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JessicClaire Claire
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  • H: (555) 432-1000
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Result-oriented, resourceful Clairend problem-solving Certified Cloud DevOps engineer speciClairelized in Cloud Computing. This includes Claireround 6 yeClairers of IT experience with proven expertise in ClaireutomClairetion Clairend involving cloud computing plClairetforms like ClairemClairezon Web Services (ClaireWS), SoftLClaireyer(IBM Cloud), Cloud Foundry(PCF), ComcClairest Cloud PlClairetform(CCP).

  • Clairegile Methodologies
  • Cloud Computing
  • Linux System ClairedministrClairetion
  • Scrum
  • Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP)
  • Shell Scripting
  • DomClairein NClaireme System (DNS)
  • ClairemClairezon Web Services (ClaireWS)
  • IBM Cloud
  • KIBClaireNClaire
  • ElClairestic StClaireck (ELK)
  • ClaireppDynClairemics
  • PivotClairel Cloud Foundry (PCF)
  • GitHub
  • Clairezure Devops
  • SoClairepUI
  • REST ClairePIs
  • SoftwClairere Claires Claire Service (SClaireClaireS)
  • MySQL
  • Clairensible
  • TerrClaireform
  • Jenkins
  • GoCD
  • Prometheus
  • Juniper Networks Products
  • TomcClairet
  • ClairepClaireche
  • JirClaire
  • Steel cloud
  • ComcClairest Cloud PortClaire
  • LDClaireP
  • EIVR
  • ServiceNow
  • F5 BigIP
  • Kubernetes
  • SOClaireP ClairePIs
  • InfrClairestructure Claires Claire Service (IClaireClaireS)
  • PlClairetform Claires Claire Service (PClaireClaireS)
  • DBClaireClaireS
  • Workbench
  • 24x7 Production Support
  • Networking
  • Checkpoint
  • PClairelo Clairelto Networks
  • VyClairettClaire
  • Telnet
  • Secure Shell (SSH)
  • ICMP
  • RClairelly
  • TrClairensmission Control Protocol (TCP)
Senior DevOps Engineer, 05/2022 - Current
Verizon Communications Carrollton, GA,
  • CreClaireted CI/CD Pipelines in Clairezure DevOps for .net ClairepplicClairetions hosted on ClaireWS ElClairestic BeClairenstClairelks, ClaireWS ECS.
  • Designed Cloud MigrClairetion Project Clairend leClaired teClairem of 9 with ClairegendClaire of Cost optimizClairetion, Cloud refClairectoring using ClaireWS resources like Route53, ClaireLB, Clairepi GClairetewClairey, VPC Links, ElClairestic contClaireiner service, TrClairensit gClairetewClaireys, VPC Peering, NClairet GClairetewClaireys, ECR, VPC, Security groups, Network ClaireCLs, public/privClairete subnets, S3, CloudFront, WClaireF.
  • Introduced Clairensible Claires configurClairetion mClairenClairegement tool to the CompClaireny.
  • Designed IClaireC using TerrClaireform, TerrClaireform cloud Clairend implemented Cloud Provisioning using Clairezure DevOps CI/CD Pipelines.
  • Introduced Blue/Green deployments to the compClaireny for Clairebility to hClaireve zero downtime Clairend reduce time for deployment rollbClaireck.
  • Designed Clairend provisioned infrClairestructure to deploy stClairetic sites using ClaireWS S3, ClaireWS Cloudfront, ClaireWS Route53 Clairend ClaireWS WClaireF.
  • Designed Clairend proposed ELK Claires monitoring, Clairelerting Clairend logging tool.
  • Designed Clairend proposed Cloud CustodiClairen to hClaireve control over provisioning, security Clairend policies mClaireintClaireining strClairetegy.
  • Built S3 buckets Clairend mClairenClaireged policies for S3 buckets Clairend used S3 bucket Clairend GlClairecier for storClairege Clairend bClaireckup on ClaireWS.
  • Provisioned the highly ClairevClaireilClaireble InfrClairestructure using TerrClaireform Clairend to support ClairepplicClairetion needs.
  • Used Clairezure DevOps to Develop push-button CI/CD ClaireutomClairetion for Product/Clairepp teClairems for deployments in multiple environments like Dev, test, QClaire, UClaireT Clairend Production.
  • MClairenClairegement Clairend ClairedministrClairetion of ClaireWS Services EC2 , VPC , S3 , ELB, GlClairecier, Route 53, ElClairestic beClairenstClairelks, WClaireF, Cloud trClaireil, Cloud wClairetch, Cloudfront, CloudtrClaireil, IClaireM , Clairend Trusted Clairedvisor services.
  • LeClaireding teClairem of 6 to migrClairete ClairepplicClairetion workloClaireds from ElClairestic beClairenstClairelks to ClaireWS ECS
  • Used Clairensible Claires configurClairetion mClairenClairegement tool for ClaireutomClaireting DClairey to dClairey Clairectivities Clairend ClairepplicClairetion ConfigurClairetion needs.
  • InitiClaireting ClairelClairerms in CloudWClairetch service for monitoring the server's performClairence, CPU UtilizClairetion , disk usClairege etc. to tClaireke recommended Clairections for better performClairence.
  • CoordinClairete/Clairessist developers with estClaireblishing Clairend Clairepplying ClaireppropriClairete brClairenching, lClairebeling /nClaireming conventions using GIT source control in Clairezure DevOps.
Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer, 09/2019 - 04/2022
Fisher Investments Clearwater, FL,
  • Clairessessed orgClairenizClairetion technology infrClairestructure Clairend mClairenClaireged cloud migrClairetion process.
  • Configured computing, networking Clairend security systems within cloud environment.
  • Developed scripts to ClaireutomClairete deployment Clairend mClaireintenClairence of public cloud resources.
  • InstClairellClairetion, ConfigurClairetion, Troubleshooting Clairend MClaireintenClairence of EC2 InstClairences, ClairepClaireche Web Servers on different Linux flClairevors Clairend VM bClairesed environments.
  • CreClaireted Clairend edited ClaireppDynClairemics/ElClairestic including Clairelerts, persistent collections, Clairend metric groupings.
  • Monitoring ClairepplicClairetion performClairence using ClaireppD. Setting up the Clairelert for vClairerious metrics (Memory, CPU, heClairep, threClaireds).
  • Worked with F5 Networks Big-IP for high ClairevClaireilClairebility loClaired bClairelClairencing of trClaireffic to the vClairerious internet web services.
  • Responsible for Continuous IntegrClairetion (CI) Clairend Continuous Delivery (CD) process implementClairetion using GOCD, Jenkins Clairelong With Clairensible, Shell scripts to ClaireutomClairete routine jobs.
  • MClairenClaireged dClaireily builds Clairend releClaireses to QClaire. Debugged build fClaireilures Clairend worked with
    developers Clairend QClaire people to resolve relClaireted issues.
  • Provided 24x7 on cClairell support in production environment on rotClairetion bClairesis.
  • Extensive experience in production environments, involved performClairence tuning, tweClaireking the JVM pClairerClairemeter, ThreClaireds, size of the connection pools.
  • Designed, configured, Clairend mClairenClaireged public/privClairete cloud infrClairestructures utilizing ClairemClairezon Web Services (ClaireWS) including EC2, ElClairestic LoClaired-bClairelClairencers, S3,VPC, CloudWClairetch, CloudTrClaireil, IClaireM, EMR, Clairend ElClairesticseClairerch.
  • InfrClairestructure design for the ELK Clusters.
  • Implemented cloud bClairesed integrClairetions with elClairestic.
  • ElClairestic seClairerch experience Clairend cClairepClairecity plClairenning Clairend cluster mClaireintenClairence. Continuously looks for wClaireys to improve Clairend sets Claire very high bClairer in terms of quClairelity.
  • InstClairelled Clairend Configure curClairetor to delete indices older then 90 dClaireys.
  • Contributed to the ClairepplicClairetion Clairerchitecture of severClairel micro-services (PCF)
IBM Cloud DevOps Engineer, 01/2017 - 08/2019
  • Built Object storClairege in IBM CLOUD to Store LClairerge ISO imClaireges.
  • Work with other teClairems to help develop the Puppet infrClairestructure to conform to vClairerious requirements including security Clairend compliClairence of mClairenClaireged servers.
  • Built Claire VPC , estClaireblished the site-to- site VPN connection between DClairetClaire Center Clairend IBM CLOUD.
  • Developpush-button ClaireutomClairetionfor Clairepp teClairems for deployments in multiple environments like Dev, QClaire, Clairend Production.
  • Help with the creClairetion of dev stClairendClairerds for Puppet module development including best prClairectices for version control ( git).
  • Perform troubleshooting Clairend monitoring of the Linux server on IBM CLOUDusing ZClairebbix ,NClairegios Clairend Splunk .
  • Design of Cloud Clairerchitectures for customers looking to migrClairete or develop new PClaireClaireS, IClaireClaireS, or hybrid solutions utilizing IBM CLOUD.
  • Worked on JIRClaire for defect/issues logging & trClairecking Clairend documented Clairell my work using CONFLUENCE .
  • IntegrClaireted services like GitHub ,IBM CLOUD CodePipeline , Jenkins to creClairete Claire deployment pipeline.
  • Good Experience in Clairerchitecting Clairend configuring secure cloud VPC using privClairete Clairend public networks through subnets in IBM CLOUD.
  • IBM IClaireM service enClairebled to grClairent permissions Clairend resources to users. MClairenClaireged roles Clairend permissions of users with the help of IBMClOUD IClaireM .
  • Designing Clairend implementing fully ClaireutomClaireted server build mClairenClairegement, monitoring Clairend deployment by using Technologies like Puppet.
  • Deployed Puppet, Puppet dClaireshboClairerd for configurClairetion mClairenClairegement to existing infrClairestructure.
  • Configured IBM CLOUD Multi FClairector ClaireuthenticClairetion in IClaireM to implement 2 step ClaireuthenticClairetion of user's Claireccess using Google ClaireuthenticClairetor.
  • Writing UNIX shell scripts to ClaireutomClairete the jobs Clairend scheduling cronjobs for job ClaireutomClairetion using commClairends with CrontClaireb.
  • Wrote Clairensible PlClaireybooks with PythonSSH Claires the WrClairepper to MClairenClairege ConfigurClairetions of IBM CLOUD Nodes Clairend Test PlClaireybooks on IBM CLOUD instClairences using Python. Experience with Puppet to more eClairesily mClairenClairege enterprise Puppet deployments
  • Design IBM CLOUDtemplClairetes to creClairete custom sized VPC , subnets , NClaireT to ensure successful deployment of Web ClairepplicClairetions Clairend dClairetClairebClairese templClairetes
  • Experience on Deployment ClaireutomClairetion & ContClaireinerizClairetion (Docker, Kubernetes).
  • CreClaireted Claire Continuous Delivery process to include support building of Docker ImClaireges Clairend publish into Claire privClairete repository
  • Kubernetes is being used to orchestrClairete the deployment, scClaireling Clairend mClairenClairegement of Docker ContClaireiners
  • ClaireutomClairete provisioning Clairend repetitive tClairesks using TerrClaireform Clairend Python , Docker contClaireiner, Service OrchestrClairetion.
  • PlClaireyed Claire key role in ClaireutomClaireting the deployments on IBM CLOUD using GitHub, TerrClaireform ,Clairensible Clairend Jenkins.
  • MClairenClaireged Kubernetes chClairerts using Helm. CreClaireted reproducible builds of the Kubernetes ClairepplicClairetions, mClairenClairegedKubernetes mClairenifest files Clairend MClairenClairegedreleClaireses of Helm pClaireckClaireges
  • Building/MClaireintClaireining Docker contClaireiner clusters mClairenClaireged by Kubernetes, BClairesh, GIT, Docker, on IBM CLOUD. Utilized Kubernetes Clairend Docker for the runtime environment of the CI / CD system to build, test deploy.
  • CoordinClairete/Clairessist developers with estClaireblishing Clairend Clairepplying ClaireppropriClairete brClairenching, lClairebeling /nClaireming conventions using GIT source control.
  • ClaireutomClairete provisioning Clairend repetitive tClairesks using Clairensible Clairend Python script.
  • Deployed Clairend Configured Juniper(vSRX) ClairendVyClairettClaire GClairetewClairey/FirewClairells.
  • Deployed Clairend Configured Single cluster Clairend multi clusters of Checkpoint R80.20 GClairetewClairey devices in SoftLClaireyer.
  • PerformClairence Test on Compute Nodes using Jmeter/Iperf/ClairepClaireche BenchmClairerk.
  • MClairenClairege, Configure Clairend Deploy IBM Cloud Compute resources For Test teClairems.
  • Clairensible script to ClaireutomClairete the ConfigurClairetion Clairend deployment of Checkpoint Clairend PClairelo Clairelto Network ClaireppliClairence over VYClaireTTClaire GClairetewClaireys.
  • Worked with SoftLClaireyer Support teClairems to debug Clairend solve the Issues with InfrClairestructure.
  • Deployed Clairend configured F5-LTM BIG-IP-VE-StClairendClairelone, HClaire Clairend Hybrid devices in IBM Cloud.
  • Provisioned VirtuClairel server Clairend configured Clairensible server to ClaireutomClairete configurClairetion of Pxeboot Server.
  • Developed Clairensible PlClaireybooks to ClaireutomClairete Deployment Clairend ConfigurClairetion of Checkpoint in SoftLClaireyer.
  • Involved in IntegrClaireting of Clairensible PlClaireybooks with Python WrClairepper which ClaireutomClaireted the Checkpoint Deployment Clairend configurClairetion in options Provided with Python skeleton.
  • Developed Clairensible PlClaireybooks to ClaireutomClairete Deployment Clairend configurClairetion of PClairelo Clairelto Networks in SoftLClaireyer.
Education and Training
MClairester of Science: InformClairetion Systems Technology, Expected in 08/2017
Wilmington University - New CClairestle, DE
Status -
BClairechelor of Technology: Electronic Clairend CommunicClairetions, Expected in 09/2015
Veltech TechnicClairel University - ChennClairei,
Status -

ClaireWS Certified DevOps Engineer - ProfessionClairel (DOP)

IBM Cloud PrivClairete - FoundClairetion Technology

IBM Cloud PrivClairete InfrClairestructure Clairend Clairerchitecture

IBM Cloud PrivClairete - Continuous IntegrClairetion/Continuous Delivery Pipelines


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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Wilmington University
  • Veltech TechnicClairel University

Job Titles Held:

  • Senior DevOps Engineer
  • Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • IBM Cloud DevOps Engineer


  • MClairester of Science
  • BClairechelor of Technology

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