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Is landing a position as an IT manager the ideal next step in your career path? This type of role is well-suited for people who value good working conditions, supportive management and achievement. LiveCareer’s IT manager resume examples provide guidance and inspiration to show you how to write, design and format a resume that will help you land the role you want.


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What is a IT Manager?

IT managers are professionals who lead a company or facility’s information technology operations. They are responsible for the performance of their organization’s electronic networks by selecting and implementing hardware and software solutions. They may also provide support for the company’s computer systems. Depending on the size of the organization, the IT manager may be the most senior IT professional or may report to a CIO, IT director or similar executive. About half of all computer and information systems manager jobs require a bachelor’s degree. Another 14% require a master’s degree.

What Makes This a Great
IT Manager Resume Example?

LiveCareer helps professionals like you earn their ideal jobs. If you want to work as an IT manager, you need to have a compelling resume. Our IT manager resume examples show you what an effective document looks like. Here are a few ways that our examples can benefit your job search:

  • Job-title specific content: Craft a better resume by studying our professionally-written resume content. Our resume examples show you how to incorporate sought-after keywords and phrases, such as “highly skilled in network and system maintenance as well as staff growth, management and mentoring,” into your document. Or, for pre-written text suggestions for every section of your resume, use our Resume Builder.
  • Identifying the best resume format: Choose a resume format that highlights your most noteworthy qualifications. In the example above, the job seeker chose a chronological resume format, which shows off this applicant’s strong work history. We also offer combination and functional formats for less experienced candidates.
  • Examples of template options: Select a resume design that fits the organization and position to which you are applying. The “professional” template in the example above is a traditional design with a twist — red highlights for a pop of color. This professional but striking look is a great choice for many IT manager positions.

3 IT Manager Professional Summary Examples

Show hiring managers that you are the right candidate for the job with a persuasive professional summary. Include metrics such as years of experience, network scale and more. LiveCareer’s IT manager resume examples offer effective professional summaries for inspiration. Or, write your own using our Resume Builder. Here are three examples of IT manager professional summaries that you could craft using our builder:

  1. Knowledgeable IT manager with over 10 years of experience administering networks in offices of 100+ people. In-depth understanding of the networking and security needs of modern businesses. Capable team leader with an eye for detail.
  2. Veteran IT manager who has supported businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 brands over the past eight years. Hardworking professional with experience using agile and continuous integration methodologies. Proven track record of implementing reliable and high-performing technologies.
  3. Dedicated IT manager with five years of experience in network administration. Strong understanding of both technologies and interpersonal aspects of IT. Fast-learning professional who always strives to master and evaluate the latest techniques and tools.

3 IT Manager Work Experience Examples

Tell your professional story by describing major responsibilities and achievements from your work history. This is an opportunity to set yourself apart from other applicants. LiveCareer’s IT manager resume examples feature suggestions you can copy as-is or modify using your own metrics. Check out three work history bullet points for IT managers:

  1. Assessed network infrastructure and planned enhancements to security and reliability.
  2. Ensured up to 20 escalated service requests monthly received prompt and accurate attention in accordance with SLA.
  3. Managed a team of five in implementing continuous integration techniques to minimize outages and reduce bugs in production.

Top Skills for Your IT Manager Resume

Employers are looking for IT manager applicants with valuable and unique skills. LiveCareer’s resume examples can help you to identify your most noteworthy abilities. Use our Resume Builder to add your own or mix and match with our recommendations. These are a few examples of in-demand hard and soft skills for IT managers:

Hard Skills

  • Network architecture
  • NoSQL
  • LAMP stacks
  • Jira

Soft Skills

  • Team leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Organization
  • Task ordering

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IT Manager FAQs

What is the role of IT manager?

The role of an IT manager is to oversee and manage the network and other computer systems of an organization. This position is responsible for the reliable operation of those information technology assets. Additionally, the IT manager may direct other IT professionals working within the department. In many cases, people in this role are also expected to communicate with senior managers.

How much does an IT manager make an hour?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly pay of a computer and information systems manager (this category includes IT managers) was $70.37 in May 2019. This is equivalent to a median annual wage of $146,360, which is significantly greater than the median annual wage of all professions in 2019 ($39,810).

What qualifications do you need to be an IT manager?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that a bachelor’s degree is the most common entry-level education for people in roles like IT manager. Common fields of study include programming, software development, mathematics and management information systems. Additionally, IT managers typically need at least a few years of practical experience in the IT field.