Call Center Representative Job Description Writing and Posting in 3 Easy Steps

Use this professional created Call Center Representative job description example to gain some inspiration on how to best craft your job description.

Call center representatives take customer calls, track orders, answer questions and try to resolve complaints to satisfy customers. They must serve customers calmly, even in tense or angry situations, focusing on making customers happy. They have scripts to follow, but good call center representatives can think well on their feet as well.

Your call center representative job description should address educational and experience requirements. Because this job calls for quick service, good candidates need solid research and organizational skills. They also should be able to sell additional products to customers when appropriate.

Effective call center representatives are good communicators and creative thinkers, able to explore alternative solutions to problems. They must enjoy talking on the telephone and understand company policies. They also should be ready to participate in professional education.

Call Center Representative Job Description Template

Job Summary

If you enjoy being on the phone, solving problems, making people happy and working with customers all over the country, a job as a call center representative may be a great option for you. Call center representatives are asked to take customer calls, deal with complaints or questions, track orders to determine when they will arrive and generally speak to the customer to deflate any problem before it can become serious. These individuals must follow a script but also think on their feet at the same time. They must be able to serve customers even in angry, tense emotional situations and place their focus mostly on keeping the customer happy.

Job Responsibilities

  • Answer questions posed by customers that may require research, location and providing of information.
  • Resolve customer problems by exploring alternative answers and solutions, de-escalating unresolved problems and implementing new solutions to common customer problems.
  • Complete transactions and pass customer requests on to the appropriate department to fulfill the order and ensure the customer is happy with the result.
  • Upsell additional products or services you believe the customer may be interested in when the opportunity presents itself, determining which products are right as you learn more about the customer’s needs.
  • Participate in educational opportunities to further knowledge of the job when circumstances allow.
  • Follow standard operating procedures on a constant basis to keep the work environment safe and comfortable for your fellow representatives.
  • Maintain constant organization to track and document phone calls, track orders and respond to commonly asked customer questions.
  • Keep calm in situations where customers are unhappy and looking to vent their anger; focus them and help come up with a solution that is acceptable to both parties.

Job Qualifications

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Experience in customer service in a call center
  • Self-motivated, easy to talk to
  • Flexible schedule and ability to work from several different locations

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