Speech Language Pathologist Recommendation Letter

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Individuals born with great language skills can help those struggling with speech impediments. The Speech Language Pathologist Recommendation Letter can discuss the skills, traits and knowledge of a job applicant. Generally, women are better know for superior communication skills – they use both sides of their brains while conversing. The author of the recommendation should describe his or her relationship to the applicant.

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Felicity Weeks,

I highly recommend Felicia Townsend for the Speaking Comfortably Clinic position of Speech Language Pathologist. She is a great speaker and listener. She has just completed her studies at the Mississippi River Community College with a Bachelors in Speech. She is very caring and good with children. I was one of Felicia’s professors.

Felicia has a natural ear for speech problems. She grew up with a sister with a speech impediment. Felicia knows ten languages, including sign language. She would be a great addition to your staff. She has excelled in all of her classes at Mississippi River Community College making the Dean’s List.

The specialty of Felicia is identifying Psychological Disorders based on Speech impediments. Certain people have undergone severe distress and have developed problems due to their psychological coping mechanisms. Felicia is caring and understands the physics of the vocal cords making sound. Felicia would be a great Speech Language Pathologist.


Shirley Tate

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