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For every project manager position that’s advertised, there are a lot of applicants. That’s why your resume is so critical to ensuring that a prospective employer takes you seriously. A way that can help you to write a successful document is to use our project manager resume template for Word. It will help guide you with examples and tips so that you get all your information across in the best way possible. Successful resumes, as shown in the template, include a summary statement, skills, work history and education, getting the pertinent information across in a way that’s easy to read..

Project Manager Resume Sample

Writing Your Summary Statement

A prospective employer will typically start reviewing your resume by reading the summary statement. It’s a way for you to shine, so that the reader will want to continue on to the rest of the document.

Your summary should include some of the key skills listed in the job posting, as well as how you fit the position. You want to include around three main points, either in bullet point form or in a paragraph. Here are some things that you should include.

  • The years of experience you have in the field

  • Some of the abilities that are pertinent to the position

  • How your personal skills are a fit

Summary statements like these are written to get an employer to continue reading about you.

  • Information technology project manager with eight years of experience

  • Strict adherence to budget and time requirements

  • Successfully created buy-in for new team approach to projects

Project manager in sustainable energy field for five years. Completed all projects within the allotted budget and time constraints. Brought a dysfunctional team to work together successfully and positively.

  • Project manager with four years’ experience in information technology

  • Brought all projects in under budget and before due date

  • Excellent knowledge of various project management software platforms

Six years of project management experience in gaming technology. Part of team taking award-winning games from development phase to shelves in record time and under budget. Developed system of successful project management with remote staff.

By using our project manager resume template for Word, you can develop a summary that is sure to get you called for an interview.

Writing Your Skills Section

When it comes to the skills section, you need to include the types of skills that are required for the specific job as advertised, as well as those that your career typically needs. Listing your abilities as bullet points will make them easy to read and access. As you can see in the project manager resume template for Word, it’s best to put this section before your actual job history so that it will catch the reader’s eye. Here are some additional tips.

  • Put the most important assets first

  • Use action verbs to make you appear more vibrant

  • Include only those skills that are necessary for the position

Following are some of the most important skills that a project manager should have and that you might consider for this section.

  • Ability to manage a diverse team

  • Adherence to budget and deadlines

  • Breaking down projects into deliverables and tracking them

  • Effective problem resolution

  • Expertise with project management software

Writing Your Work History Section

The two prior steps are meant to entice the reader into wanting to know more about you. The work history section is where you are able to give more details about your experience, painting a picture of what a great fit for the position you are. Include any special achievements as they apply. Use these suggestions, along with the project manager resume template for Word, to be sure that the work history section in your resume is outstanding.

  • List your past experience in order, starting with the last or current position

  • Use wording that references the job posting, such as specific abilities requested

  • Include accomplishments along with your job duties and responsibilities

Following are some examples of things that might be included in a project manager work history.

  • Delivered all projects within budget and time constraints

  • Instituted use of new project management software that improved tracking company-wide

  • Managed communication between department heads, project team and outside consultants

  • Established college intern program to add staff to project teams at a lower cost

Writing Your Education Section

Unless you’ve only recently graduated, your education section should follow your work history. You want a prospective employer to be able to find this information easily and quickly. If you have any training, certificates or coursework that is relevant, they can also be included in this section as you fill in the project manager resume template for Word. These tips are useful for make writing this section easy.

  • List your education with the most advanced level first

  • Courses or degrees at the same level should be listed chronologically

  • Don’t list your high school unless you just graduated

Following is an example education section:

Bachelor of Science: Management of IT Systems Ð 2010

SUNY Ð Stonybrook, NY

Courses included: Project management, database design, systems analysis

Seminars: Project management and team building Ð July 2009, Institute of Technology Management Ð Nassau, NY

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