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The Java programming language is one of the top most-used programming languages worldwide. Android devices, web servers, desktop applications and more use this language, which has had consistent updates and maintenance for over two decades. Java developers will always be in demand, but in a competitive job market it’s important for job seekers to have a strong resume that packages their skills and experience favorably. LiveCareer’s java developer resume examples are designed to show you exactly what recruiters look for in these types of resumes.


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What Is a Java Developer?

Java developers create and maintain applications that run on desktop computers, web servers and Android devices. They may work on various stages of the application’s development alone or with a team doing bug fixing, UI designing, project leading and/or back-end implementation. Java is the most used programming language according to the TIOBE index, due in part to its ability to run on any platform. This means businesses and companies are always seeking talented developers to keep their company’s products and services competitive.

What Makes This a Great
Java Developer Resume Example?

When it comes to finding and getting the developer position you want, a strong resume is a vital part of the process. If you are starting a resume from scratch or updating your current document, LiveCareer’s Java developer resume examples can assist you in making an effective document. Here is how our examples can help:

  • Identifying the right content: Java developers are specialized workers in their field, which means employers are looking for specific skills indicated by particular keywords and phrases on their resume. Our resume examples show you the language recruiters look for in a resume. Or, use our builder, which offers pre-written resume content crafted by our team of certified resume writers for each section of your resume.
  • Deciding on the best format: The right resume format for you depends on your experience and qualifications. Our examples can help you choose between a skills-focused functional resume, an experience-focused chronological resume or, like the example above, a combination resume format that both showcases the job seeker’s experience and highlights his skills.
  • Choosing the right resume templates: Choose a template that is appropriate for the different roles and companies to which you are applying. This example offers a little pop of yellow and a font with character, which would be most appropriate for a role in a casual or creative environment like tech or advertising. For more conservative environments, our builder will recommend more traditional resume templates.

3 Java Developer Professional Summaries Examples

A professional summary is a great way to contextualize your resume and demonstrate your goals to a potential employer. If you need ideas or an example to work with, our builder can provide customized samples. Certified resume writers compose our professional summaries for your use, allowing you to customize them to add your unique skills and metrics.

Here are three potential summaries our builder could recommend for a Java developer:

  1. Expert Java developer with five-years of experience shipping production-ready code. Team player with the ability to work independently or in collaboration. Specialized in application prototyping and design.
  2. Seasoned Java developer with full-stack experience in the Spring framework. Proven ability to ship production-ready applications. Passionate about writing readable, maintainable code. Experience managing a team of three employees.
  3. Java developer skilled at creating excellent user experiences. Three years of experience working on web applications. Proven ability to add and update functionality from customer and supervisor feedback.

3 Java Developer Work Experience Section Examples

For Java developers, it is essential to use strong verbs that accurately and strongly present their work experience. Writing concise and effective summaries is not easy — employers want to see the impact your work has had, not a list of job duties. LiveCareer’s Resume Builder can help. You can customize our pre-written content for Java developers and add metrics to your resume work experience section.

Check out these examples from our builder:

  1. Determined coding requirements for site creation, including e-commerce capability and specialized scripts.
  2. Worked with a quality assurance team to set up scripts, test case and automation protocols.
  3. Adjusted software parameters to boost performance and incorporate new features.


Top Skills for Your Java Developer Resume

Potential employers covet specific skill sets in Java developers, and the easiest way for them to verify your abilities is by scanning your resume for the skills required for the role. Our builder can help ensure that you include the right skills and keywords for the role you are applying to with suggestions such as the following:

Hard Skills

  • Process improvements
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Maintaining applications
  • Updating software

Soft Skills

  • Team leadership
  • Self-teaching
  • Active listening
  • Feedback implementation

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Java Developer FAQs

What is the job profile of a Java developer?

Entry-level jobs may require one to three years of experience. Depending on the employer, a position may require a bachelor’s degree in computer science. More experienced Java developers can specialize in different areas depending on the company and their goals. Employers may value knowledge of SQL or NoSQL databases, Linux, servers, writing tests, computer architecture, startups and more. All Java developers should have a deep knowledge of the language.

What are the roles and responsibilities of Java developers?

The core functions of a Java developer are writing and analyzing code. They must be able to troubleshoot and debug issues, run tests, resolve security flaws, update infrastructure and stay informed about best practices. Depending on their role they may also contribute to the documentation of the program or API. Developers may perform these functions as part of a team or independently.

What is a Java developer salary?

The average salary for a Java developer in 2020 is $79,137 per year. Entry-level salaries may start as low as $60,000, with the upper range for senior developers climbing over $117,000. Salaries also vary by location and company as well as role, with the highest-paying titles being lead Java developer or senior Java developer.