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Maintenance electricians perform general upkeep on buildings’ electrical systems. This entails inspecting the premises, performing routine maintenance and fixing any faulty wiring. Replacing electrical appliances is necessary, so the ability to read blueprints and abide by the National Electric Code is essential.

Electricians can get experience from a technical school or apprenticeship. Your maintenance electrician job description also needs to make it clear that applicants need to be licensed to work in the state.

Maintenance electricians need to have excellent stamina and strength. The ability to see colors is necessary in order to identify different wires. Since electricians work with clients every day, good customer service skills and a friendly demeanor will be advantageous.

Maintenance Electrician Job Description Template

Job Summary

Are you looking for an opportunity to utilize your excellent problem-solving skills and superior knowledge of all things involving electricity? Join our team as a maintenance electrician and provide services to ensure that all electrical systems, wiring and equipment remain functional. You will rely on your ability to multi-task as you work in a fast-paced environment to keep our company operational. Build your technical skills as you work closely with team members, handling orders in an efficient manner and determining which ones to prioritize. Your organizational skills will also be required as you ensure that you have sufficient supplies to handle routine maintenance tasks and can quickly get other supplies as needed to reduce downtime.

Job Responsibilities

  • Inspect on a routine basis electrical equipment, wiring, fixtures and other components to ensure they remain functional and are up to code, as well as to identify any hazards or issues.
  • Determine the reasons for any malfunctions of systems or components, and create a maintenance or repair plan to solve the problem.
  • Repair electrical systems, wiring, circuit breakers, equipment and other components so that they remains at full functioning capacity.
  • Test systems with devices such as voltmeters, oscilloscopes and ohmmeters to ensure the system remains safe and that components are compatible.
  • Review blueprints to understand the placement of wiring or to comprehend the working of the equipment to provide the right service and repairs.
  • Provide suggestions on the lifespan of equipment and other electrical components, advising when certain components should be replaced due to potential risks.
  • Keep records of all maintenance and repair work conducted, including a record of any supplies ordered and used.
  • Ensure all routine maintenance work is handled on a regular schedule to reduce the risk of larger and more complex issues and to reduce costs.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • 3-5 years’ experience in electrical maintenance or associated work
  • Strong verbal and oral communication skills
  • Relevant electrician certifications
  • Proven problem-solving skills
  • Familiar with the National Electrical Code

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