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UI developers are hugely important to the process of designing and developing mobile and web applications. They must be familiar with the use and implementation of frameworks like AngularJS, React JS, AJAX, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Since the number of web developers and digital interface designers is expected to increase by another 11% by 2028, our UI Developer resume example can give you the edge you’ll need. Our professionally written content gives you a clear idea of how to craft your resume in a way that puts you at the forefront of these cutting-edge industries.


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What is a UI Developer ?

UI developers are responsible for the look and feel of a website or a web application. They create designs and software interfaces meant to be simple and intuitive to the average user. The job requires strong design skills in order to make web pages and applications appealing and engaging to users.

UI developers should possess sharp analytical skills and the ability to collaborate with other UX developers for streamlined results. Apart from having great technical skills, they must also be able to interpret human behavior. The average salary for web and digital interface designers, a common type of UI developer, is $51,845.

What Makes This a Great
UI Developer Resume Example?

Our UI developer resume sample is crafted by our team of certified, professional resume writers. They conduct thorough research about each industry before writing a resume for any particular job title. Here’s how you can take advantage of our expertly written resume examples:

  • Each is written by a professional:Our resume examples use pre-written content provided by our certified experts to show exactly which industry-relevant phrases and skills recruiters look for. You can use these as guides to craft your resume, and our Resume Builder for even more professional writing guidance.
  • Learn to pick the strongest resume format: UI developers should choose their resume format based on their level of experience. The above example, which paints the picture of an applicant with only a moderate amount of experience, uses a combination format to focus equally on skills and experience. A more experienced professional might opt for a chronological format, which strongly emphasizes long-term work history.
  • Learn to pick the right resume template:UI developers are in demand across various industries, but especially so in the software industry. The template you choose should not only clearly display your achievements but also be industry-appropriate. Our Resume Builder offers a diverse selection to match anyone’s skills, job title and industry.

3 UI Developer Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary is the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager will read on your resume. This is the best section to briefly and compellingly summarize your career highlights to wow the recruiter right away. This is why our resume builder generates customizable professional summaries pre-written by professionals.

Here are three examples of professional summaries the builder may offer for a UI developer resume:

  1. UI developer with over five years of experience developing applications for Android and iOS as a part of three international teams. Certified expert in various software frameworks. Exceptional record delivering profitable projects.
  2. Professional UI developer with 10 years of experience building mobile and desktop applications. Twice received “best performance” award for outstanding contribution to delivered projects. Efficient in performance optimizer and developer of reusable elements.
  3. UI developer with over 12 years of experience. Possess SDLC mastery and basic-to-expert proficiency in five programming languages, including Java and Ruby. Efficient manager with excellent communication skills. Perfect track record meeting project delivery deadlines.

3 UI Developer Work Experience Examples

Our UI developer resume example helps candidates analyze what industries look for. It  demonstrates how work experience sections describe significant contributions made to all organizations one has worked for. Our Resume Builder then offers additional suggestions to help you impress within your industry.

Here are three work experience examples we’d recommend for UI developer resumes:

  1. Developed a dozen responsive websites that function on all devices; utilized mastery of design principles and Bootstrap framework.
  2. Analyze and understand client requirements individually and with a team of four engineers. Assign roles to individuals based on their skills and experience.
  3. Design websites with graphic designers, test websites on multiple browsers, organize meetings and perform maintenance on five already-live products.

Top Skills for Your UI Developer Resume

Recruiters use applicant tracking software (ATS) to filter out some resumes before even looking at them. With our Resume Builder, add recommended skills to optimize your resume to easily pass through an ATS.

Here are a handful of hard and soft skills you might list on your UI developer resume:

Hard Skills

  • JavaScript
  • API integration
  • Designing for desktop and mobile
  • Certified in Python and Ruby scripting 

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Excel under pressure
  • Problem-solving

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UI Developer FAQs

What are the biggest challenges for a UI developer?

An entry-level or experienced UI developer can both face a range of challenges in their work. Some of the challenges are understanding MVC architecture, getting familiar with new frameworks, and continually changing technologies and browser standards. Throughout their careers, they are expected to follow design best practices and always meet client expectations.

How is a UX designer different from a UI developer?

UX means “user experience,” while UI refers to the “user interface.” UX designers focus more on human behavior to understand user needs and develop design solutions accordingly. UI developers focus more on users’ visual experience as they navigate software applications.