Create a Winning Document With Our Account Manager Resume Template for Word

Step 1: Writing Your Summary Statement

The summary statement is often the first thing a prospective employer will read and may be what makes them continue on to the rest of your resume. Therefore, it has to be intriguing enough to get the person thinking you might be a good fit right way.

This section should be short, listing just three to four bullet points or thoughts within a paragraph. You can use this statement to list skills you have that are relevant to the specific position advertised. Things to include are:

• The number of years of experience you have in this type of position
• Some of your skills that pertain to the job
• Personality traits that make you successful in this career

Here are some sample summary statements designed to get an employer’s attention.

Account manager with five years’ experience in advertising. Excellent interpersonal skills for troubleshooting issues between agency and clients. Proven track record in assisting sales in new client acquisition.

• Account manager with four years’ experience in graphic design firm
• Excellent adherence to budget and time restrictions
• Adept at satisfying clients as well as creating good team dynamics with design team

Seven years of account manager experience in a national advertising agency. Excellent attention to detail, including time and budget constraints. Positive attitude that always seeks to satisfy clients.

Account manager with three years of experience in busy copywriting company. Excellent time management and organizational skills to keep team on track. Great diplomatic skills to help answer client needs while not promising the impossible.

Use this account manager resume template for Word to write the best summary possible, ensuring that the reader will continue on to the rest of your resume.

Step 2: Writing Your Skills Section

In the skills section you will make a concise list of the primary skills you have that are pertinent to the job you are applying to. It’s a good idea to use bullet points so that the information is easy to find. You’ll want to put this before your work history, just like it is organized in the account manager resume template for Word. By reading your summary and skills, a potential employer will already have a good idea of whether it’s worth continuing on to your experience. In this section, you will want to:

• List no more than seven bullet points
• Arrange the skills beginning with the most important ones first
• Keep the entries concise and to the point

Some of the skills looked for in an account manager that you might include here are:

• Excellent communication skills, written and verbal, as well as knowledge of media
• Great interpersonal skills for both client and staff interaction
• Skilled in work flow management and adherence to deadlines
• Ability to work within budget
• Closing skills in gaining new clients

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Step 3: Writing Your Work History Section

All the information prior to this point assists prospective employers in getting a quick idea of your skill set and if it might be a match. It’s designed to get them interested enough to read about you in more detail. This is where your work history comes in. Taking the account manager resume template for Word as a good starting point, you will fill in your experience and add your accomplishments as they fit the job description. Here are some key tips to keep in mind as you write this section.

• Try not to use the same words repeatedly
• Put your most recent position first
• If possible, use quantifiable results or achievements
• Add between five and eight points within each job listed

Following are some samples of what you might include in your work history:

• Increased client base by 10 percent each year with the company
• Led four award-winning campaigns to completion
• Go-to account manager for the most troublesome clients
• Brought each campaign in on time and under budget

Step 4: Writing Your Education Section

The only time your education should come first is if you recently graduated and have little or no work experience. Otherwise, it will follow after the work history section, as you will see in the account manager resume template for Word. Here is some advice for writing this section.

• Include any certificate, trainings or professional development courses
• You can omit the date if it will reveal a gap in time in your resume
• If you are still taking the program listed, write that you are in progress

A typical education section might look like these samples:

Example 1:

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration – 2010
UCLA – Los Angeles, CA
Courses included: Marketing, advertising, communications, project management

Example 2:

Bachelor of Science: Advertising – 2008
USC – Los Angeles, CA
Courses included: Advertising, promotion, marketing, brand management

Certificate: Graphic design and multimedia – 2006
California Institute of Design – Burbank, CA
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