Media Entertainment Resume Examples

There are thousands of great jobs out there in media & entertainment! No matter what you're looking for you'll need a resume to stand out from the crowd and give yourself a chance to win the job. That's where our industry-specific resume examples come in. Use the media & entertainment resume examples below to get started on your own resume right now. Take the next step toward a better job and a brighter future!

Busser: Resume Example  

Bussers work in restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels clearing dishes and cleaning tables for the patrons of eating establishments. Sometimes, bussers work for other types of institutions such as catering companies.

There are no formal educational requirements for busser; most undergo training on the job. Applicants with past work experience are more attractive to employers. Be sure to include all relevant work experience on your resume.

It’s also important to show good verbal communication and physical stamina in your busser resume. Having proficiency in another language is also a plus for a bussing position.

Dishwasher: Resume Example 

Dishwashers work in restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels washing dishes and cooking utensils. Dishwashers also work in settings such as schools, retirement homes, and at catering companies. Any business that serves food is likely to hire a dishwasher.

Most dishwashers receive training from employers. Applicants with past work experience will likely be the most sought after, so be sure to include all relevant work experience on your resume.

Having good references that can attest to a strong work ethic could be helpful in getting a dishwasher position. Being in good physical condition is also helpful since washing dishes can be a very physical job.

Film crew: Resume Example 

A film crew is a group of people hired by a production company for the purpose of producing a film or television show. A film crew works behind the scenes in a variety of departments, each of which specializes in a particular aspect of the production. Some film crew employees switch between positions from project to project.

Since film crew members can have a variety of titles (such as boom operator, grip or set designer), the educational requirements are different for each. Writing your resume to highlight how you are uniquely qualified for the job title you seek is an excellent way to make your resume shine.

Since the film crew department can encompass several different job titles, mentioning soft skills like flexibility and strong communication skills in your summary is a terrific way to stand out from the crowd.

Quality Assurance Specialist: Resume Example 

Quality assurance specialists test and document the quantity, quality, type, weight, and other data to maintain the value of a product. They can work in a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing, such as in the automotive industry, to food production. Depending on the industry, they may visually inspect or manually test products, run and monitor inspection equipment, and record and analyze quality data.

Most quality assurance specialists receive on-the-job training. Formal education requirements for quality assurance specialists vary, depending on the industry. For some sectors, candidates only need a high school diploma, but some employers may require specialists to have an advanced degree or to earn professional certifications. Mentioning your education and highlighting any certifications or specialized training you’ve acquired is key you making your resume stand out.

Since almost all quality assurance specialists use instrumentation to perform their jobs, highlighting your experience with these tools is a great way to make your resume shine. Further, adding soft skills like attention to detail will help you edge past the competition.