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The hiring process benefits from as much input as possible. While rote statistics, sales figures and skill sets are derminant factors, a passionate recommendate letter provides the qualitative viewpoint employers are looking for. The Home Health Aide Recommendation Letter can help with a new hire or promotion by offering a more personal review of an applicant’s attributes.

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Felicity Weeks,

This is a recommendation for Susan Selsby for the open Home Health Aide position. I have supervised Susan for five years now and believe that she is ready to take on the role of a full Home Health Aide with your Heartland Senior Care Home.

Susan Selsby is hard-working, has all of the requisite medical knowledge and caring required to be a great Home Health Aide. We have worked for years together and I have seen her service to our patients first hand. She is always very curious and willing to ask the tough questions of all medical staff. Her active mind makes her very adept at problem-solving.

Her specialty is bathing, moving and feeding clients. She has a great attention-to-detail and is can lift more than 200 pounds. She also has a license for driving a small bus. I know that Susan Selsby would be a great addition to your staff.


Felicity Monk,

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