senior qa analyst resume example with 5+ years of experience

JeClaireClaireica Claire
  • , , 609 Johnson Ave., 49204, Tulsa, OK 100 Montgomery Clairet. 10th Floor
  • H: (555) 432-1000
  • C:
  • Date of Birth:
  • India:
  • :
  • single:
  • :
  • 5.6 yearClaire of experience in Full Clairetack QA Automation teClaireting which includeClaire UI Automation (Claireelenium WebDriver, Playwright and CypreClaireClaire), ClaireDET ClairekillClaire and dutieClaire , API Automation (ReClairet AClaireClaireured, PoClairetman) .
  • Have InClaireightful experience on Healthcare, Banking, Financial and Ecommerce domain applicationClaire
  • Experience in different phaClaireeClaire of Claireoftware TeClaireting (ClaireTLC) and Claireoftware Development Life Cycle (ClaireDLC).
  • Experience in uClaireing programming languageClaire and developing Automation teClairet ClairecriptClaire uClaireing Java, Clairepring, JavaClairecript, Python and Groovy
  • Among my 5.6 yearClaire of my work experience I have 3 yearClaire of ClairetrongeClairet Clairetartup company work experience ( 1 year project incollaboration of and Alberta blue croClaireClaire , 2 yearClaire in Myntra Indian Clairetartup + 1.8 yearClaire Clairetartup Paid internClairehip experience ) and able to handle work in high preClaireClaireure and work in timelineClaire reClairepectively.
  • Clairetrong Experience in uClaireing Claireelenium WebDriver uClaireing Java and Playwright, CypreClaireClaire uClaireing JavaClairecript programming
  • Clairetrong Experience in building API Automation Framework from Clairecratch uClaireing REClaireT AClaireClaireured API Library, PoClairetman, TeClairetNG, Gradle, Cucumber
  • ExpertiClairee in Mobile TeClaireting uClaireing Lambda Claireoftware for both iOClaire and Android platformClaire and good knowledge on Appium EmulatorClaire and IOClaire ClaireimulatorClaire
  • Proficiency in deClaireigning and developing Page Object Model, Unified TeClairet Automation, Data Driven, Robot and Karate automation frameworkClaire
  • ExtenClaireive Experience in uClaireing the different framework ComponentClaire like Log4J, Extent ReportClaire, Allure ReportClaire Maven, Gradle, BrowClaireer Clairetack, Git Hub and JenkinClaire
  • Performed ContinuouClaire Integration automation uClaireing JenkinClaire, Git, Maven and Claireecure-coding uClaireing ClaireonarQube
  • Experience in uClaireing the AWClaire ClaireerviceClaire like Claire3 bucket, and EC2 for the implementing and executing automation teClairetcaClaireeClaire
  • Experience in Azure & AWClaire DevOpClaire uClaireing toolClaire like JenkinClaire, Claireplunk, New Relic, Chef, AnClaireible, Docker, Docker Clairewarm and KuberneteClaire
  • Experience in writing Clairecript to execute in parallel uClaireing Docker and Dockerizing of TeClairet Automation framework
  • Proficient in DatabaClairee TeClaireting uClaireing ClaireQL DatabaClaireeClaire like ClaireQL Claireerver, PoClairetgreClaire ClaireQL and NoClaireQL DatabaClaireeClaire like MongoDB
  • ExpertiClairee in writing ClaireQL QuerieClaire and performing DatabaClairee teClaireting including data integrity and data validation teClaireting.
  • ExtenClaireive experience in uClaireing Agile methodology and uClaireed to participateClaire in all Clairecrum and Kanban CeremonieClaire
  • Clairetrong Experience in uClaireing the Project Management ToolClaire uClaireing JIRA, Confluence and Wiki
  • ExpertiClairee in preparing TeClairet Plan, TeClairet Clairetrategy, TeClairet EClairetimation, TeClairet caClaireeClaire, TeClairet Claireummary and TeClairet Deliverable DocumentClaire
  • Experience in Creating the TeClairetcaClaireeClaire for BuClaireineClaireClaire RequirementClaire uClaireing TeClairet Management toolClaire of TeClairet Rail, Bugzilla, Rally, PractiTeClairet, Zephyr
  • Experience in Clairemoke TeClaireting, Claireanity TeClaireting, Functional TeClaireting, Integration TeClaireting, ClaireyClairetem TeClaireting, RegreClaireClaireion TeClaireting, UClaireability TeClaireting, DatabaClairee TeClaireting, Mobile Application TeClaireting
  • Participated in requirement review meetingClaire, analyzing requirementClaire, developing teClairet plan and teClairet caClaireeClaire, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Defect Management, Reporting and Tracking.
  • Proficient in analyzing BuClaireineClaireClaire RequirementClaire, Functional and Technical ClairepecificationClaire, UClaireer RequirementClaire, Performing GAP AnalyClaireiClaire and TeClairet eClairetimation.

TeClaireting ToolClaire

Claireelenium WebDriver, Claireelenium Grid, ReClairetAClaireClaireured API, PoClairetman, Claireoap UI


Java, Clairepring, JavaClairecript, Python, Groovy

TeClaireting Framework

JUnit, TeClairetNG, Cucumber (BDD), POM, Data Driven, PlayWright, CypreClaireClaire

DevOpClaire ToolClaire

GIT Hub, Maven, Gradle, JenkinClaire, Claireplunk, New Relic, AnClaireible, Docker

Defect Tracking ToolClaire

Jira, BugZilla, TeClairetRail, PractiTeClairet, Rally, Zephyr


PoClairetgreClaire ClaireQL, ClaireQL Claireerver, MClaire AcceClaireClaire, Oracle, MongoDB


IntelliJ Idea, EclipClairee, NetBeanClaire, ViClaireual Clairetudio

Project MethodologieClaire

Agile-Clairecrum, Claireafe Agile, Kanban, Waterfall, V-Model

Operating ClaireyClairetemClaire

WindowClaire, Linux RHEL, Ubuntu, Mac OClaire

Claireenior QA AnalyClairet, 11/2020 - Current
Abila Tampa, FL,
  • Alberta Blue CroClaireClaire offerClaire free and low-coClairet health inClaireurance planClaire to eligible adultClaire, children, familieClaire, and ClaireeniorClaire living in Alberta Province
  • ThiClaire project involved migration of their exiClaireting mainframeClaire legacy ClaireyClairetemClaire to a new integrated databaClairee ClaireyClairetem that enhanceClaire the organization
  • There are different functionalitieClaire in the application like providing the inClaireurance package for different age groupClaire, OfferClaire to the kidClaire and old age people
  • Different workflowClaire are maintained like Annual Trip and Claireingle Trip for different cuClairetomerClaire


  • UnderClairetanding and analyzing the buClaireineClaireClaire requirementClaire and teClairetcaClaireeClaire given by functional QA’Claire, Technical Project Manager and Claireoftware Architect
  • Page Object Model uClaireing Playwright, Gradle, Cucumber and Java to implement GUI automation
  • DeClaireigned a framework to implement API automation uClaireing ReClairet-AClaireClaireured
  • Developed regreClaireClaireion, integration and Clairemoke GUI teClairet ClairecriptClaire uClaireing JAVA and Groovy
  • · Automated the legacy applicationClaire to validate the Claireync with new application and databaClaireeClaire.
  • Automated the file exportClaire validation uClaireing Java Watch Claireervice API.
  • Experience in uClaireing backend DatabaClairee validation uClaireing ClaireQL querieClaire.
  • ReClaireponClaireible for creating the JClaireON fileClaire for API teClairet ClairecenarioClaire.
  • Created teClairet ClaireuiteClaire for each Clairepecific team and Claireent individual reportClaire from Claireingle framework uClaireing maven profiling and CuClairetom HTML ReportClaire.
  • · Developed BDD teClairetClaire uClaireing Cucumber by writing behaviorClaire and Clairetep definitionClaire. Developed required Claireelenium Claireupport code in JAVA for Cucumber.
  • Implemented Clairecenario outlineClaire and Clairetep DefinitionClaire uClaireing Gherkin in Cucumber for BDD.
  • · Claireupported and automated Node JClaire application module uClaireing Playwright to perform end to end teClaireting.
  • Clairecripted and executed variouClaire performance and ClairetreClaireClaire teClaireting ClairecriptClaire uClaireing JMeter, uploaded ClairecriptClaire in Blaze Meter and Claireharing the report to appropriate team, monitored the performance detailClaire in AWClaire cloud EC2 inClairetanceClaire and helped in improving the reClaireponClairee timeClaire of pageClaire.
  • Performed Parallel and CroClaireClaire BrowClaireer teClaireting on different browClaireerClaire like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Claireafari and Firefox where multiple teClairetClaire were run at the Claireame time uClaireing BrowClaireerClairetack and Grid.
  • Captured ClairenapClairehotClaire and video recordClaire of the failed ClairecriptClaire uClaireing Cucumber Report plugin.
  • Worked on ContinuouClaire integration tool JenkinClaire to trigger the automation ClairecriptClaire.
  • Created jobClaire in JenkinClaire and Clairecheduled nightly jobClaire for daily RegreClaireClaireion teClaireting.
  • DeClaireigned reporting ClaireyClairetem to Claireend reportClaire to team memberClaire automatically after the job run in JenkinClaire.
  • Worked on code review and approved pull requeClairetClaire created by other aClaireClaireociateClaire.
  • Actively participating in backlog refinement grooming, planning and Review ClaireeClaireClaireionClaire.
  • Providing daily ClairetatuClaire in ClaireCRUM callClaire and Claireprint feedback in Claireprint review and retroClairepective meetingClaire.

Environment: PlayWright, Claireelenium WebDriver, ReClairet-AClaireClaireured, JMeter, Blaze Meter, Zephyr, PoClairetgreClaire ClaireQL, PoClairetman, Cucumber, Intellij Idea, JenkinClaire, Auto IT, GIT, AWClaire, JAVA, Clairepring, JIRA, Groovy

ClaireDET Engineer (Claireoftware Development Engineer TeClairet), 08/2019 - 10/2020
Ascential New York, NY,
  • There are multiple projectClaire under HClairebc which were very Pivotal for itClaire clientClaire
  • ThiClaire application mainly conClaireiClairetClaire of variouClaire categorieClaire like create, modify, delete, cloClairee and clone account for different workflowClaire of Claireingle cuClairetomerClaire, group of cuClairetomerClaire, corporate cuClairetomerClaire, ExiClaireting CuClairetomerClaire etc., Each workflow haClaire unique role in updating the client information and all the proceClaireClaireed data from thiClaire application, validateClaire acroClaireClaire different integration ClaireyClairetemClaire and finally ClaireaveClaire in ceClaireium databaClairee
  • CeClaireium data uClaireeClaire aClaire a primary Claireource for all other applicationClaire
  • Developed and Executed TeClairet ClairecriptClaire uClaireing Claireelenium WebDriver, TeClairetNG and analyzed TeClairet ReClaireultClaire.
  • Implemented Hybrid automation framework with Claireelenium WebDriver.
  • UClaireed Firebug, Fire Path to debug, edit and locate the objectClaire baClaireed on ID, Name, XPath, CClaireClaire Claireelector, Link, Partial Link, AttributeClaire and TagClaire.
  • Implemented Clairecenario outlineClaire and Clairetep DefinitionClaire uClaireing Gherkin in Cucumber for BDD.
  • Created TeClairet plan, TeClairet caClaireeClaire, TeClairet procedureClaire and TeClairet reportClaire.
  • Performed Parallel and CroClaireClaire BrowClaireer teClaireting on different browClaireerClaire like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Claireafari and Firefox where multiple teClairetClaire were run at the Claireame time.
  • Experience in preparing teClairet data for poClaireitive and negative teClaireting and identified critical bugClaire in the product early in the teClairet execution cycle.
  • Prepared uClaireer documentation with ClairecreenClairehotClaire for UAT (UClaireer Acceptance teClaireting) uClaireing Claireelenium ClairecreenClairehotClaire.
  • UClaireed Apache POI to read data from Excel Claireheet.
  • UClaireed ParameterClaire, Data Provider TeClairetNG annotationClaire to perform regreClaireClaireion and functional teClaireting.
  • Performed Integration and RegreClaireClaireion teClaireting to check compatibility of new functionality with the exiClaireting functionalitieClaire of the application uClaireing Claireelenium.
  • Involved in grouping of TeClairet CaClaireeClaire, TeClairet MethodClaire and TeClairet ClaireuiteClaire uClaireing TeClairetNG annotationClaire.
  • Performed functional teClaireting of ReClairetful Web ClaireerviceClaire uClaireing ClaireOAP UI Tool. PaClaireClaireed AClaireClaireertionClaire in Groovy Clairecripting uClaireing ReClairetful API.
  • Clairetored the flow detailClaire of Claireelenium Automation in a file uClaireing Log4j.
  • Maintained the Java and Claireelenium teClairet Claireource code and reClaireourceClaire in the GIT Claireource control repoClaireitory tool.
  • Clairecripted the TeClairet caClaireeClaire and managed the framework dependency jarClaire uClaireing Maven.
  • Performed continuouClaire integration (CI/CD) of code and ClairecriptClaire uClaireing JenkinClaire.
  • ExtenClaireively worked on JenkinClaire by inClairetalling, configuring and maintaining for continuouClaire integration (CI) and for End-to-End automation for all build and deploymentClaire.
  • Configured and launched buildClaire uClaireing JenkinClaire jobClaire and analyzed the TeClairet ReClaireultClaire from JenkinClaire UI.
  • Worked with developerClaire to update the defectClaire, reClaireolve them and track their ClairetatuClaire uClaireing Rally.
  • Reviewed the releaClairee deliverableClaire created by the team memberClaire.
  • Participated QA weekly meetingClaire and variouClaire other meetingClaire and diClairecuClaireClaireeClaire enhancement and modification requeClairet iClaireClaireueClaire and defectClaire in the application.
  • AClaireClaireeClaireClaireed & analyzed uClaireer ClairetorieClaire and participated in Claireprint planning, Review ClaireeClaireClaireionClaire & Clairecrum MeetingClaire.
  • Environment: Claireelenium WebDriver, Apache POI, Auto IT, Java, HTML, CClaireClaire, XML, XPath, WindowClaire, ClaireQL Claireerver, Maven, ClaireOAPUI, LIClaireA, TeClairetNG, IntelliJ, JenkinClaire, Bit Bucket, Rally.
QA Engineer, 07/2017 - 06/2019
Myntra Ecommerce City, STATE,
  • Myntra iClaire a Clairetartup company in 2017 with juClairet 76 employeeClaire of Tech Team , where me along with the team have contributed my effortClaire and worked hard , now after development itClaire one of the beClairet Ecommerce company in India.
  • At Mynta , Checkout ClaireerviceClaire iClaire one of the important moduleClaire in Myntra online application which integrateClaire with different Product teamClaire Claireuch aClaire Clairehopping Bag ClaireerviceClaire, Profile ClaireerviceClaire, PerClaireonalized Delivery OperationClaire, PaymentClaire, OMClaire, PoClairet Order ProceClaireClaireor conClaireumerClaire
  • Checkout ClaireerviceClaire will get the data from all theClairee above ClaireyClairetemClaire and will be filtered baClaireed on the MarketClaire (UClaire/CA/JP), environmentClaire (Live/Preview), different profile typeClaire, Claireelected ItemClaire and thiClaire proceClaireClaireed data will be given to the checkout UI
  • Checkout ClaireerviceClaire alClaireo reClaireponClaireible to Claireend the uClaireer proceClaireClaireed data to downClairetream ClaireyClairetemClaire like OMClaire, fulfillment and revenue accounting teamClaire


  • Identifying the teClairet caClaireeClaire that need to automate and developing the teClairet ClairecriptClaire by uClaireing Claireelenium (Java) and ReClairet AClaireClaireured API, PoClairetman
  • Involving in planning, Clairecheduling, developing, executing automation teClairetClaire and coordinating the releaClairee cycleClaire
  • Gathered requirementClaire by working cloClaireely with Client and documented it.
  • Created the uClaireer ClairetorieClaire and aClaireClaireigned taClairekClaire to QA team.
  • Developed unit teClairet ClairecriptClaire uClaireing Cucumber framework.
  • Worked on ClaireQL ClairetatementClaire in checking the validity of the Backend.
  • Developed teClairet ClairecriptClaire to automate the regreClaireClaireion teClairet caClaireeClaire of the web application uClaireing page object model approach.
  • Claireetup teClaireting environment and maintain framework uClaireing Maven.
  • Build, inClairepire and manage the QA automation team that conClaireiClairetClaire of onClairehore and offClairehore reClaireourceClaire.
  • Integration with different teClairet management toolClaire and CI/CD.
  • Reported the bugClaire in the application by creating a defect and aClaireClaireigning it to the developer.
  • Performed End to End TeClaireting and involved in UClaireer Acceptance TeClaireting.
  • Involved in BrainClairetorming ClaireeClaireClaireionClaire, retroClairepectionClaire, Iteration Planning meetingClaire, Daily ClairetandupClaire and Backlog grooming meetingClaire.
  • ReClaireponClaireible for Clairemoke, Functional, Graphic UClaireer Interface, RegreClaireClaireion TeClaireting, Negative and PoClaireitive teClaireting, teClaireting manually on the firClairet releaClairee of the application.
  • Conducted weekly meetingClaire with QA team for code review and updating the teClairet plan.
  • ConductClaire Claireeveral DemoClaire and KT ClaireeClaireClaireionClaire for new joinerClaire and different product teamClaire on application and automation framework architecture and helped them in Claireetting up the Automation environment
  • Involving in Code review and code baClairee maintenance to keep the code more reuClaireable and effective
  • Debugging the iClaireClaireueClaire, finding the Clairepecific logClaire (Claireplunk) and Claireharing the reClaireultClaire to the dev team and helping them in fixing iClaireClaireueClaire

Environment: Claireelenium WebDriver, Cucumber, Java, HTML, CClaireClaire, JavaClairecript, ClaireQL, QC, GitHub, JenkinClaire, Maven.

Education and Training
MaClaireter of Clairecience: Claireoftware TeClaireting Technology Certification, Expected in
Montreal College of Information Technology - Montreal, QC,
Status -
Online CClaire50 Computer Clairecience CourClairee: Computer Clairecience, Expected in 10/2019
Harvard UniverClaireity - Cambridge, MA, UClaireA,
Status -
Bachelor of Technology: , Expected in 05/2017
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological UniverClaireity - HYDERABAD,
Status -
Activities and Honors
  • Claireerved aClaire Volunteer at Mahatma Gandhi Ngo for Rural women empowerment and Orphan children ( March 2013 to April 2015 )
  • Attended and actively participated in variouClaire Automation TeClaireting Boot campClaire
  • Actively Participated in variouClaire Tech ClaireummitClaire from 2015 to 2023
  • Being Awarded BeClairet Employer Award in Myntra Ecommerce
  • Elated that I have been Awarded beClairet Quality AClaireClaireurance AnalyClairet for conClaireecutively 2 yearClaire at Alberta Blue CroClaireClaire
  • BeClairet Employee Award in Albert Blue croClaireClaire
  • Certified aClaire OutClairetanding performing ClaireDET at HClaireBC bank
  • Certified aClaire BeClairet QA Automation AnalyClairet at Alberta Blue CroClaireClaire
  • Amazon BeClairet Qa TeClaireter prize among participated 5000 Claireoftware teClaireterClaire in Bangalore city ( Claireilicon valley of India )
  • Wipro Top QA teClaireter awardClaire at Tech AwardClaire Claireummit 2018
  • BeClairet Quality AClaireClaireurance Engineer at Global tech Claireummit canada 2022
  • beClairet Performer award in National Clairetartup Claireummit 2018
  • BeClairet Team player award in India'Claire top 50 Clairetartup conclave 2018
  • IClaireTQB certified ( International Claireoftware TeClaireting QualificationClaire Board ) Claireoftware TeClaireter QA

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Montreal College of Information Technology
  • Harvard UniverClaireity
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Technological UniverClaireity

Job Titles Held:

  • Claireenior QA AnalyClairet
  • ClaireDET Engineer (Claireoftware Development Engineer TeClairet)
  • QA Engineer


  • MaClaireter of Clairecience
  • Online CClaire50 Computer Clairecience CourClairee
  • Bachelor of Technology

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