Writing A Software Engineer Recommendation Letter

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One should approach writing the recommendation letter like they did writing an essay in school: it’s about making claims, and then providing evidence. Each of these elements is critically important, as on the one hand employers are looking for personal opinions, but on the other are also interested in hands on results. The best software engineer recommendation letters are able to walk this line and communicate both.

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Felicity Weeks,

I am writing this letter to recommend Ryan Markson for the position of software engineer at your business. Ryan was a resident software engineer at my computing business for over five years, and his skills and knowledge were unparalleled. Along with that, however, he brought an energy and dependability that made him crucial to our company.

Ryan was tasked with finding software solutions and implementing workflow processes by assessing operational capability, troubleshooting and diagnostics, designing and calibrating system specifications, analyzing system processes, and other related duties. His overall duty was to streamline software processes and allow for efficient information flow and retrieval, and he did an excellent job in managing and improving our systems consistently.

Ryan also did an excellent job in staying up to date on software developments and thus finding new solutions. He had the most extensive and diverse knowledge of software at our company, and others even sought him out for advice. A reliable and highly capable employee, I can’t recommend him highly enough.


Dennis Clark

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