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Professional Summary

Healthcare Operations professional with proficient experience in organized healthcare delivery systems. Resourceful and energized leader focused on business growth and staff development. Focus-driven to lead a compassionate allied health staff for optimizing patient care services. Ensures that ongoing site operations labor & productivity are stable and safe, including quick-response to address emergency disruption or vulnerabilities. Advocates a Higher Reliability Organization (HRO) through transparency & communication.

Core Qualifications
  • Staff Management, Delegates
  • Hiring and recruitment, promoting
  • Budget, Operating/Capital Expenses
  • Multidisciplinary team collaboration
  • Training and mentoring
  • HR Processes and grievances
  • Seasoned in clinical & non-clinical procedures
  • Surgical Services, Sterilization, Infection Control
  • Physician & Provider Liaison, Credentialing
  • Accreditation coordination, Multi-clinic surveys
  • Patient & Employee Incident Investigations
  • Patient education and counseling workgroups
  • Drug & EMR utilization review, Inventory Audits
  • Medication Safety, Risk Analysis, Cart Bundles
  • Immunizations, Rad, Lab, Pharmacy Evaluator
  • Supply ordering, Inventory and restocking
  • Loss prevention management
  • Profit improvements, Equipment Acquisitions
  • Team Building, Mentor, Awards Promoter
  • Relationship building and retention
  • Wellness services, Resource Liaison
  • Emergency Preparedness, Drills, Reporting
  • Facility Operations, Clinic Environment Adept
  • Vendor contracts, negotiations, cost analysis
  • QA/CPI, HEDIS, Trends & Analytics, Presenter
  • Policy-Procedure, Manage Plans & Effectiveness
  • Public Speaking, Leadership Master Trainer
  • Process Improvement, Audits & Tracers
  • New Initiatives & Innovative Contributor
  • Team Player, Promotes Learning Environment
06/2015 to 07/2018
Patient Safety Manager, Sr Analyst Functional LNAS Health Clinic(s), General Dynamics City, STATE,

Facilitates and implements operational culture of safety and other initiatives for network-wide clinics for Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Health Agency (DHA). Leadership role as engaged Patient Safety Manager (RN license waived) in daily clinical & non-clinical operations of specialty clinics, diagnostics, and ancillary services. Facilitates leadership, directorates departments & clinics in Higher Reliability Organization (HRO) quality for cost-saving regulatory compliant environments.

  • Direct day-to-day administrative and operational functions for 4 APU/4-OR Suite bed and Urgent Care facility and 13 specialty clinics.
  • Provides guidance and leadership to over 900 employees across more than 10 departments (directorates) within 3 geographic locations: NAS-Lemoore, Monterey CA, and Fallon NV
  • Management deliverables adherence to military treatment facility (MTF) mission objectives, the DoD/DHA, Inspector General, and inclusive regulatory agencies.
  • Direct, lead, and train employees in best practices in effort to prevent mishaps and promote overall patient safety/environment safety throughout healthcare clinic(s) and associated departmental services.
  • Reviews management: staff work processes, time & duration of patient services, labor & staff coverage, patient complaints, review equipment functionality, and initiates team huddles to update staff or address immediate concerns.
  • Facilitates organized network-wide schedule to conduct personal walk-about inspections, Executive Leadership rounding inspector, unscheduled mock and scheduled accreditation surveys.
  • Reviews and contributes research & discovery for new equipment acquisition with Bio-Med and Specialty Clinic or ancillary service project lead for presentation to Leadership: Finance & IT Directorate.
  • Delivers in-service programs or individual requests of up to 150 employees/year for specific guidance.
  • Contributes, verifies, and reports QA/CQI and HEDIS metrics/analytics with work group for presentation.
  • Reviews network-wide policy & procedure, management plans with impromptu survey readiness checks with new staff and nurse leads (Lieutenants) and other providers.
  • Reviews New Hire Onboarding job task requirements, credentialing privileges, and verifies competency completions. Works with Directorate (Head).
  • Responsible 'go-to resource' for Patient Safety concerns, Master Trainer & recruits provider trainers for program TeamSTEPPS: Team Strategies & Tools to Enhance Performance & Patient Safety.
  • New Hire Orientation presenter (Patient Safety); and back-up for Risk and/or Ethics lead presenters absence.
  • Reduced injuries for patients with development and implementation of robust patient & safety programs and policies with Safety Manager (Specialist), Workman Comp Manager, Surgeons, Dentists, and Psychologists through appropriated focus work groups.
  • Lead first investigator, Patient Safety Manager (PSM, Specialist) categorizes level of harm event, and assigns review handlers as 2nd, 3rd tier investigators [Lieutenant Commander, LCDR/CDR (Doctor/Surgeon) or Lieutenant (RN)] for input reviews and collaborative plan of actions. PSM & Risk Manager reviews processed 600+ anonymous self-reporting incident submissions/annually.
  • Facilitates with Risk Manager Root Cause Analysis (RCAs), Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA), promoting continuum of improvement 'research & discovery' efforts.
  • Collaborates with Bio-Med, Surgical Services, contracts/supply chief for equipment recall, mishap, or new recommendation acquisitions.
  • PSM Pre-surveys proposed procedure room or clinic renovation to ensure services & regulatory guidelines adherence prior to detail constructs presentation to finance/facilities at collaborative planning or workforce meetings.
  • Oriented and actively promotes staff 'speak-up' for National Patient Safety Goals, HIPAA/Labor, Infection Control program, and Industrial Hygiene advocacy.
  • Develops Annual Patient Safety Week and supports all other featured Collaborative Week Recognition Weeks, i.e. Infection Control, Nurses, Physician, All Staff, Lab, ...
  • Active audits & feedback to Executive Leadership of critical or process improvement findings in all areas, and not limited to element of performance (EPs) found during patient tracers, universal precaution, medication safety checks, Fentanyl handling observation reviews, staff emergency equipment readiness, & Code Drills Evaluator.
  • Engages efforts with staff in hand hygiene, sterilization instrument transport, surgical equipment & supply storage, FIFO inventory levels at clinics, gaseous safety, security enhancement barriers and building evacuations.
  • Makes recommendations of housekeeping and maintenance personnel for compliance work performance deliverables and aligned contracts.
  • Operating Room Universal Precaution observer & evaluator, and outpatient clinical procedures observations (20-30/month) for QA/CPI efforts.
  • Develops and creates post-survey forms customized for specialty clinics findings, plan of action (POA) for The Joint Commission (TJC) Post-Accreditation Intracycle Monitoring (ICM) and Navy Bureau of Medicine & Surgery (BUMED) Inspector General Programs & evidence reviews.
  • Engaged a continuum of learning for all staff and recommendation for 'Good Catch' awards, and 'research and discovery' for new 'Innovation' or 'Good Clinical Process' promotion to Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ).
  • Works innovative process improvements through Lean Six-Sigma branch team on select deficiency areas.
  • Inspected clinic sites and facilities to detect potential health hazards and present advisory corrective measures for immediate consideration with commanding officers.
  • Authorized to review supply inventory & storage, equipment reliability, medication & triage processes, staff ratios, patient tracers: reception lobby to procedure to diagnostics staff handling processes to patient exit with EMR documentation audits included.
  • Redesigned workflow processes for patient access front through back-office, resulting in focus reduction of staffing costs & shorter time flows by 15-20 % system-wide, including deterring new hire idleness and 5% increase in required corporate compliance modules completions.
  • Trained pharmacy interns and newly hired pharmacy technicians of monthly assigned medication inventory & pharmacy site checks monitoring forms completions.
  • Reviewed key CAP requirements & presented safety/patient safety updates at lab staff huddles.
  • Addressed Wrong Patient, Wrong Site, Wrong Side, Wrong order for radiation patient handling (preventive or actual incident intervention).
  • Engaged psychologists and addiction therapists for greater transparency and joint reviews of mutual patients to enhance and optimize recovery time.
  • Motivated and supervised 23 Champions and 300+ staff in patient care deliverables, plus medication & equipment.
  • Spearheaded and implemented new projects to expand scope of engagement and inter-department cohesiveness.
  • Fostered excellence by example by "setting pace" and being hands on mentor to clinical staff with open transparency communication of expectation, goals, and times of completion.
  • Generated and reviewed incident reports with leadership including non-punitive write-ups to supervisors, any appropriate corrective action plans to mitigate any recurrence of incident.
  • Facilitates organized network-wide schedule to conduct personal walk-about inspections, scheduled department directorate discussions, Executive Leadership rounding, weekly Environment of Care (EOC) rounds, unscheduled mock and scheduled accreditation surveys.
  • Increased patient satisfaction scores by 15% average/annually through patient tracers and leadership committing to directorate buy-in and staff awareness.
  • Conducted routine facility inspections identifying areas needing improvement: Initiated Maintenance department Evidence Binders receiving good commendation by BUMED inspectors (facilities team just needed guidance and confidence of their efforts through an organized set of evidence binders aka paper trail).
  • Collaborative ongoing updates to policies and procedures, maintaining compliance with statutory, regulatory and local, state and federal guidelines relating to HIPAA, benefits administration and general liability, Title XXII.
04/2008 to 05/2015
Quality Analyst, Environmental Health & Safety Jones Lang LaSalle - Adventist Health West System City, STATE,
  • Facilitated support and adherence of (5) directors, 24 programs within healthcare operations (4-6 hospitals/32 clinics) under VP Supervision (4 revolving VP's/7 years)
  • Spearheaded and initiated 12 program required or new initiative projects - start to completion with minimal supervision
  • Review and report updates on operational expenses, i.e. labor expenses, and capital/vendor contracts, i.e. supply expenses for proposed projects of network-wide impact.
  • Collaborative with one Director the TJC and EP's required plan of actions under the Safety/Life Safety, Hazmat, Security management plans.
  • Drafted the 'Surge' and 'Evacuation' plan (Nurse Administrator sign-off), and drafted all After Action Reports with attachments (Director sign-off)
  • Provided trends/analytics by collection of multi-clinic, hospital associate Directors metrics.
  • Facilitated managers task forces to meet 'incident' and 'required task' progress for presentation for audits.
  • Selection of key champions and mentoring for contribution and collaborative work groups, i.e. IT/Construction/Facilities constructs details prior to infection control nurse construction permits; facilitator of EOC TJC Annual Effectiveness Review Completions; OSHA/PPE & Maintenance Risk & Equipment Checklist Audit completions; Dietary Services Compliance Audits; and Clinical Environment EOC TJC EP Compliance Survey Audit Form completions.
  • Engaged Directors managers to meet project deadlines.
  • Influenced team members work conflict resolutions with plan of action before need for HR intervention for VP (apprised VP of grievance issues for follow-up), supported minimal HR visit occurrences.
  • Developed monthly, end-of-quarter and other statistical reports, including analysis for leadership team and for quality improvement program outcomes studies.
  • Provided regular updates to team leadership on quality metrics by communicating consistency problems or production deficiencies.
  • Performed root cause analysis through Radar and AIMS.
  • Partnered with management to create, develop and implement quality initiatives, resulting in cost-savings.
  • Developed pilot programs to verify potential improvement and standardization throughout network.
  • Facilitated research & discovery with compilation into drafted 'Surge' and 'Evacuation' plan (CVGH Nurse Administrator sign-off)
  • Facilitated compilation of actual or drill events After Action Reports (AAR) with attachments (Director sign-off)
  • CAHAN (CA Health Alert Network) Coordinator network-wide for leadership. Adventist Health largest network utilizing CAHAN system in CA, and recognized as most engaged CAHAN Coordinator with Sacramento CAHAN/Process Improvement Team for user-friendly quality improvements (prior to new system change).
  • Policy reviews, edits, modifications to reduce redundant policies, and placed in binders (submitted to Lucidoc)
  • Facilitated daily teleconferences (Security), weekly meetings (varied depts), and monthly contributor to Quality, EOC, Emergency, Facility, Construction/IT, Dietary, Leadership, Governing Body presentation prep, and New Hire Orientation Presenter.
  • Selection of key champions and mentoring for contribution and collaborative work groups, i.e. IT/Construction/Facilities constructs details prior to infection control nurse construction permits; facilitator of EOC TJC Annual Effectiveness Review Completions; OSHA/PPE & Maintenance Risk & Equipment Checklist Audit completions; Dietary Services Compliance Audits; and Clinical Environment EOC TJC EP Compliance Survey Audit Form completions.
  • Project Management lead deliverables met, i.e. sampling but not limited to:
  • 1) Increase 12-20% Corporate Compliance Completions network-wide (success recognition to CFO) and assigned Corporate Compliance New Hire Presenter till Finance department employee became Corp Compliance Officer;
  • 2) Radiation Dosimetry Badges ordering & distribution to appropriate high-risk areas and tracking delivered under budget;
  • 3) MSDS to SDS conversion delivered under budget; 3) EOC Committee's members data metrics, collectibles original automation before Blitz activated (2013);
  • 4) Rounding Schedules for Network-wide Hospital & Clinics & Score Cards, inter-department communications (2009-2013);
  • 5) TJC POA required Emergency Management Committees for 3 additional licenses CVGH/AMCS/AMCR (1-license, HCH/AMCH Steering Committee only was non-sufficient) development of network-wide department assigned delegates & meetings schedule & agendas;
  • 6) In lieu of Emergency Management transitioning from EOC Director to Administration, pulled together State Grant Workforce group (Security/Facilities/Emergency Room liaison) to select key Emergency equipment by deadline (plus able to coup Tulare District Hospital available funds per their missed deadline);
  • 7) Composed & developed All Star Assembly Song & Lyrics with Provider Band & Leadership Choir (volunteered time);
  • 8) (2015) JLL Goal $1M/per 1st annual contract deliverable personally found $400K cost-savings for Adventist Health through Corporate Risk engagement (provided and forward project to AH Finance for continuum),
  • 9) JLL Team given short notice, Accreditation Mock Survey commenced with consultant with minimal prep of TJC required 4 copies of San Joaquin/Adventist Bakersfield Hospital Fire Egress & Evacuation Diagrams by assigned manager unable to provide and absent (I printed required color copies and grabbed my personal 9" x 14" binder from home indexed by 5:30 a.m. to meet VP in Visalia at 6:00 a.m. to route to Bakersfield by 7:00 a.m., and more...
06/2001 to 08/2006
Executive Assistant Clinical-Corporate DaVita Dialysis, Inc. - Gambrohealthcare, Inc. City, STATE,
  • OP Dialysis/Peritoneal Care Specialty healthcare industry for (9) Central Valley Clinics
  • Tracker of physician orders, and provided IT support at Nephrologists offices in Visalia & Bakersfield.
  • Collaborative project or process improvement discussions amongst Nephrologist Groups in Visalia & Bakersfield.
  • Conducted various audits & monitoring of medical charts and verifying completion of initial nursing-nutrition-social worker assessments.
  • Safety & emergency awareness presenter, set-up and supported Sr VP/Regional Ops Director at Directors Meetings through agendas, catering, & AV set-up order.
  • Conducted site inspections with Sr VP, Regional Operations Director for compliance but not limited to hazmat-waste, medication-supply expirations, FIFO inventory controls, vendor contracts, and license & credentialing.
  • Responded to staff grievance and, any OSHA or DPH unscheduled visits in lieu of Sr VP/Regional Operations Director absence.
  • Collected and conducted preliminary review of Directors Monthly budget reports. Specifically, assisted two Directors budgets regularly.
  • Collaborative project or process improvement discussions amongst Nephrologist Groups in Central Valley Region (Selma down through Bakersfield)
  • Regularly took personal initiative in transport handling of blood specimens to airport craft when draw times missed Fed Ex pick-up deadline at clinic site.
  • Supported employees with HR forms completion
  • Grievance committee collaborative for patient and/or patient issues or concerns
  • Local Community event planner; EMS-Patient Day at Visalia Plaza Park
  • Facilitated out-of-state Nurses Continued Education Conferences, and worked with 12 member Infection Control Management Plan, policy & procedure collaborative work group (provided Vital Sign Monitoring data for 5-nation wide regions).
  • Reviewer for Nation-wide/Regional trends/analytics tracking, and CMO pharmaceutical research project.
  • Recommendations for my personal leadership development to study for Master of Science in Psychology post Bachelors of Science in Health Administration due to Industrial/Organizational Psychology impact at Corporate level. MBA considered partly repetitive of BSHA operations finance curriculum.
Expected in 03/2009
Master of Science: Psychology
University of Phoenix - ,
Expected in 02/2007
Bachelor of Science: Health Administration
University of Phoenix - ,
  • Certified BLS, American Heart Association by National Protection & Safety Consulting-NPSC (CA15613) 9/19/2020 - 9/2022
  • Patient Safety Manager Training, Duke University School of Medicine by Defense Health Headquarters (DHHQ), June 22, 2015
  • Patient Safety Manager, PS Training (TapRoot) by Defense Health Headquarters (DHHQ), June 25 - June 26, 2015: Issued June 29, 2015
  • Adventist Health Leadership & Management Institute Training-Executive Leadership, Jan 2009 - Dec 2009 Leading High Performance Teams; Communications & Listening; Coaching for Success Interviewing in Culture; Leading Change; Building an Environment of Trust; Making Meetings Work; Essentials of Leadership;
  • Adventist Health Corporate Compliance Training, Sept 2008 - Dec 2008 - MSDS; ILSM (Interim Life Safety Measures); Life Safety Codes Color Coded Wristbands; Network Update - Age Specific Competency; Corporate Compliance A Proactive Stance; Cultural Competence Background and Benefits; Medsled Vertical Evacuation Training; Information Security Awareness; Flu Education

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