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Driven Senior Equal Employment Specialist offering a tremendous amount of experience in Equal Employment Opportunity field. Highly skilled trainer and outreach coordinator. Proven leader successful at creating efficient and effective teams when designing robust EEO programs.

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Program goals
  • Program planning
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Trainer
  • Outreach Coordinator
Senior Equal Employment Specialist, 09/2020 - Current
Quantitech Unavailable, CA,

Serve in the Office of Federal Operations (OFO), Training and Outreach Division (TOD). Research and interpret appropriate laws, regulations, policies and procedures. Primary responsibility is serving as a specialist liaison to federal agencies, and internal and external partners. I am the primary liaison for the EEOC Education Consortium (EdCon) a community a of practice to enhance the knowledge and skills of federal EEO Practitioners. Determine and implement best practices for EdCon and other training and outreach programs on expanding their role in the federal workspace. Created an avenue to present Promising Practices to the federal EEO community entitled "The Learning Table". Research, develop and coordinate virtual webinars utilizing Cisco Webex, Zoom for Business, MS Teams and Adobe Connect. Plan, manage and evaluate collaborations with EdCon members to provide education to the federal community, create networking/engagement opportunities and enhance professional standards within the federal profession. Invite Senior Executives, Attorney's and other Senior Managers throughout the federal government to serve a presenters at "The Learning Table." Serve as the host and moderator during the webinars. Market EdCon through GovDelivery, ListServ and Social Media platforms. Increased the social media following by more than 100%. Research and develop market material ensure 508 compliancy and always request CART Services for accessibility. Coordinate and lead membership meetings. Serve as the lead liaison on collaborations with other national programs like FEED, LULAC and BIG. Ensure the optimization of the EEEOC Consortium process, systems and infrastructure successfully updating and maintaining various systems to aid in tracking project deadlines and communication with EEOC, EdCon members and volunteers. Provide consultation and technical assistance to EdCon members, program staff, advisory board members and other federal staff on all aspects of EdCon and other outreach and training programs. Researched and developed frequently asked questions for EdCon. Research and developed a format and content for EdCon's webpage.

Collaborate with internal partners and staff to develop and execute trainings, outreach events and activities that engage external partners and stakeholders. Provide professional and policy advice, training and education to federal agencies. Collaborate with personnel including training, agency reps and stakeholder groups to formulate objectives, goals and milestones in furtherance of the training and outreach goals.

Effectively communicate strategic methods, outreach and product development, training techniques and delivery of training and outreach programs to a variety of audiences. Demonstrate strong understanding of statutory, regulatory and operational programs and an in-depth knowledge of communication methods, engagement and building relationships. Serve as a trainer for EEOC National and agency specifically requested courses to include but not limited to Special Emphasis Program Manager, Barrier Analysis, MD 715, Respectful Workplace and Leading with Respect trainings, utilizing techniques that draw on the experience of adult learners and their learning needs. Organize training materials, build and produce virtual classrooms in Cisco Webex and Adobe Connect. Stimulate the learners interest and enhance their understanding through appropriate anecdotes, stories, analogies and light humor. Research, interpret and train on regulatory and policy compliance. Record and edit my virtual training sessions and webinars for posting on social platforms. Perform assessments of EEOC national training courses, analyzing and provide constructive feedback to the team. Serve as moderator and producer for the Examining Conflicts in Employment Laws (EXCEL) Training Conference, collaborating with presenters to effectively control the pace of the training room, content and audience engaged utilizing the ON24 platform.

Collaborate with TOD team members on train the trainer courses, non-fee base webinars and cofacilitation of training sessions. Collaborate with other OFO team members and outside contractors serving as project manager on an EEOC educational video (MD 715 Frequent Error Message Video). Coordinated all meetings including recordings, assigned and executed project timeline, review and provided feedback on drafts and all while staying within budget. Serve SME producing virtual classrooms on Webex and Adobe Connect for coworkers and external EEOC trainers.

Research and write EEOC EdCon Newsflash articles for mass dissemination to include EdCon members, social media, listserv, and GovDelivery recipients. Research and develop general flyer and promotional materials for EEOC events. Research and develop outreach materials.

Program Mananger, 03/2019 - 09/2020
Department Of Veterans Affairs Huntington, WV,

Provide overall leadership, development, planning, implementation and direction for US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) personnel. Assume responsibilities of the EEO Officer during unavailability. Provide oversight to EEO Officials servicing subordinate CCDC organizations throughout the country. Prepares position papers, policies, procedures, and conducts program and trend analyses in EEO, diversity and inclusion-related matters, including EEO complaints and EEO Program reports required by the Command group, higher headquarters and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
Represent the EEO Officer/Command at conferences and meetings within the Command, within the serviced agencies, with higher echelons and with other federal and non-federal organizations. Provide expert advice to the OD&L Director/EEO Officer and the Diversity and Inclusion Committees. Compile data and to formulate strategic goals to design and implement programs which increases the Command visibility at minority-serving institutions (MSIs); increase the participation of students in command-sponsored programs in accordance with laws, regulations, and policies regarding MSIs and Historically Black Colleges and Universities; and address underrepresentation in EEO groups. Design, develop, and facilitate training in EEO, reasonable accommodation, anti-harassment, No-FEAR and diversity and inclusion. Conduct virtual training sessions utilizing a secure Video Tele-Conference and non-secure and Microsoft Teams. Training staff through the country. Training audience include but not limited to directors, managers and supervisors (SES, Commanders and COL's, etc.). Demonstrate ability to make management decisions concerning the overall EEO program. Meet frequently with the OD&L Director/EEO Officer to establish the overall direction of the program, allocate resources to program elements, and develop the goals, objectives, and feedback through which the Commands EEO program is managed. Serve as OD&L action officer for the sharepoint tasking system. Review, delegate and maintain task deadlines. Serve as the Disability Program Manager for CCDC nation-wide, servicing a workforce of 14,000 personnel. Interpret federal, EEOC, US Army, and CCDC laws, guidance, regulations and instructions. Write and implement CCDC Disability/Reasonable Accommodation (RA) policies, instructions, guidance, and SOPs. Monitor CCDC compliance to avoid sanctions and damage due to financial losses, misappropriation and public image. Develop and issue guidance on the preparation of RA reports. Review and report on organizational affirmative employment to implement RA policies to the appropriate federal authorities. Develop and implement a comprehensive education program to inform managers and supervisors on their roles when accommodating individuals with disabilities. Respond to Congressional reasonable accommodation inquiries. Update and maintain RA tracking system. Analyze Civilian Labor Force and CCDC workforce data to provide comprehensive input to Part J of the MD 715. Prepare MD-715 for review. Conduct assessments to provide overall program requirements. Maintain close communication with and provide EEO advice to the workforce and management. Stay current with changes in laws, regulations and policies and maintains professional contact with civil rights and human resources professional to ensure guidance provided is accurate and up-to-date. Evaluate Headquarters and field activities, including servicing organizations’ EEO program effectiveness, and recommends improvement in plans, policies and practices. Report results of evaluations and makes recommendations to the OD&L Director/EEO Officer and to Directors/Commanders. Analyze management practices, organizational structures, employment patterns, and lines of progressions to determine their impact on EEO groups and recommend solutions to problems identified, to include identifying and addressing barriers to equal employment opportunity. Analyze CCDC workforce data relevant to the civilian labor force statistics to determine the appropriate index levels for employment of protected groups. Coordinate data acquisition/analyses with the civilian personnel office, reviews and analyzes employment statistics and patterns to determine areas of underrepresentation and analyzes employment practices to determine barriers to equal employment opportunity. Serve as POC to CAP, resolving complex accommodations to acquire equipment for the accommodation. Serve as representative for special emphasis programs (SEPs), including People with Disabilities, Federal Women’s Program, Hispanic Employment Program, Asian American Pacific Islander Employment Program, Black Employment Program, and American Indian/Alaskan Native Program. Provides expert advice to servicing Special Emphasis Program Managers and Committees. Maintain expert knowledge of the employment problems, constituencies and regulations pertaining to SEPs

Equal Employment Opportunity Manager, 10/2016 - 03/2019
Department Of The Treasury Saint Paul, MN,

Supervisor of two EEO Specialist for district of 1100 people in 7 states. Conduct 6 site visits per year. Command Climate Survey Administrator. Principal EEO trainer -VTC to the workforce (Managers and Supervisors). Serve as the Disability Program Manager advising managers on Reasonable Accommodation (RA) request. (20 requests in FY18). Directs the local program incorporation requirements of laws and regulations is designed and administered to improve the utilization of minority groups and women. Direct leadership on compliancy of the EEO program. Principal EEO advisor to the activity commander, (COL-06/GS 15’s) Develop effective implementation and administration of plans of action to achieve a model EEO program, based on regulations and Management Directive 715, in accordance with agency needs and resources to achieve measurable program results; FY18 increased individuals with a disability (IWD) by 4.92% from 71 to 123 and targeted (IWTD) from 8 to 18 people. (Implemented lunch and learn on Special Appointment Authorities and released a public announcement on USAJOBs recruiting for IWD and IWTD). Performs a wide variety of assignments, to include determining/planning/organizing program resources, setting goals, evaluating results, resolving systemic issues, establishing special initiatives or changes in practices, or procedures to meet the essential elements of a model EEO program. EEO Chair for the District Management Action Team providing integrated senior management, legal, HR, and EEO advice with a single voice to supervisors on complex personnel issues in order to effect performance improvement, increased accountability, dispute avoidance and issues resolution. Established and implemented an EEO awards programs recognizing managers and employees who support the program beyond their performance elements. Direct all concerns in its administration, including management and first-line supervisors, and effective coordination in carrying out complex elements and projects; develop significant implications for such aspects of civilian personnel management as recruitment development, utilization, advancement, and supervision of the workforce. (Community outreach, FY18 recruited at 5 career fairs, provided 6 tentative offers). Advises the Commander and senior leaders on all issues affecting the workforce, the effectiveness and status of EEO program goals, efficiency, and legal compliance of all areas of the EEO program, i.e., Direct the EEO complaints processing system, the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program, EEO Outreach and Special Emphasis Programs development, monitoring, and execution of multidisciplinary and detailed affirmative employment plans, workforce climate surveys, process requests for reasonable accommodation, EEO training and education, and various special studies. (FY 18 managed 22 EEO complaints; trained 95% of managers and supervisors). Write all EEO, Harassment and Diversity policy letters in accordance with (29 CFR Part 1614, 10 USC Section 1561 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964) for the district. Develop and implement diversity initiatives. Collaborate with Human Resources (HR) and higher level organizations to design and influence recruitment strategies focused on ensuring a workplace that offers equal access, competition, and opportunity that meets EEOC’s, MD-715 model program standards; Disabled Veteran Affirmative Action Plan and Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program requirements. Perform barrier analysis to identify triggers (low- participation rate) and eliminate barriers. Conduct state of the agency briefing with COL and GS-15’s. Assign an EEO Counselor to employees/applicants who believe they are being discriminated against; Mentor counselors and assures appropriate coordination of their EEO functions and responsibilities; Guide counselor in developing resolution of complex problems. Manage the processing and disposition of all individual and class EEO Complaints and ensures full cooperation with EEO Counselor and EEO personnel in the timely, fair and prompt processing, investigation, and resolution of complaints. Renders decisions for the Department of Army on the acceptance or dismissal of EEO complaints. For accepted complaints, ensures arrangements are made for fact-finding conferences and formal hearings; including request assignments of investigators; assign administrative support, arrange provisions of documentary information and data for records and assure availability of witnesses. Oversee accuracy of complaints related data and associated reports. Compliant with settlement agreements and orders issued by the DA, EEOC, and EEO-related cases from the MSPB; and inform complainants of their right to appeals. Negotiate to effectively resolve complaints. Special Emphasis Program Manager advices statistical and other data Commander on matters affecting employment of women and minority groups. Direct staff and oversee monthly special observances.

Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist, 02/2013 - 10/2016
US Coast Guard City, STATE,

Advise the command on Title VII laws and the basis for discrimination as well as the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Equal Pay Act, 29 CFR part 1614, MD-110, etc. Serve as Command Staff Advisor, advising Heads of Commands, Unit Directors, managers, supervisors, employees (over 4000) and applicants on procedural EEO/EO program issues and requirements. Research and remain knowledgeable of EEO principle, laws, regulations and policies utilizing them to make recommendations, provide feedback and guidance. Develop and implement policies and program management of Civil Rights, Equal Opportunity, Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Employment and community outreach programs. Maintain neutrality as primary service provider. Execute complaint process from initial interview until the end, while monitoring and adhering to all timelines. Serve as counselor of discrimination and harassment complaints for both military and civilian employees using traditional counseling or Alternative Dispute Resolutions (mediation) methods. Prepare reports, documentation and records for discrimination pre-complaint and complaint processing. Resolve complaints at the lowest level by consulting with Commanding Officers and Executive Officers/Directors on complex and sensitive EEO issues. Provide resources of other avenues for resolving disputes outside of EEO. Serve as certified meditator for the US Coast Guard and other federal government agencies. Prepare detailed reports, documentation and records for discrimination complaint process. Draft letters of acceptance and dismissal of formal complaints. Develop Civil Rights Programs and initiatives. Serve as primary facilitator for military and civilian personnel included but not limited to Civil Rights Awareness and Sexual Harassment Prevention. Travel throughout multi-state zones training. Develop, organize, schedule and prepare training sessions and material. Facilitate group role play, case studies and other Civil Rights related courses. Brief Commanding Officers on EEO/EO issues and complaints. Develop and implement Civil Rights Awareness and Sexual Harassment Prevent training for managers, supervisors and employees (military and civilian). Develop training schedule for all Coast Guard units in Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Disseminate new EEO/EO laws, policies and procedures. Serve as liaison to Coast Guard units ensuring all training material, equipment, room reservations and other resources needed are secured for upcoming training. Input and analyze data to ensure training compliance through the Coast Guard units. Assigning and evaluating tasks to other trainers. Serve as facilitator for the train the trainer component in my zone. Serve as advisor to the Special Emphasis Program Committee. Conduct counseling interviews with Alleged Discriminatory Officials and witnesses. Utilize the iComplaints system and other database to input, compile and analyze data. Maintain records of counseling and contact activities. Serve as Civil Rights representative in new employee orientation. Serve as contact person and process US Coast Guards Anti-Harassment and Hate Incidents. Identify and educate employees on the difference between hate and harassment. Support diversity initiatives such as Defense Equal Opportunity Climate Surveys and Leadership Diversity Advisory Council. Participate in the Partnership In Education program, serving as a mentor and tutor. Input and analyze data for the MD-715 report which provide the command with a view of their units with regards to several data analytics such as: race, ethnicity, sex, grade, awards, etc. This report helps me to develop an action plan to ensure individuals in protected categories are adequately represented and protected. Provide data for the agency's 462 report.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science: Human Resources Management, Expected in 05/2011
Morgan State University - Baltimore, MD
Status -

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School Attended

  • Morgan State University

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  • Senior Equal Employment Specialist
  • Program Mananger
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Manager
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist


  • Bachelor of Science

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