Jessica Claire
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Professional Summary

Talented business leader offering skill in strategic business planning and team development. Skillfully recruit and train employees at all levels to meet customer and business demands. Articulate, forward-thinking and resourceful in meeting unique needs. Determined and responsible [Job Title] with more than [Number] years of success boosting efficiency and streamlining procedures for [Type] groups. Focused on smoothly overseeing financial, personnel and operational facets. Effectively balance targets with resources and optimize long-term success. Astute business management professional with solid history of success in building business from ground up. Solid background maintaining high quality while motivating workers, satisfying customers and meeting demanding production goals. Demonstrated record of achievement acquiring customers, generating revenue and keeping costs under control. Focused on streamlining operations, energizing teams and strengthening business structures to stay agile in face of diverse demands. Business leader familiar with administrative, financial and marketing activities. Manages operations using goal-oriented approach. Well-versed in personnel management, recordkeeping and compliance requirements. Industrious, hardworking and passionate about driving company success. Experienced Proprietor with background handling all aspects of business operations. Gifted relationship-builder, communicator and problem-solver diligent about running day-to-day activities. Offering [Number] years of progressive experience in [Industry]. Strategic [Job Title] with [Number] years of experience leading and overseeing [Type] and [Type] business activities. Strong history of devising precise and targeted business operations plans, managing [Type] areas, reviewing performance and driving change. Forward-thinking leader with expertise in setting goals, quality standards and [Type] initiatives while leading quick and efficient attainment of objectives. Ambitious and results-oriented General Manager with over [Number] years of experience, creating strategic alliances with organizational leaders to effectively align with and support [Type] initiatives. Progress-driven planner adept at building and retaining high-performing teams. Customer-oriented General Manager with [Number] years of experience focused on increasing [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise]. Adaptive and deadline-oriented with capacity to execute and complete multiple projects in high-stress environments. Meticulous leader and strategic planner with comprehensive managerial acumen, offering [Skill] and [Area of expertise]. Executive-level Business Manager and entrepreneur with experience running start-up and emerging companies. Strong technology and product development expertise. Build strategic business relationships and partnerships. Strong drive with excellent interpersonal, communication and team-building skills. Detail-oriented [Job Title] with [Number] years of [Type] experience. Expert in [Type] industry protocols with proven history of leading shifts with excellent guidance and employee leadership. Trained in [Area of expertise] and committed to punctuality. Veteran [Job Title] with top-level skills in [Skill] and [Skill]. Likeable personality and customer-focused background coupled with expertise in [Area of expertise]. Ready to tackle new challenges and build success with exciting organization. Forward-thinking [Job Title] with extensive knowledge of [Area of expertise]. Known for success in [Type] industries and leading [Type] employees to complete [Type] tasks. Dedicated to efficient conflict resolution and excellent [Type] services. Talented professional with expert sales, [Skill] and [Skill] talents. Composed persona known for having excellent drive. Insightful [Job Title] with [Number] years of customer service experience. Enthusiastic [Job Title] with [Number] years of experience planning, leading and improving activities to support successful business operations. Strategic in developing policies, managing staff and [Action]. Focused on motivating staff and working with diverse personality types to drive improvements. Accomplished and creative Executive Manager possessing multifaceted experience and proven ability to re-energize and restructure organizations, develop strategic initiatives and capture emerging business opportunities. Results-oriented, decisive leader adept at forging lucrative relationships with key partners, vendors and clients. Recognized for turning around struggling company operations to achieve sustained growth. Senior [Job Title] and outstanding performer in [Skill] and [Skill] within [Industry]. Proven success in leadership, operational excellence and organizational development with keen understanding of elements of [Type] business. Recognized for inspiring management team members to excel and encouraging creative work environments. Enthusiastic [Job Title] eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Clear understanding of [Task] and [Task] and training in [Skill]. Motivated to learn, grow and excel in [Industry]. Multi-talented [Job Title] consistently rewarded for success in planning and operational improvements. Experience in policy development and staff management procedures positively impacting overall morale and productivity. [Job Title] with over [Number] years of successful experience in [Skill] and [Skill]. Recognized consistently for performance excellence and contributions to success in [Industry] industry. Strengths in [Skill] and [Skill] backed by training in [Area of study]. Experienced [Job Title] with over [Number] years of experience in [Industry]. Excellent reputation for resolving problems, improving customer satisfaction, and driving overall operational improvements. Consistently saved costs while increasing profits.

  • Customer service optimization
  • Service desk team management
  • Customer focused-service
  • Project manager supervision
  • Customer service experience
  • Credit card processing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Service recommendations
  • Complaint resolution
  • Inventory management
  • Delegation
  • Scheduling
  • Staff training/development
  • Employee scheduling
  • Budget development
  • Effective leader
  • Client account management
Work History
05/2014 to 02/2020
Proprietor/Customer Service Manager Spartannash Rogers City, MI,
  • Evaluated suppliers by assessing quality, timeliness and compliance of deliveries to maintain tight cost controls and maximize business operational efficiency.
  • Set, enforced and optimized internal policies to maintain efficiency and responsiveness to demands.
  • Kept all building areas and equipment functional and well-organized to promote business performance.
  • Surpassed revenue objectives year over year through strategic promotional plans.
  • Devised, deployed and monitored processes to boost long-term business success and increase profit levels [Number]%.
  • Established and administered annual budget with effective controls to prevent overages, minimize burn rate and support sustainability objectives.
  • Consulted with customers to assess needs and propose optimal [Product or Service] solutions.
  • Oversaw and improved [Product or Service] deliveries worth over $[Amount] per year through efficient coordination of daily operations.
  • Provided customer service on all accounts and resolved problems.
  • Grew [Type] business from ground up, including developing business plans, hiring all staff and obtaining initial investments.
08/2012 to 11/2016
Assistant Customer Service Manager Blain Supply, Inc. Verona, WI,
  • Conferred with sales team members to evaluate processes and improve integration of after-sales assistance.
  • Monitored and reported on trends in customer interaction to evaluate processes and capitalize on improvement opportunities.
  • Spearheaded training initiatives to keep all customer service team members operating consistently with strong call management abilities.
  • Devised and deployed successful approaches to retain customers and boost brand loyalty.
  • Conducted training and mentored team members to promote productivity, accuracy and commitment to friendly service.
  • Created and enhanced call sequencing flows and scripts to enhance team performance.
  • Reviewed overdue tickets and followed-up with customer support personnel to resolve root cause of delay.
  • Managed department call volume of [Number] calls per day and coordinated department schedules to maximize coverage during peak hours.
  • Described and explained details about over [Number] [Product or Service] options to inform customers and guide purchasing decisions.
  • Measured customer support success with clear metrics to attain [Number]% of [Timeframe] goal.
  • Created customer support strategy for team of [Number] to increase [Type] customer retention by [Number]%.
  • Reviewed submitted documents to check compliance and enforce recordkeeping policies.
  • Developed documentation and logs of implemented solutions and generated and submitted [Timeframe] reports.
  • Maintained accurate and current customer account data with manual forms processing and digital information updates.
  • Helped [Number] customers every [Timeframe] by approaching conversations with positive attitude and [Action].
  • Conferred with customers about concerns with products or services to resolve problems and drive sales.
  • Evaluated customer information to explore issues, develop potential solutions and maintain high-quality service.
  • Capitalized on $[Amount] in customer up-sell opportunities resulting in [Number]% increased revenues.
  • Led process improvement and problem-solving efforts to create standard procedures and escalation policy for customer support team.
  • Supported [Job title] managing over [Number] team members resolving [Number]+ customer issues every day.
  • Preserved revenue streams by utilizing strong communication and negotiation skills, offering refunds as last resort to maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Entered customer interaction details in [Software] to track requests, document problems and record solutions offered.
03/2007 to 07/2011
Front End Manager Chs, Inc. Hardin, MT,
  • Motivated employees to perform at peak productivity with morale-boosting programs.
  • Helped employees with day-to-day work and complex problems by applying motivational and analytical strategies.
  • Scheduled personnel according to skill sets and coverage needs, and made adjustments to meet unexpected demands.
  • Evaluated employee performance and made recommendations for improvements.
  • Maintained strong customer relations and effective customer service standards.
  • Recorded financial transactions and performed account reconciliations.
  • Assessed personnel performance and implemented incentives and team-building events to boost morale.
  • Developed and implemented robust training and mentoring strategies.
  • Established and updated work schedules to account for changing staff levels and expected workloads.
  • Prepared daily [Type] and [Type] reports to assist business leaders with key decision making and strategic operational planning.
  • Worked with security staff and law enforcement on shoplifting and vandalism response.
  • Administered capital budget for store.
  • Managed [Type] files and records for [Number] clients and adhered to safety procedures to prevent breaches and data misuse.
  • Interpreted management directives to define and document administrative staff processes.
  • Organized [Type] meetings for [Number] [Job title]s every [Timeframe] and coordinated availability of conference rooms for participants.
  • Maintained accurate, current and compliant financial records by monitoring and addressing variances.
  • Coordinated individual duties after careful evaluation of each [Job title]'s skill level and knowledge, which increased productivity by [Number]%.
  • Oversaw cash flow of store, including cashier operations, bookkeeping and security.
  • Reviewed financial reports and trend forecasts.
  • Interceded between [Job title]s during arguments and diffused tense situations by employing [Skill] and [Skill].
  • Supervised and guided new employees on [Task] and [Task] and responded quickly to questions, which improved understanding of job responsibilities.
  • Codified office structures and processes to promote teamwork and performance.
  • Managed shelf inventory and customer-focused loss prevention strategies.
04/1999 to 12/2002
Store Manager The Great Cookie City, STATE,
  • Engaged and interacted with customers to create positive shopping experiences and drive revenue growth.
  • Created work schedules according to sales volume and number of employees.
  • Completed [Timeframe] profit and loss performance reports.
  • Rotated merchandise and displays to feature new products and promotions.
  • Oversaw, trained and encouraged [Number] [Job title]s, promoting culture of efficiency and performance.
  • Applied performance data to evaluate and improve operations, target current business conditions and forecast needs.
  • Delivered positive results by controlling monthly operations budget and limiting financial discrepancies.
  • Oversaw receiving and display of incoming products, meeting planned promotions and seasonal rotation for sales events.
  • Managed vendor selection and relations to guarantee best pricing and on-time deliveries.
  • Scheduled and led weekly store meetings for all employees to discuss sales promotions and new inventory while providing platform for all to voice concerns.
  • Evaluated suppliers by assessing quality, timeliness and compliance of deliveries to maintain tight cost controls and maximize business operational efficiency.
  • Set, enforced and optimized internal policies to maintain efficiency and responsiveness to demands.
  • Devised, deployed and monitored processes to boost long-term business success and increase profit levels [Number]%.
  • Analyzed and interpreted store trends with [Software] to facilitate planning.
  • Generated repeat business by delivering exceptional customer service and positive engagement.
  • Implemented new [Type] process and identified poor work habits to improve effectiveness.
  • Approved regular payroll submissions for [Number] employees within [Software].
  • Managed, hired and developed top talent to strengthen workflow and productivity.
  • Bolstered sales volume by [Number]% in less than [Number] years by implementing [Type] program and initiating [Type] employee training.
  • Executed proof of concept strategic initiatives for future goals, including digital signage and guided selling plans.
  • Reviewed performance data to monitor and measure productivity, goal progress and activity levels.
  • Established and administered annual budget with effective controls to prevent overages, minimize burn rate and support sustainability objectives.
  • Cooperated with staff and clients to achieve customer service goals and surpass team objectives.
  • Responded to customer concerns with friendly and knowledgeable service and remedied issues promptly and effectively.
  • Developed new store location from ground up by hiring and training efficient team.
  • Analyzed and settled multi-faceted issues impacting executive leadership and business outcomes across [Number] locations.
  • Trained and supervised all new associates in grocery, produce and administrative departments.
  • Completed all point of sale opening and closing procedures, including counting contents of cash register.
  • Achieved consistent budget targets with optimal expense controls and elimination of unnecessary waste.
  • Protected store from loss or theft by setting and enforcing clear security policies.
  • Boosted revenue by $[Number] by developing and deploying strategies to effectively improve operations.
  • Oversaw and improved [Product or Service] deliveries worth over $[Amount] per year through efficient coordination of daily operations.
  • Oversaw employee scheduling to guide operations and secure adequate staffing coverage for busy periods.
  • Hired, trained and evaluated personnel in sales and marketing.
  • Partnered with store director to interview, hire, train and develop department managers and team members to build and sustain high in-store performance.
  • Oversaw daily operations of [Type] start-up, including staffing and training, [Type] compliance, inventory control and financial functions.
  • Kept inventories accurate with daily cycle counts and [Timeframe] audits to identify and resolve variances.
  • Instructed staff on appropriately handling difficult and complicated sales and unhappy customers by implementing [Type] training and encouraging use of [Type] and [Type] skills.
  • Coached [Number] sales associates in product specifications, sales incentives and selling techniques, increasing customer satisfaction ratings [Number]%.
  • Monitored and maintained proper humidity and temperature in climate-controlled stockrooms.
  • Directed construction of product displays on [Timeframe] basis, following corporate planograms, promotions and seasonal trends.
  • Rotated stock to achieve optimum appeal and minimize shrinkage.
  • Reconciled daily sales transactions to balance and log day-to-day revenue with [Software].
  • Drove branch sales to achieve [Number]% ranking among [Number] locations company-wide during [Timeframe].
  • Trained and developed new associates on POS system and key sales tactics, which improved process flows.
  • Managed all aspects of store operations, including organization, maintenance and purchasing functions.
  • Recruited, interviewed and hired staff members who brought talent, enthusiasm and experience to skilled team of [Job Title]s.
  • Set effective store schedules based on forecasted customer levels, individual employee knowledge and service requirements.
  • Increased profits through effective [Type] training and troubleshooting profit loss areas.
  • Reported to district manager regarding all store and staff issues, financial goals and sales.
  • Upheld and communicated store programs and standards to employees for optimal quality, freshness, safety and cleanliness.
  • Proactively identified performance gaps among [Job title]s and implemented process improvements to enhance [Result]s.
  • Established succession planning by training and mentoring [Number] associates into leadership positions.
  • Maintained strong knowledge in handling of perishable products in dairy, meat and produce departments.
  • Promoted team collaboration, performance and efficiency by fostering healthy environments focused on mutual success.
  • Planned budgets and authorized payments and merchandise returns.
  • Led [Type] quality-assurance projects and enhanced productivity, realizing [Number]% increase in profits.
  • Determined and implemented [Type] [Product or Service] quality standards through [Action].
  • Supervised guests at front counter, answering questions regarding products.
  • Minimized on-site cash with frequent deposits and high accuracy in predicting operations.
  • Trained new hires for diverse jobs and kept employees up-to-date through frequent meetings.
  • Boosted sales by [Number]% by effectively cultivating customer rapport and delivering superior customer service.
  • Leveraged social media and brand marketing to achieve or surpass sales quota of $[Amount] each [Timeframe].
  • Maintained proper product levels and inventory controls for [Type] merchandise and organized backroom to facilitate effective ordering and stock rotation.
  • Reviewed and monitored scheduling, purchases and other expenses to maintain $[Amount] quarterly budget.
  • Coached sales associates on product knowledge by using [Type] training tools.
Expected in
Associate of Arts: Business Administration And Management
Baltimore County Community College - Catonsville, MD,

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Baltimore County Community College

Job Titles Held:

  • Proprietor/Customer Service Manager
  • Assistant Customer Service Manager
  • Front End Manager
  • Store Manager


  • Associate of Arts

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