Writing A Web Developer Recommendation Letter

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When it comes to crafting a recommendation letter, the key is to understandan employer’s expectations. Recommendation letters have a specific formatting and detailed requirements, and people often fail to research or understand them. For a web developer recommendation letter employers want to see what this person has truly accomplished, and if done well, it can provide a huge boost to a job application.

Josue Ortega

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Felicity Weeks,

I am writing this letter to recommend Mark Halberg for the position of web developer at your company. Mark worked for my web services company for nearly ten years, and he was routinely throughout that time the most creative and capable web developers we had. He had a fantastic eye for unique designs, and was able to implement some of the best strategies our company had.

Mark developed software platforms, UI design and development, and web page design and development. He played a significant role, often, in developing and implementing overall web strategies, and dealt with the details along with the bigger picture. His coding was excellent and his designs were unique and innovative, so clients were always happy.

A huge part of Mark’s job with us was coordinating interdepartmentally to facilitate the completion of company-wide goals through web development. He was always thoughtful and considerate, an excellent team player who can also work independently and do a fantastic job. Mark can seemingly do anything, so he’s very highly recommended.


Ian Mason

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