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Boat mechanics are highly sought-after professionals who are responsible for overseeing the maintenance and repair of mechanical and electrical boat engines. With the annual sales of boats, marine products and services in the United States evaluated to be about $42 billion in 2019, the demand for boat mechanics is on the rise.

Employers in this field seek candidates with extensive mechanical and diagnostic knowledge to provide the best service to their customers. Our boat mechanic resume example was written by a certified resume writer. Study it to learn everything you need to know about writing a standout resume.


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What is a Boat Mechanic?

Boat mechanics use their practical knowledge to maintain and repair outboard and inboard boat engines. They may be employed at public or private harbors, marinas and other repair shops. Boat mechanics must possess strong technical, problem-solving and mathematical skills to become a viable candidate. Strong customer service skills are also critical for success in this role.

Employers in this field typically seek out candidates with at least a high school diploma. On-the-job training is also required. Additionally, marine technology certification, which focuses on underwater maintenance, can boost both job opportunities and salary.

What Makes This a Great
Boat Mechanic Resume Example?

Whether you are looking to land your first role as a boat mechanic or rev up your existing career with a new role, our resume example was designed to show you how to build a strong resume. Our boat mechanic resume example was designed for you to use as inspiration when writing your own resume. Here’s how our examples can help:

  • Professionally written content: Your resume must perfectly articulate your experience, mechanical skills, and distinctive abilities to make a strong impression. Our example uses industry-specific keywords like “customer service,” “outboard motor repair,” and “engine diagnosis” to catch the eye of a recruiter. Study it or, for more help, use our Resume Builder, which offers pre-written text suggestions for every section of your resume for you to use as-is or customize to suit your needs.
  • The right resume format: Choosing the right resume format is critical to show recruiters your most impressive credentials as a boat mechanic. Mid-career applicants with both work experience and an impressive skill set should choose a combination format. Entry-level or senior candidates should choose a functional or chronological resume format, respectively.
  • Industry-appropriate template: Boat repair is a dirty job. However, boat mechanics can work in conservative environments. Choose your resume design to match the company to which you are applying. For more casual companies, it’s appropriate to use a colorful resume template, like the one above. However, for more conservative workplaces, applicants should choose a more traditional resume template from our library.

3 Boat Mechanic Professional Summary Examples

To speed up your job search, your resume needs to have some horsepower. As the first section of your resume, your professional summary is critical. It should be short but compelling to entice recruiters to read more.

Study our boat mechanic resume example to learn how to craft a great professional summary, or study these three additional examples for inspiration:

  1. Accomplished boat mechanic and marine technician with eight-plus years of experience. Diagnose and repair up to 15 marine engines weekly. In-depth experience of using mechanic’s hand tools and gauges, as well as diagnostic software. Strong customer service skills and excellent verbal communication.
  2. Meticulous boat mechanic with thorough knowledge of the practical application of engineering science and technology. Professional expertise with inboard engines to power recreational yachts. Time-efficient and skilled at preparing accurate technical reports.
  3. Marine technology certified boat mechanic with significant management and inspecting skills. Proven record of accurately diagnosing and repairing malfunctions in a variety of outboard mechanical systems. Adherence to marine guidelines and coordination with regulatory bodies to ensure safety and minimize repair costs.

3 Boat Mechanic Work Experience Examples

A well-written work experience section can help you stand out from the competition. The key is to make a list of work job duties. Focus on showing potential employers the concrete ways you contributed to a previous employer’s success through the use of data and metrics. Our boat mechanic resume example shows you how. Study it or review these three additional work experience entries for a boat mechanic:

  1. Diagnosed and repaired over 1,500 defective engine motors in 2019-2020
  2. Conducted safety training sessions per OSHA standards and company regulations to prevent environmental and health hazards
  3. Improved overall repair efficiency by 18% by initiating the use of checklists to ensure tasks were completed efficiently

Top Skills for Your Boat Mechanic Resume

A boat mechanic must possess a solid mix of technical and soft skills to succeed. Our boat mechanic resume example utilizes some of the most sought after skills in the industry to show you how to build a powerful skills section.

Study the example above or consider these hard and soft skills for your boat mechanic resume:

Hard Skills

  • Boat engine repair
  • Proficient in marine technology 
  • Compliant with USCG and EPA guidelines
  • Mechanical and electrical system knowledge

Soft Skills

  • Plumbing
  • Strong written and verbal communication 
  • Effective customer service
  • Analytical and diagnostic skills

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Boat Mechanic FAQs

Which are the certificate programs for a boat mechanic?

To qualify as an entry-level boat mechanic, candidates need to enroll in a marine technology certificate program to gain hands-on experience and understand the practical application of engineering and mechanical concepts. The American Boat and Yacht Council offers distinct certification courses for interested candidates. They may opt to get certified in marine systems, gasoline engines and support systems among others.

What is the industry outlook for a boat mechanic in the United States?

With a current market size of $30.7 billion, the boat dealership and repair market is projected to grow at 7.7% in 2020. With more people are indulging in recreational activities like boating which has significantly improved employment opportunities for boat mechanics. Candidates with experience using diagnostic software are often better positioned to land higher paying or  senior-level positions.

Which are the top 5 highest paying states for a boat mechanic?

With significant growth in boat sales in the United States, the median annual wage for motorboat mechanics and service technicians was recorded at $41,330 in 2019. The top-five highest paying states for this job include Hawaii at $58,690, Connecticut at $55,760, Arizona at $52,460, Massachusetts at $51,350, and Rhode Island at $50,940.