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Working in various settings like rehab centers, hospitals, physical therapy clinics and even schools, physical therapist assistants help to treat patients with physical pain or movement difficulties. In 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that the already intense demand for physical therapist assistants would only grow more, with an employment growth rate of 33% expected by 2029.

Our physical therapist assistant resume example can show you the skills, work experience and other qualifications you’ll need to impress recruiters and get hired. Read on to see how our team of certified resume writers can help you build a better resume.


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What is a Physical Therapist Assistant?

A physical therapist assistant aids a physical therapist to treat patients with pain-relieving therapies, improve their mobility and promote their fitness and well-being. They schedule appointments with patients, look after paperwork and take care of administrative duties. They also help physical therapists formulate recovery plans for their patients.

Physical therapist assistants ensure patients are performing exercises properly and also might assist them while exercising. As of 2019, there were 98,700 physical therapist assistants working in the United States, earning an annual median wage of $58,790.

What Makes This a Great
Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Example?

Using our physical therapist assistant resume example as a model, you can be sure your resume stands out. Studying our expert-written examples makes it that much easier to craft your own job-winning resume.

Here are three of the most critical ways referring to our examples can improve your resume:

  • Content by professionals: Our physical therapist assistant resume example was written by a certified resume writer to include content recruiters want to see. Use this example for inspiration, or borrow customizable language directly from our Resume Builder. Both options offer pre-written, curated keyword suggestions like “gait training” or “manual dexterity.”
  • A reference for format choice: Choosing the correct resume format is critical to writing the strongest resume possible. The above example uses a chronological resume format, which is best suited for professionals with many years of experience in their field. Those with less experience may be better served by a functional or combination format.
  • How to use a template: Always choose your resume template based on the industry in which you work. Your resume’s design should match your future employer’s work culture as much as possible. Whatever style best suits the physical therapy workplace you want to work in, our Resume Builder has options for you.


3 Physical Therapist Assistant Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary should succinctly pitch to recruiters your relevant qualifications and what you can offer their organization. Our Resume Builder’s pre-written content makes it easy to customize your own summary quickly, or you can simply use our example as reference.

Here are three examples of professional summaries our experts could suggest:

  1. Driven physical therapist assistant with two years of experience. Received two awards and 99% positive online feedback for talks delivered in 2019 injury-prevention seminar. Personally and regularly treated 32 regular patients at Lakeshore Memorial while assisting doctors with additional clients.
  2. Licensed physical therapist assistant with three years of experience in pediatrics. Experienced in conducting back-to-back therapy sessions that led to 24% increased patient volume for BrownBear Physical Therapy Institute. Commended by senior management for empathy and efficiency. Excellent communicator with top-notch organizational skills.
  3. Patient-focused physical therapy assistant experienced treating sports injuries and administering therapy. Conducted weekend yoga classes at Rockdale High School to educate 20-student classes about injury-prone body parts and prevention methods. Experienced providing specialized care to individuals with lumbar radiculopathy and foot injuries.

3 Physical Therapist Assistant Work Experience Examples

Model your own work experience section off of our physical therapist assistant resume examples to properly frame your past duties and achievements. Our Resume Builder also provides pre-written content that can be easily customized with your own measurable accomplishments.

Here are three examples from work experience sections our experts might recommend:

  1. Managed, monitored and successfully completed exercise regimens and rehab programs for 70 patients over six months.
  2. Managed facility social media page to promote business and spread awareness of bodily injury; resulted in 22% increase in new client registration.
  3. Supported three physical therapists in collecting and recording patient data that resulted in 16% improved treatment effectiveness.

Top Skills for Your Physical Therapist Assistant Resume

Our physical therapist assistant resume example, written by certified resume writers, displays the kind of industry-relevant skills hiring managers look for. You can also borrow our Resume Builder’s content as-is or customize it to fit your needs.

Below are more examples of hard and soft skills we may recommend:

Hard Skills

  • Use of treatment equipment
  • Individualized family service plans
  • Records management
  • Diathermy

Soft Skills

  • Written and verbal communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Orientation and supervision
  • Active listening

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Physical Therapist Assistant FAQs

What are the qualifications needed to become a physical therapist assistant?

An associate’s degree from a program that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education is required to become a physical therapist assistant. The duration of these programs is usually two years. You’ll also gain hands-on experience while studying as an intern in clinics. Additionally, all states require physical therapist assistants to have a license or a certificate.

What is the work environment for a physical therapist assistant?

Physical therapist assistants work in hospitals, rehab clinics, schools, and wherever else full-fledged physical therapists work. They need to be physically strong enough to help patients move or to lift them, and they have to meet and interact with even more patients. They’re expected to know how to use any technology related to physical therapy. Most physical therapist assistants work full time, though some work part-time or during weekends.

What are the benefits of becoming a physical therapist assistant?

As a physical therapy assistant, you may enjoy the satisfaction of relieving pain in injured people and providing them an overall feeling of well-being. With enough experience, you might also become a physical therapist after a few years, which would expand your work opportunities and compensation significantly. With the demand for physical therapy professionals increasing, you can also enjoy the field’s job security.