Create a Winning Document With our Accounting Manager Resume Template for Word

Step 1: Writing Your Summary Statement

Your summary statement is a powerful branding tool you can use to send a message to hiring personnel that you’re the best fit for the position. As the first section hiring managers read, it is your opportunity to market yourself by incorporating various keywords, phrases, and qualifications from the job description into a strong summary statement.

Craft your statement using no more than three sentences or bullets to ensure it is brief but effective. Also, make sure to include the following information:

• Professional title
•Two to three qualifications
• Particular achievements or qualifications

Using the accounting manager resume template for Word can help you create an intriguing summary. Here are a few examples of well-written summary statements:

Dedicated accounting manager with 15 years of experience in risk and budget analysis, corporate accounting, and payroll administration. Expertise also includes extensive work in accounts payables and receivables, financial reporting, collections, and auditing.

Accounting manager with more than seven years’ experience in multiple aspects of financial reporting, accounting management, project management, and internal and external auditing procedures. Strong organizational, supervisory, and computer skills.

Hard working accounting manager with a proven ability to build relationships, maximize profits, identify new business opportunities, and generate revenue. Maintains an excellent team spirit and liaises effectively with financial business partners.

Accounting Manager:

• Over 15 years’ experience in the accounting and financial industries
• Proactive and implemental approach to problem-solving
• Effectively engages stakeholders to achieve positive results consistently

Step 2: Writing Your Skills Section

Include a list of the top qualifications you possess that are relevant to the job posting in the skills section of your resume. This area is a great place to show employers how well your skill set aligns with those they require for the job with just a quick scan. Draft a skills section that will interest potential employers with the accounting manager resume template for Word. Here are some tips on how to approach this section:

•List your most relevant talents first.
•Keep these points general.
•Include five to seven skills that relate to the posting.

Following is a list of top skills required for accounting manager positions that you should consider including in your resume:

•Highly analytical with a keen eye for analyzing figures and numbers
•Excellent verbal and written communication skills
•Detail-oriented with superior attention to detail
•Proficient in a variety of software applications
•Proactive self-starter with a strong ability to motivate team members

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Step 3: Writing Your Work History Section

The work history section is where you will provide very brief descriptions of your previous jobs and experiences. It is the area where you want to concentrate on your career achievements and recognitions. Use these writing tips with the accompanying accounting manager resume template for Word to ensure your work history section stands out from all the other applications.

•List five to eight bullet points for each job.
•Use metrics to show specific results.
•Include action verbs to describe accomplishments.
•Borrow phrases and keywords from the job description.
•Add company name, location, job title, and duration.

Here are some examples of how an accounting manager job description for the work history section should be written:

•Recruited, trained, and supervised accounting clerks to streamline and increase productivity by 25 percent.
•Performed complex account analyses, balance sheet reconciliations, and journal entries.
•Reduced accounts receivables invoices due from more than $500,000 to less than $100,000 in under one year.
•Managed accounting operations and executed accounts receivable reporting enhancement to integrate and streamline new software and processes.

Step 4: Writing Your Education Section

You should communicate your educational background quickly and directly to hiring managers like in our accounting manager resume template for Word. Following are a few best practices for this section:

•Start with your highest level of education.
•Leave off your GPA unless you are a recent graduate.
•Include relevant education, such as certifications, training, or seminars.

Here are a few examples of the education section of an accounting manager resume.

Example 1:

Bachelor of Business Administration – 2014
University of Texas, Arlington – Arlington, TX
Courses included: Marketing, organizational behavior, and accounting information systems

Example 2:

Master of Business Administration – 2008
Kent State University – Kent, OH
Courses included: Financial accounting, statistics, and business ethics

Bachelor of Science, Accounting – 2004
Ohio State University – Columbus, OH
Courses included: Business communications, principles of accounting, and decision making

Certification: Certified Public Accountant – 2009
American Institute of Certified Public Accounts
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