New York, NY

Courses included: Textile Development and Marketing, Fashion Business Management

International Textile and Apparel Association Conference – November 2016

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