Writing A Staff Accountant Recommendation Letter

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A recommendation can be a tremendously valuable thing when you’re trying to get a job, but the tricky part is having the knowledge and skills to write one that is high quality. You want to expand on what employers already know about this person, give them something new and intriguing that will help their decision. If you can do this with the staff accountant recommendation letter then that person’s chances of getting the job go way up.

Jameson Gould

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Felicity Weeks,

I am writing this letter to recommend Felicia Miller for the position of staff accountant at your business. Felicia served as the staff accountant at my manufacturing business for nearly seven years, and in that time she consistently proved to be an employee of the highest quality. Hard working, efficient and dedicated, she can handle almost anything.

Felicia was tasked with producing and processing invoices and bills, reconciling accounts, reviewing statements, producing budget and expenditure reports, and other finance related tasks. The job required a high level of organization and efficiency, and Felicia always met the highest standards, working quickly and getting the best results.

The most important thing for an accountant is to be accurate and reliable, and Felicia almost never made mistakes or missed a day of work. Her intricate knowledge of finance and budgeting were tremendous help, and her work ethic ensured she was indispensable at our company, so I recommend her highly.


Pete Campbell

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