Perioperative Nurse Recommendation Letter

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Perioperative nursing is a critical and in-demand field that requires a high level of skill and experience. A perioperative nurse recommendation letter is the ideal way to let someone else speak for your skills and expertise. A previous employer or teacher is the ideal person to write a recommendation letter as they can vouch for your past performance best.

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Felicity Weeks,

As a supervising Registered Nurse in the Waldorf Hospital surgical ward, I am writing to recommend Dana Bridges for a promotion to perioperative nurse. Dana has worked for me as a perioperative nursing assistant for the past three years and has recently graduated with her advanced degree with full honors.

In the years I have spent supervising Dana’s performance, I have been impressed with her ability to conduct herself professionally and calmly in high pressure situations. Even during difficult procedures, Dana maintains a level head and carries out her duties flawlessly, which helps things go smoothly for the rest of the surgical team. She is a team player and works well with the various personalities in the operating room.

Dana has also impressed my team with her attention to detail and has pointed out errors before they could become problems on multiple occasions. It is this level of focus and professionalism that gives me confidence in Dana’s ability to perform equally well as a perioperative nurse.


Linda Rogers

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