Student Accomplishments Worksheet: Showcase Achievements

Randall Hansen
by Randall Hansen   Career Advice Expert 

Student Accomplishments Worksheet: Showcase Achievements

by Quintessential Careers

How to Develop and Keep an Accomplishments Worksheet

Developing a record of your achievements and successes — an Accomplishments Worksheet — is something everyone should be doing. For high school students it’s a great opportunity to focus on your skills and achievements as you prepare for applying to college scholarships and later internships and summer jobs.

Student Accomplishments Worksheet

The most important task is to just get started on developing your accomplishments worksheet — and then make it a habit to keep revisiting it and adding to it as you achieve new things.

Your focus in identifying accomplishments should be the accomplishment itself and the key skills used in achieving it.

Whenever possible try and quantify your accomplishments. Record both individual and team/group achievements.

School/Academic-Based Accomplishments

Important academic assignments — such as senior projects and competitions — such as science fairs are the most obvious choices in identifying academic accomplishments.

Tip: Accomplishments are also about overcoming adversity so showing how you turned around your grades or achieved success in other academic struggles also make great accomplishments.

Volunteering/Community Service Accomplishments

While most high school students now complete a variety of community service projects and amass large numbers of volunteering hours that’s no reason not to list your service activities as key accomplishments — especially if your work was exemplary or you won an award for it.

Tip: Assuming you are tracking the hours you commit to community service listing the hours you’ve volunteered are an easy way to quantify these accomplishments.

Extracurricular Activities Accomplishments

Your participation in school-based and community-based activities can also be a source of achievements from helping publish your school yearbook to managing a community theatre production to playing on the football team. Your interests hobbies and sports participation can be great sources of accomplishments.

Tip: Quantify everything — the hours spent the yearbooks sold the size of the cast etc. Focus especially on identifying leadership/management roles you accomplished.

Work Accomplishments

Many high school students have at least some work experience from part-time jobs or self-employment (babysitting lawn-mowing and the like) — and you should identify any achievements you have from them.

Tip: Focus not on the duties and responsibilities you performed but on how you went above and beyond them. Did you grow your own business? Did you win an award such as employee of the month?

Sample Student Accomplishments

Let’s say you were president of your high school’s chess club and under your leadership your club won the state chess title.

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