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Physical therapy aides work under the supervised guidance of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants to provide much-needed help performing non-medical tasks. They may work full time, though part-time work is quite common among physical therapy aides. Many of these workers also take on extended or weekend shifts.

Our physical therapy aide resume example was written by certified resume writers who know what hiring managers look for in candidates for these roles. Here we’ll go over how our expert-crafted examples and other tools can assist your resume-writing process.


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What is a Physical Therapy Aide?

The tasks of physical therapy aides include scheduling appointments, directing patients to the physical therapist, doing clerical work like filling out insurance forms and maintaining patient records, transporting patients and cleaning treatment rooms. They may also observe patients during therapy, as well as monitor and motivate them during exercises.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 60% of physical therapy aides were employed by physical, occupational and speech therapists, and audiologists in 2019. Those are followed by the 22% who were employed in state, local and private hospitals that year.

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Physical Therapy Aide Resume Example?

Our physical therapy aide resume example was drafted by a team of expert resume writers with a thorough understanding of what industry requires in candidates. Use this example as a guide to understand how to write your own strong physical therapy aide resume.

Here’s how our physical therapy aide resume example can help you:

  • Professionally written content: Our physical therapy aide resume examples utilize industry-specific keywords, like “facility regulations” and “joint repair”, which you can use as an inspiration to draft your resume. You can also use our Resume Builder and customize its content according to your requirements, or use it as-is.
  • Choosing the right format: Choose your resume format based on your level of experience. The example above uses a combination format to equally emphasize this applicant’s relevant skill set and moderate amount of experience. Once they’ve accrued enough experience, a chronological resume may be a better choice.
  • Appropriate template selection: Physical therapy aides typically work with professionals from the medical industry, so it will likely be wisest to pick one of our Traditional resume templates. Our Resume Builder offers a wide selection of template designs, with options suitable for any employer you’d want to work for.

3 Physical Therapy Aide Professional Summary Examples

A strong professional summary is always needed to make a solid first impression on a recruiter. Follow our physical therapy aide resume example as a guide for writing an impressive professional summary, or use our Resume Builder for helpful pre-written suggestions.

Below are three examples our builder could recommend:

  1. Motivated physical therapy aide with two years of experience maintaining patient records and keeping documents confidential per HIPAA guidelines; proficient following safety procedures per hospital and state regulations. Adept at keeping equipment clean and operational before and after any examination or testing.
  2. Detail-oriented physical therapy aide highly proficient in using social media to promote awareness of beneficial therapies offered by facility. Experienced providing assistance to therapists and other healthcare professionals while also monitoring patient reaction to treatment.
  3. Enthusiastic physical therapy aide with four years of professional experience documenting patient records. Record treatment responses, goal progression and elapsed recovery time. Adept at safely transporting patients between treatment areas. Experienced in use and maintenance of equipment and instructing exercise classes as advised by physical therapists.

3 Physical Therapy Aide Work Experience Examples

Our physical therapy aide resume example demonstrates how our Resume Builder’s pre-written content helps you use hard data when describing accomplishments. Customize this content according to your own metrics, or uses it as-is if it applies to your experience.

Below are three more examples from experience sections our writers could suggest:

  1. Scheduled appointments and delivered error-free aquatic therapy exercise regimen to 35 patients per week.
  2. Maintained medical supply and equipment inventory; managed copay collection consistently for entire financial year with zero error.
  3. Arranged and completed successful lift training for all newly licensed RNs and CNAs over two years.

Top Skills for Your Physical Therapy Aide Resume

Our physical therapy aide resume example suggests industry-specific keywords you may need for your own skills section, such as “maintain CPR certification” or “establish exercise programs.” Feel free to borrow these terms, or take even more suggestions from our Resume Builder.

Below are some soft and hard skills that our builder might recommend:

Hard Skills

  • Computer skills
  • Scheduling and coordination
  • Jobst compression expertise
  • Sanitation guidelines and procedures

Soft Skills

  • Compassion
  • Critical thinking
  • Inventory control
  • Interpersonal skills

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Physical Therapy Aide FAQs

How do you become a physical therapy aide?

To be a physical therapy aide, you need to have a high school diploma. On-the-job training is provided later, which can last up to a month. Physical therapy aides do not need a license, but are expected to know about therapy-related tools like blood pressure monitoring kits, laboratory equipment, and therapy and exercise programs. Most importantly, empathy and compassion for patients are traits required in all physical therapy professionals.

What are the advantages of becoming a physical therapy aide?

As a physical therapy aide, you will get to learn various aspects of physical therapy. By assisting physical therapists, you get hands-on experience regarding their work and work environment. By then later acquiring the needed degrees and licenses, you can go on to become a physical therapist yourself. Furthermore, the emotional fulfillment of helping patients likely increase your satisfaction with the job.

How do you write achievements on a resume for a physical therapy aide?

The achievements on your resume should be succinct and use quantifiable figures to spell out your past achievements. Highlight what you did and the positive effect it had on the organization. Also, if possible, highlight the skills you used to earn the achievement. You can write about these achievements in the professional summary section and your work experience section.