Software Developer CV Example

When your career is on the line, you need to represent yourself with a truly standout CV. In a competitive job market, a CV that distinguishes you from the rest of the applicants is the best tool you can have. It is important to invest the time and effort you need to bring your job application up to par. While this may seem an intimidating task, having the right help can streamline the process for you. As a starting point, our software developer CV example shows you the proper way to structure and format your own CV. Continue to read the accompanying writing advice for more ideas on what information to include in your CV.

Tips for Writing Your
Software Developer CV

  • Software Developer Overview

    To get the job you want, you need to convince employers that you have the right qualifications. Your CV is the face you present to potential employers, so you want to be sure that it makes the impression you need it to. Software developers are highly trained professionals who need to meet a variety of requirements. In addition to having a broad range of technical skills, developers need to be highly creative in order to come up with results that embody the client’s vision while functioning at an optimal level. Developers also meet with clients or colleagues in other departments to define their needs and explain options. Another important characteristic is the ability to work under pressure, deal with unpredictability and meet tight deadlines. Patience is also essential to thorough testing to ensure error-free operation. Our software developer CV example showcases the applicant’s accomplishments with a view to emphasizing important qualities that employers look for in software developers.

  • Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Software Developer CV

    The top requirements for software developers involve technical proficiency and experience. While many employers are asking for computer science degrees, many will prioritize practical know-how over formal education. The applicant in our software developer CV example has an advanced computer science degree. If you do not have a similar background, emphasize the skills you have gained through practical experience. Many qualified developers acquire significant programming skills through learning and practicing outside a formal educational framework. Don’t forget to include non-technical skills as well. Developers should be great communicators who can listen to users and understand their needs, as well as explain available solutions. Another desirable quality is the ability to focus and keep calm under pressure. Developers may have to work on several major projects at once. Things do not always go as planned. Employers want reliable developers who can deliver great results even when conditions are tough.

  • Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

    Your own particulars probably differ from those of the applicant in our software developer CV example. The following tips offer some general advice on how to create a great CV.

    • Do your research on potential employers and make sure you adhere to their particular requirements. In addition to reading the job posting carefully, learn about the workplace culture at the company you are applying to. This will help you highlight the right qualities that will get hiring managers to notice your CV.
    • Avoid negative language about prior employers, coworkers or clients. A positive, can-do attitude will never steer you wrong. On the other hand, even extremely justified negativity will unavoidably reflect poorly on you. If you want to bring up accomplishments that include fixing another person’s serious mistake, do your best to frame it in a way that avoids casting the other person in a negative light.
    • Do not include information on high school education unless it is your last educational experience. You should also leave out high school and college GPA unless you are a new graduate.
    • Another item to leave off your CV is job experience that is more than 10 years old, unless it is highly relevant.
    • Ultimately, you should know the rules for writing your CV, but you should also use your judgment and knowledge of specific employers when making your decision as to what information you want the potential employer to have.

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