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Maintenance supervisors are needed to ensure the rest of the team remains motivated and on task. They gather statistics and present them to a board of supervisors to recommend necessary changes or upgrades. Additionally, maintenance supervisors have a say in who gets hired.

Experience is vital in this field, and your maintenance supervisor job description should state that applicants need to have five to eight years of experience. A couple of those years need to be in a managerial position. A bachelor’s degree in engineering can be useful.

Communication skills are beneficial. A maintenance supervisor also needs to think fast and be a problem solver. Extensive knowledge in construction and electrical engineering is good to have.

Maintenance Supervisor Job Description Template

Job Summary

As one of the biggest and most successful manufacturing companies in the nation, we provide clients with the best design and production services. If you are a talented leader who makes achieving results a priority, apply to join and lead our excellent manufacturing engineering team as a maintenance supervisor. The professional who fills this position will apply critical thinking and communication skills to ensure all employees on the team are working together effectively to improve the efficiency of our operating procedures and company in general. Our company values teamwork and cooperation, so candidates should implement these elements in their managerial approach.

Job Responsibilities

  • Familiarize yourself with our company’s specific safety requirements and procedures and adhere to them strictly.
  • Manage a team of engineers and ensure that all employees are following protocols and that they are equally familiar with the company’s safety requirements.
  • Inspect the manufacturing equipment on a weekly basis to ensure it is functioning properly and safely; work with the engineering staff to ensure any equipment issues are immediately attended to and effectively solved.
  • Oversee production to guarantee that operations are taking place quickly and accurately.
  • Compile operation statistics and logistics and organize them into a useful report to identify inefficiencies and areas that can be improved; make weekly suggestions for continuous improvement.
  • Present company statistics at monthly board meetings to the heads of departments.
  • Participate in the hiring decision-making process and interviews to ensure candidates hold adequate knowledge in the manufacturing field; train new recruits and ensure existing employees have the required understanding of safety protocols.
  • Ensure warehouse is well stocked and place orders for replacement equipment and other items as needed.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Minimum 8 years in maintenance, manufacturing, or related field
  • Minimum 2 years in managerial or leadership position
  • Bachelor’s degree in manufacturing engineering, electrical engineering or related field
  • Excellent communication and critical thinking skills
  • Experience or knowledge of the construction, landscape, and electrical engineering fields

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