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Resume Templates: Automotive

Use these automotive resume template layouts to format and draft a resume that can attract the interest of hiring managers in maintenance, repair and production disciplines. These templates can help you create a winning profile at any level of experience, from a first-time professional role to a management or supervisory position. Using the basic formatting, you’ll allow readers to quickly find the information they’re looking for, which can have a big impact on their decision to call you in for an interview. When your credentials are clearly presented and your key skill sets are instantly visible, you’ll grab the attention you need.

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Automotive Tech Resume Template

Company: Crown Ford
Date Range: Apr 2002 to May 2013

General line tech diagnosing many vehicle concerns.
Majored in diagnosing and repairing electrical issues.
Perform used car inspections on multiple make and models

Automotive Technician Resume Template

Company: Fresno Chrysler
Date Range: January 2015 to Current

Followed checklists to verify that all important parts were examined.
Contributed to repeat and referral business by using strong customer service and problem solving skills
.Examined vehicles to determine the extent of damage or malfunctions.

Automotive Technician Resume Template

Company: Performance Auto
Date Range: 04/2014 to 06/2016

Repaired, replaced and adjusted brakes and brake pads.
Tested vehicles and their components and systems.
Operated equipment such as infrared engine analyzers, compression gauges and computerized diagnostic devices.
Conducted routine and scheduled maintenance services such as oil changes, lubrications and tune-ups.
Communicated effectively with customers on future problems and repairs that might need to be addressed.
Safely used all hand and power tools, including the T-stripper, T-cutter, torque and wrench.
Completed routine maintenance to prevent future breakdowns.
Inflated tires on a test machine and adjusted controls to simulate road conditions.
Replaced drive and hydraulic systems.

Automotive Mechanic Resume Template

Company: Ken's Auto Service
Date Range: September 1976 to August 2005

Followed checklists to verify that all important parts were examined.Examined vehicles to determine the extent of damage or malfunctions.Repaired and replaced belts, hoses and steering systems.Removed and replaced tires, shocks, struts and brakes.Repaired and replaced radiators and water pumps.Installed timing gears and timing belts.Transported customers to and from the shop for the customer service program.

Assistant Manager for Warehouse Retail Department Resume Template

Company: Royal Automotive Group
Date Range: Dec 2013 to Current

• Determine replacement parts required according to inspections of old parts, customer requests or customers descriptions of malfunctions.
• Receive and fill telephone orders for parts.
• Fill customer orders from stock.
• Prepare sales slips or sales contracts
• Receive payment or obtain credit authorization.
• Take inventory of stock.
• Create PO's for our Warehouse Vendors. Inspect defective parts and return to warehouse manufacturers.
• Maintain monthly budget in our stock warehouse.
• Delegate work duties for employees

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