Lube Technician Resume Example

Employers need lube technicians who can work quickly and efficiently, often under distracting conditions. They also need pros who can interact in a friendly and positive way with customers. As you create your resume and submit your application to an auto facility, remember to highlight your experience in these specific areas. You can service a lubrication system, but you can also help your employer gain customers and make money. Highlight your strongest skill sets in a section of your resume called “core competencies,” and format the rest of your document using the structure of this lube technician resume example.

Lube Technician Advice 

Lube technicians are specialized automotive professionals who make sure that vehicles run properly and smoothly. The resume examples below are designed specifically for people seeking to get hired as a lube technician. Use them as a model in creating your resume, and impress employers with your professionalism. Get started on your resume today with these resume examples, and start working as a lube technician sooner!

Resume Tips for Lube Technician 

Searching for jobs as a lube technician, as anywhere else, isn't just a matter of luck, but of strategy. By following the tips below, you'll be able to start your own job hunt off on the right track.
1. Make a plan. Writing down an outline and schedule of your search tactics from the start will keep you on task and help you avoid distractions. Take your job hunt as seriously as the job you will get.
2. Arrange information interviews. Talking with someone working in your chosen field or at your preferred employer is a good way to learn more about a position, and give you clearer ideas of what they are looking for in employees.
3. Take assessment tests. Assessing your skillset can give you a better picture of what opportunities may be open to you. Your aptitudes might qualify you for different positions, or work in new fields.
4. Seek leads everywhere. Along with online searches and job banks, check out offline newspaper ads, and look up local companies that may be hiring. You never know where you might find an opening.
5. Prepare yourself. As well as making a schedule or plan, you should also mentally and emotionally brace yourself for what may be a challenging process. Starting your search for jobs as a lube technician with the right mindset will help keep you moving forward.

Lube Technician Job Seeking Tips 

Across any industry, a strong resume is an essential part of a successful job application, whether you're applying for jobs as a lube technician or anywhere else. The following guidelines will make sure your resume is up to par.
1. Include necessary contact information. One phone number and one professional email address should always be in your resume's header. Don't list your street address, or extraneous personal information such as your age, gender or a picture of yourself.
2. Start with a summary. Rather than a statement of objective, open your resume with a professional overview, four to six lines introducing your most relevant experience and skills.
3. Avoid abbreviations. Acronyms and other abbreviations can often vary widely between companies even within the same industry. To forestall confusion, only use very common abbreviations, and write out other phrases the first time they're used on the resume.
4. Double check your spelling. Any error on a resume can appear sloppy, showing a lack of attention to detail. Always proofread, and don't just rely on spellcheck, which can miss homonyms.
5. Leave off the references. While it's acceptable to end with "References available upon request" if there is room, any requested references should be placed on a separate page.

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lube technician Resume

Company: oil express
Date Range: August 2011 to June 2012

Identified the most efficient and acceptable resolutions to complex engineering problems.

Lube technician Resume

Company: Perfect Auto
Date Range: June 2012 to September 2012

Used hand tools to change worn cutting tools._x000D_
Unpacked and assembled all new merchandise using variety of power tools._x000D_
Used hoists and cranes to lift work pieces to machine._x000D_
Accurately read, understood, and carried out written instructions.

Lube Technician Resume

Company: Castrol Premium Lube Express
Date Range: August 2012 to Current

Must have great communication skills with the customer._x000D_
Have to work hard and efficient to get the job done on time._x000D_
Be able to work well with others.

lube technician Resume

Company: walmart
Date Range: March 2013 to August 2013_x000D_

change oil and filter, rotate tires, add air to tires, change cabin air filter and air filter, top off all fluids and 360% vehicle inspection

lube technician Resume

Company: Ford Griffin
Date Range: October 2014 to Current

Operate a two post lift daily, change oil, inspect the vehicles, change tires, change out burned out bulbs, est

800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST
Sat 8am - 5pm CST, Sun 10am - 6pm CST