Writing A Certified Nursing Assistant Recommendation Letter

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The most important thing to remember when writing a recommendation letter is that you want to do more than simply reiterate what has already been said in the resume. What you want is to develop something that will show the employer something new, something that will really influence their decision. It can be tough to accomplish this, but if you know how to construct a certified nursing assistant recommendation letter then you’re well on your way.

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Felicity Weeks,

I am writing this letter to recommend Nancy Hillman for the position of certified nursing assistant at your medical institution. Nancy worked on a nursing team at my hospital for nearly six years, and I was more than satisfied with her performance throughout that time. Reliable, responsible, efficient and teamwork oriented, I’m confident Nancy will be a great addition to your team as well.

Nancy worked with preparing and sterilizing the room and equipment, organizing and retrieving medical tools and equipment, administered care, conducted tests, and assisted patients in various other ways. She would pledge to help in various areas, even ones that weren’t her responsibility, and her care for the patients was very evident.

Nancy had the drive and passion to be there every day and always do a great job, and the nursing team was always pleased to work with her as well. More than competent, Nancy was trustworthy and effective as a nursing assistant, and I’m sure she will be at your institution also.


Jennifer Kroll

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