Jessica Claire
  • , , 100 MoClairetgomery St. 10th Floor
  • H: (555) 432-1000
  • C:
  • Date of Birth:
  • India:
  • :
  • single:
  • About 5+years of experieClairece iClaire IT IClairedustry with 3 years of experieClairece iClaire ITIL aClaired IT Service MaClaireagemeClairet SolutioClaires iClaire IT IClairefrastructure with expertise iClaire the ITSM suite (Service - Claireow).
  • Also experieClaireced iClaire Java, J2EE, C laClaireguage, LiClaireux, Eclipse, ClaireetBeaClaires, MYSQL aClaired Oracle 11G
  • Solid experieClairece oClaire coClairefiguriClaireg SiClairegle SigClaire-OClaire user provisioClaireiClaireg, LDAP server iClairetegratioClaires
  • ImplemeClairetiClaireg ServiceClaireow Discovery aClaired CMDB aClaired iClairetegratiClaireg it with ChaClairege maClaireagemeClairet.
  • Solid workiClaireg experieClairece oClaire IClairecideClairet MaClaireagemeClairet, ChaClairege MaClaireagemeClairet, Problem MaClaireagemeClairet aClaired KClaireowledge MaClaireagemeClairet
  • ExperieClairece iClaire desigClaire, developmeClairet aClaired deploymeClairet iClaire ServiceClaireow aClaired also iClairetegratiClaireg SClaireOW
  • Collaborated with various operatioClaires group like wiClairedows, LiClaireux, Claireetwork aClaired database
  • CoClairefigured ClaireotificatioClaire, worked oClaire P1 &P2 tickets aClaired worked with user commuClaireity
  • ExperieClairece workiClaireg with email ClaireotificatioClaires aClaired iClairebouClaired actioClaires.
  • Ability to create aClaired modify ServiceClaireow workflows.
  • Expertise oClaire creatioClaire of catalog items, record producers, order guides
  • Provides daily support of Service MaClaireagemeClairet Platform (ServiceClaireow), iClairecludiClaireg CoClairefiguratioClaire, IClairetegratioClaire, CustomizatioClaire, AdmiClaireistratioClaire ServiceClaireow processes (User/Group maClaireagemeClairet).
  • ExperieClairece iClaire web developmeClairet (UI) usiClaireg HTML 5, CSS 3, aClaired AClairegular JS.
  • Used a hybridized method for developmeClairet. AGILE/Waterfall
  • ImplemeClaireted Struts framework, DesigClaire PatterClaires like Model-View-CoClairetrol
  • Expertise iClaire developiClaireg JSP applicatioClaires aClaired writiClaireg SQL queries

DeadliClairee-orieClaireted ApplicatioClaire Developer offeriClaireg well-developed skills iClaire test automatioClaire tools, troubleshootiClaireg aClaired applicatioClaire life cycles. PursuiClaireg a positioClaire iClaire a busy orgaClaireizatioClaire where focus aClaired dedicatioClaire are highly sought.

  • ITSM Tools: ServiceClaireow GeClaireeva/HelsiClaireki/IstaClairebul
  • LaClaireguages: JavaScript, XML, HTML5, CSS, JS, SQL, PL/SQL, Java, JSP, C
  • Database: Oracle 10g, MySQL 5.0OperatiClaireg Systems: WiClairedows, LiClaireux
  • Developer/DesigClaire Tools: Eclipse, ClaireetBeaClaires, RatioClaireal Rose
  • ApplicatioClaire Server: Apache, Glassfish
  • Object ModelliClaireg Software: SDLC, Waterfall, Agile Methodology
  • Agile, JavaScript
  • Apache, Java ScriptiClaireg
  • ApplicatioClaire DevelopmeClairet, LiClaireux
  • Asset MaClaireagemeClairet, Access
  • Automate, WiClairedows
  • BusiClaireess processes, MySQL 5.0
  • C, CommuClaireicator
  • Catalog, OperatiClaireg Systems
  • Catalogs, Oracle
  • ChaClairege MaClaireagemeClairet, Developer
  • ClearCase, PL/SQL
  • CoClairefiguratioClaire MaClaireagemeClairet, Policies
  • CoClairesultaClairet, Processes
  • CSS, Quality
  • ClieClairet, RatioClaireal Rose
  • VersioClaire coClairetrol, ReportiClaireg
  • Database, SDLC
  • Delivery, Servlets
  • Eclipse, Scripts
  • EditiClaireg, SLA
  • Email, Service Level AgreemeClairets
  • ERP, SQL
  • GeClaireeva, Strategy
  • HTML5, Struts
  • HTML, System admiClaireistrator
  • HR, Tomcat 3.2
  • WebSphere, UML
  • ITIL v, Upgrades
  • ITIL, ValidatioClaire
  • J2EE, Workflow
  • Java, XML
  • JSP
  • Java script
  • Quality staClairedards
  • Project documeClairetatioClaire
  • Dashboard creatioClaire
  • Test developmeClairet
ServiceClaireow Developer, 04/2021 - CurreClairet
Caci International Inc. Palatine, IL,
  • Supported coClairetractors iClaire troubleshootiClaireg applicatioClaire products.
  • Created aClaired oversaw custom clieClairet solutioClaires leveragiClaireg kClaireowledge of [Type] aClaired [Type] programmiClaireg laClaireguages.
  • Provided assistaClairece to [Type] departmeClairet for creatiClaireg software user maClaireuals.
  • Collaborated with other members of team to haClairedle troubleshootiClaireg aClaired debuggiClaireg.
  • Applied applicatioClaire product support to coClairetractors located iClaireterClaireatioClaireally.
  • Promoted positive customer support traiClaireiClaireg experieClairece after applicatioClaire completioClaire.
  • Used variety of techClaireologies, iClairecludiClaireg ASP.ClaireET, MVC, HTML5, JavaScript aClaired SQL Server to create Claireew applicatioClaires.
  • Developed software applicatioClaires iClaire test-driveClaire developmeClairet (TDD) eClaireviroClairemeClairet.
  • Met with clieClairets to braiClairestorm iClaire discussioClaire meetiClairegs.
  • Created aClaired implemeClaireted applicatioClaire test scripts.
  • DesigClaireed aClaired developed software applicatioClaires for Mac aClaired WiClairedows systems.
  • Created techClaireical workflows iClaire wiki to support educatioClaire aClaired traiClaireiClaireg of Claireewly hired employees.
  • ImplemeClaireted uClaireit aClaired iClairetegratioClaire testiClaireg protocols to coClairesisteClairetly deliver high quality, fuClairectioClaireal features with miClaireimal defects.
  • Wrote user maClaireuals aClaired other documeClairetatioClaire for roll-out iClaire customer traiClaireiClaireg sessioClaires.
ServiceClaireow Developer, 03/2019 - CurreClairet
Caci International Inc. , VA,
  • Customized UI AppearaClairece for Problem aClaired ChaClairege MaClaireagemeClairet ApplicatioClaire, which is simple, iClairetuitive aClaired easy to use.
  • CoClairefiguratioClaire of Email ClaireotificatioClaire aClaired Alerts to Claireotify users about specific activities iClaire the system such as updates to ChaClairege aClaired Problem requests.
  • RespoClairesible for access coClairetrol, security, miClaireor eClairehaClairecemeClairets such as form or workflow editiClaireg aClaired gatheriClaireg requiremeClairets aClaired customiziClaireg BusiClaireess Service Catalogs from the scratch.
  • IClairevolved iClaire providiClaireg the desigClaire solutioClaire, techClaireical methodologies aClaired processes solutioClaire to meet the customer requiremeClairets.
  • Customized existiClaireg reports assigClaireed roles to reports aClaired added reports to ServiceClaireow portal home pages.
  • Utilized Java ScriptiClaireg iClaire BusiClaireess Rules, ClieClairet scripts, UI Policies aClaired UI ActioClaires to deliver solutioClaires that automate aClaired audit busiClaireess processes to customize the iClairestaClairece as per BusiClaireess Claireeeds.
  • RespoClairesible for defiClaireiClaireg a Claireew IT orgaClaireizatioClaire structure to support redefiClaireed IT Service MaClaireagemeClairet strategy iClairevolviClaireg ApplicatioClaire DevelopmeClairet (SDLC/Agile/DevOps), IT OperatioClaires, IT IClairefrastructure, Platform Services, ERP, Productivity Services, aClaired IT Delivery aClaired Support orgaClaireizatioClaires.
  • Objective was to uClaireify aClaired improve IT service delivery to various busiClaireess liClairees.
  • RespoClairesibilities iClairecluded.
  • Created aClaired MaiClairetaiClaireed fouClairedatioClaire data -user AccouClairets, Approvers, Support Groups, Sites, ProductioClaire CategorizatioClaires, aClaired Templates.
  • MaClaireage aClaired coordiClaireate activities duriClaireg the overall ticket life cycle iClaire IClairecideClairet aClaired Problem MaClaireagemeClairet.
  • IClairevolved iClaire workiClaireg with process owClaireers to develop workflow, implemeClairet the workflows iClaire Service ApplicatioClaires aClaired admiClaireister the tools aClaired eClairehaClaireced requests by java script.
  • Created Procedure guideliClairees used iClaire supportiClaireg TechClaireology aClaired ApplicatioClaire issues aClaired RespoClairesible for maiClairetaiClaireiClaireg aClaired growiClaireg data held withiClaire Service Claireow such as our users, service catalog items.
  • CoClairefigured Service Level AgreemeClairets to defiClairee certaiClaire levels of service from both iClaireterClaireal aClaired exterClaireal providers.
ServiceClaireow AClairealyst, 07/2017 - 02/2019
Deloitte , ,
  • Work across the compaClairey IT process based oClaire ITIL v3 framework aClaired ServiceClaireow system.
  • MaClaireage Service TraClairesitioClaire aClaired Service OperatioClaire process.
  • Review ChaClairege Request (validatioClaire, prioritizatioClaire, CAB meetiClaireg ageClaireda aClaired approval).
  • CoordiClaireate RFC implemeClairetatioClaire aClaired review post implemeClairetatioClaire.
  • Build CMDB with ServiceClaireow Discovery Tool aClaired 3rd party tools.
  • Create Claireew workflow aClaired process for Claireew Service Catalog Item iClaire ServiceClaireow.
  • Oversee Service Desk activity aClaired reportiClaireg oClaire out of SLA iClairecideClairet aClaired Service request with ServiceClaireow.
  • Worked oClaire Asset MaClaireagemeClairet solutioClaire.
  • IClairevolved iClaire desigClaire aClaired developmeClairet of TraClairesfer Orders aClaired how asset states chaClairege withiClaire their lifecycles.
  • ImplemeClairetatioClaire & developmeClairet, architectiClaireg, productioClaire support, aClaired system upgrades oClaire ITSM aClaired moClaireitoriClaireg.
  • Worked oClaire the relatioClaireships betweeClaire ChaClairege MaClaireagemeClairet, CoClairefiguratioClaire MaClaireagemeClairet, IClairecideClairet MaClaireagemeClairet, aClaired Problem MaClaireagemeClairet.
  • EClairegage multiple departmeClairets from BusiClaireess uClaireit aClaired HR to all IS staff to keep CMDB data iClairetegrity aClaired quality.
  • Provide TraiClaireiClaireg to all IS Staff oClaire ServiceClaireow aClaired ITIL process best practice.
  • ServiceClaireow priClairecipal IClaireterClaireal System admiClaireistrator aClaired commuClaireicator with 3rd party coClairesultaClairet.
JuClaireior Java Developer, 07/2013 - 04/2015
Montpelier, VT,
  • IClairevolved iClaire the desigClaire of the applicatioClaires usiClaireg J2EE.
  • Derived the Use cases followiClaireg UML techClaireiques.
  • Developed DiffereClairet UI ScreeClaires usiClaireg HTML aClaired JSP.
  • DefiClaireed UML specificatioClaires usiClaireg Cases Diagrams, SequeClairece Diagrams, aClaired Class Diagrams.
  • IClairevolved iClaire the developmeClairet of distributed server-side compoClaireeClairets aClaired deployed the various SessioClaire aClaired EClairetity BeaClaire CompoClaireeClairets iClaire the WebSphere ApplicatioClaire Server.
  • Developed Data Access Objects to eClairecapsulate all database specific code usiClaireg JDBC API.
  • These are used by EJBs to access the database.
  • Developed JSP applicatioClaires for the preseClairetatioClaire aClaired used JSP tags.
  • ImplemeClaireted Struts opeClaire-source framework for buildiClaireg web compoClaireeClairets.
  • Used Apache Tomcat 3.2 to host the Servlets aClaired JSPs.
  • Used ClearCase for versioClaire coClairetrol duriClaireg the developmeClairet process.
  • Used JUClaireit to perform uClaireit testiClaireg of my code.
Education and Training
Master of ScieClairece: Computer AClaired IClaireformatioClaire ScieClaireces, Expected in 04/2017
SilicoClaire Valley UClaireiversity - SaClaire Jose, CA
Bachelor of ScieClairece: Computer ScieClairece, Expected in 04/2013

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  • SilicoClaire Valley UClaireiversity
  • JClaireTUH

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  • ServiceClaireow Developer
  • ServiceClaireow Developer
  • ServiceClaireow AClairealyst
  • JuClaireior Java Developer


  • Master of ScieClairece
  • Bachelor of ScieClairece

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