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Massage therapists contribute to clients’ general well-being by relieving muscle pain, reducing stress, and enhancing relaxation. Typically working in spas, clinics, doctors’ offices or fitness centers, many massage therapists also work from client offices or homes. In 2019, employment in this profession was estimated to continue expanding rapidly, expected to grow 21% by 2029.

To draw the attention of potential employers or clients, it’s vital for massage therapists to create a strong resume. Written by a team of certified resume writers, our massage therapist resume example helps you build an attention-grabbing resume that will get you to work faster.


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What is a Massage Therapist?

Massage therapists use their hands to relieve stress and bodily pain in their clients, for which they may use lotions, oils, and massage chairs or tables. When helping to rehabilitate clients, they may develop at-home recovery plans and instruct them on how to perform specific exercises and stretches.

There are different kinds of massages that massage therapists may perform for their clients, depending on their needs. Additionally, they also need to keep records of their clients’ recovery and progress. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 35% of massage therapists are self-employed, while the next 33% work in personal care services.

What Makes This a Great
Massage Therapist Resume Example?

Study our massage therapist resume example, which offers a look at the kind of content hiring managers will look for on your resume. Following our examples is a great way to be sure you’re building a strong resume that will stand out from the rest.

Here’s how our examples aid your writing:

  • Industry-specific content: Interweaving industry-related keywords, like “oils,” “deep tissue massage” and “aromatherapy,” in the above example, is a great way to show employers you’re already an expert in your field. Take cues from the terminology used in our massage therapist resume example, or use our Resume Builder’s customizable text suggestions for extra help.
  • Using the ideal format: Since the candidate only has a moderate amount of experience, the above example uses a combination format to supplement their work experience with an equal focus on their skills. Be sure to follow our examples’ lead and use the resume format best suited to your experience level.
  • Optimal template choice: Building a strong resume also means using a design that gives the impression you’re a perfect fit for the employer. Be sure to use whichever of our many resume templates best matches the style of the company you want to work for.


3 Massage Therapist Professional Summary Examples

Recruiters often skim resumes’ professional summary sections first to take in the highlights applicants’ experience and achievements. Our massage therapist resume example shows you what an attention-grabbing summary looks like, and our Resume Builder’s pre-written, customizable content can offer additional assistance.

Below are three more examples of well-written professional summaries:

  1. Experience and licensed massage therapist with four years of experience working in spas. Knowledgeable of current massage techniques and providing relaxing environments for clients. Skilled in developing excellent client relationships, resulting in a 55% increase in repeat customers for previous employers.
  2. Energetic massage therapist with five years of professional experience. Excellent communicator and leader. Conducted multiple training sessions for junior therapists and taught self-massage techniques to clients. Treated joint pain for more than 100 clients in 2019, using custom techniques drawn from Swedish massage, hot stone massage and deep tissue massage.
  3. Dedicated massage therapist with three years of professional experience. Adept at efficiently identifying pain points and clearly communicating with clients. Extremely empathetic and able to provide a supportive environment to thoroughly address client needs.

3 Massage Therapist Work Experience Examples

Our massage therapist resume example’s work experience section demonstrates how to use hard numbers to convey past accomplishments while listing past job duties. Use this example as a guide for writing this section, or add your own impressive metrics to our pre-written text suggestions.

Here are a few more work experience examples for your reference:

  1. Relieved majority of pain for client with knee osteoarthritis within one month using combinations of aromatherapy and reflexology.
  2. Performed 15 hours of Swedish massage per week, including cranial sacral technique and trigger point massage, to completely cure a client’s chronic neck pain.
  3. Performed geriatric massage for 12 elderly patients over the age of 75, relieving them of pain and anxiety for duration of care.

Top Skills for Your Massage Therapist Resume

For the best odds of success, your resume’s skills section needs to include the industry-relevant keywords recruiters look for. Take inspiration from the skills listed in this example, or use our Resume Builder to generate even more suggestions for what should make up a massage therapist’s skill set.

Below are some additional skills you might consider:

Hard Skills

  • Motor and cognitive skills therapy
  • Home healthcare
  • Hot stone massage
  • Deep tissue massage

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Decision-making skills
  • Customer service
  • Time management

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Massage Therapist FAQs

What are the qualifications needed to become a massage therapist?

The educational qualifications required for massage therapists vary from state to state. Massage therapy programs are available at private and public institutions, and these programs can range from 500 to 1,000 hours of study for completion. Usually, a high school diploma is needed to be admitted into a massage therapy program. These programs are a mix of classroom and practical experience.

How long should a massage therapist’s resume be?

A massage therapist’s resume should usually be brief. Most applicants’ experience, skills, education, and more should be able to fit onto a single page. However, a resume can sometimes extend to two pages if a job seeker has over a decade of relevant experience.

How do you write achievements on a resume for a massage therapist?

The key to making the most of your achievements is ensuring they include measurable, positive figures. Outline how you contributed to a past employer or solved a problem for them, using hard numbers to spell out exactly what they gained thanks to your efforts.