Field Service Technician CV Example

Your curriculum vitae is a big part of the job search process. This document is designed to tell employers everything they need to know so they can decide whether or not to follow up with an interview. It should catch their attention and then clearly explain your skills and previous experiences. To make sure you create a CV that is up to employers’ standards, take a look at this field service technician CV example. Several writing tips have also been included to help you get started right.

Tips for Writing Your
Field Service Technician CV

  • Field Service Technician Overview

    This field service technician CV example demonstrates that it is far more effective for your CV to emphasize your knowledge of the position. This will reassure employers reading it that you are confident and capable to begin working immediately. Any way training can be minimized just makes the investment of hiring you more appealing. You should make your expertise clear in every section. Field service technicians are mechanical engineers who work away from the main corporate building. They are tasked with providing service to any type of vehicle or machine that needs it, no matter where it is. Field service technicians may work with clients who have purchased machines or company-owned machines that are operated in the field.

  • Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Field Service Technician CV

    Just like your general knowledge, the skills that are relevant to the field service technician position should be clear in your CV. While there is a dedicated skills section for this information, the field service technician CV example shows that this information is best when it is distributed among every section in your CV. It is possible to explain your capabilities from your summary to your experience section. Most importantly, you should have mechanical skills and technological knowledge. Because field service technicians work with technology that is different in each position, you should have researched the specific kind of mechanical knowledge that is expected of you. Then, fill your CV out by including general skills like communication, service, critical thinking, decision making, and an attention to detail.

  • Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

    By following this field service technician CV example, you can create a stronger CV. You should also review the following simple writing tips before starting writing.

    • Keep your summary brief. It is supposed to act as a hook that catches readers’ attention, but does not take too long or distract from the rest of the CV. Aim for four to six lines.
    • Include as much information in your experiences section as possible. This is the area to fit in more information about your capabilities and acquired skills. It should also be in past tense, except for your current position.
    • Specific metrics are a good way to strengthen your CV and give employers a better idea of what you are capable of.
    • Your CV should include a bit more personal information than a resume would, although you should not include anything unprofessional, such as your political or religious views.

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