Certified Nursing Assistant CV Example

When you are searching for nursing jobs, it can be difficult to know what employers are expecting. Your curriculum vitae is designed to communicate your skills and experiences to employers in a concise and effective way. Before you begin writing your CV, review examples and this writing guide to make sure yours is as strong as possible. The following certified nursing assistant CV example is designed to help you create your own CV that will catch the attention of employers who read it.

Tips for Writing Your
Certified Nursing Assistant CV

  • Certified Nursing Assistant Overview

    As this certified nursing assistant CV example demonstrates, it is important that you emphasize your understanding of the position. After employers read your CV, they should be confident that you would be able to successfully begin working with only the minimum amount of explanation and training. This aspect should be clear in every section of your CV, from the summary to the education section. Nursing assistants are the entry-level positions for professionals interested in being registered nurses. They are tasked with simple jobs relating to patient comfort, such as answering concerns, feeding or bathing bed-ridden patients, changing linens, and guaranteeing dietary needs are adhered to.

  • Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Certified Nursing Assistant CV

    Your CV should also tell employers what skills and abilities you have developed that are relevant to the nursing assistant position. While it is assumed this information will be outlined in the skills section, this certified nursing assistant CV example shows that this information can also be distributed throughout your CV. For the job of nursing assistant, you must have strong communication skills, quickly follow instructions, and have personal service experience. If nursing assistants are to eventually become registered nurses, they should also have extensive medical knowledge. Finally, fill your CV out with general qualities, such as attention to detail, critical thinking, decision making, social perceptiveness, monitoring, or active listening.

  • Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

    This certified nursing assistant CV example will help you get started with your own CV, but these writing tips will help you strengthen and polish it:

    • Keep your summary brief. Because it is only meant to be a hook that encourages employers to continue reading, it should only be four to six lines long.
    • Your experience section should be in past tense, with only your current position listed in present tense.
    • Make your CV active and specific. Including real metrics is a good way to make yourself more appealing to readers.
    • Employers are most interested in the relevant positions you have had that prepared you for the position. For this reason, your experience section should be the longest and have the strongest information.

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