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Internships introduce students finishing their education and recent graduates to the professional world. In order to be selected for these competitive positions, it is often necessary to produce a resume that clearly shows why you are the best applicant. Our internship resume template for Word demonstrates how you might format your resume. You may also want to refer to the following tips and examples for each resume section, from the summary statement to skills, work experience, and education.

Copywriter Internship Example Resume

Writing Your Summary Statement

A strong summary statement should emphasize your most relevant skills, experience, and educational achievements. This section is also a perfect place to include keywords or phrases from the job description to immediately indicate that you could be a great fit for the position.

Summary statements should be written as a series of claims, which do not need to be complete sentences. This section may be formatted using bullet points. It is generally a good idea to keep this section skimmable by including no more than three points. For an internship resume, these might include

  • Your academic major or area of focus

  • Accomplishments or hard skills applicable to the internship

  • Soft skills related to personal character

Take a look at our internship resume template for Word and the following examples for ways to make a great first impression in your summary statement.

Example 1

  • Recent graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Counseling

  • Mentored 6 fellow students

  • More than 4 years of volunteer experience with outreach organizations

Example 2

  • Associate of Science in Personal Fitness Training

  • Led weekly workout sessions on campus

  • Wellness Certification from American Fitness Professionals and Associates

Example 3

  • Recent Bachelor of Science in Sociology

  • Regional liaison for international Alpha Kappa Delta honor society

  • Extensive coursework in statistical analysis

Example 4

  • Completing Bachelor of Science in Computer Science this year with a 3.7 GPA

  • Extensive coursework in Data Structures and Complexity Theory

  • Undergraduate member of Algorithms and Complexity Research Group

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section of your resume should be written with the requirements of the internship for which you are applying in mind. Describe relevant skills in a few words or a short phrase without a period at the end. Look for ways to include keywords from the internship description or job posting in this section. Your list of skills should be easily skimmable and formatted using bullet points. Refer to our internship resume template for Word as well as these general guidelines:

  • List approximately 6-8 skills to make this section concise and informative

  • Prioritize skills that are directly applicable to the internship

  • Include both hard and soft skills for a well-rounded presentation of yourself as a candidate

Here are a few general skills that might be useful for getting an internship:

  • Strong work ethic

  • Collaboration and teamwork

  • Verbal and written communication

  • Active listening

  • Familiarity with office software

  • Planning and organization

  • Time management

Writing Your Work History Section

You may not have an extensive amount of work experience if you are applying for an internship. Consider including volunteer work or organizational leadership roles that have given you applicable skills. You might want to look at the work experience section on our internship resume template for Word as you prepare to write your own section. Here are a few tips for composing work history entries suitable for internship applicants:

  • Organize your work history section in reverse chronological order, starting with your current or most recent involvements

  • Clearly emphasize any leadership positions

  • Consider including paid or unpaid work in which you gained or demonstrated useful skills

  • Look for ways to quantify your experience with metrics or figures

The following sample entries are suitable for an internship work history section:

  • Helped Habitat for Humanity build 5 houses

  • Acted as one of three student liaisons to national Society for Military Psychology

  • Increased budget of Donors United student organization by 25% through fundraising

  • Recruited more than 50 members to Advocates of Science

Writing Your Education Section

If you are applying for an internship, you may be a recent graduate or nearing graduation. Be sure to include your degree status or expected date of graduation. Refer to the education section on our internship resume template for Word and the following pointers and examples for writing your section:

  • Start by listing your most recent degree or program in progress and continue backward in time.

  • If you are still in school, list the degree that you are pursuing and the words “in progress” or “anticipated graduation” and the year that you expect to graduate.

  • You might want to provide your GPA if you are still in school or have recently completed a degree.

Example 1

  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Chemistry – 2017

  • University of Denver – Denver, CO

  • Courses included: Quantitative Chemical Analysis, Environmental Toxicology

  • Chapter organizer of National Chemistry Honor Society – 2015-2017

Example 2

  • Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration – 2016

  • Southern New Hampshire University – Manchester, NH

  • Student Representative of American Society for Public Administration – 2016

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