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Jessica Claire
  • Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
  • Home: (555) 432-1000
  • Cell:
A broad-experienced Solution Architect with 15+ years of leadership experience in a large degree of interaction and go-between between business and technical teams. More emphasis on hands-on and execution and less on theory Experience working with external vendor-development efforts and internal development resources Proven mentor and trainer, skilled at communicating with all organizational levels and cross-functional teams to develop a shared vision and foster a culture of excellence.
Core Qualifications
  • Skills Summary
  • Java SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer), Annotations, Java Generic, Collection, Multithreading, Reflection, JDK 1.4, Java 5/6/7/8
  • J2EE/Java EE 5/6/7 AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), EJB, JSP, Servlet, JMS, JMX, JDBC, JNDI, JAAS, JCE, JPA, EJB3, IoC (Dependency Injection)
  • Spring/Hibernate/Struts Spring Framework, Hibernate, Hibernate Annotation, Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Spring LDAP, Struts 1 & 2
  • User Interface jQuery, ExtJS, GWT (Google Web Toolkit), Ext GWT, JSON
  • SOA Restful Web Services, SOAP Web Services, CXF, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Jersey, JAXB, WSDL, JAX-RPC, JBI, ESB (OpenESB), BPEL
  • Security SSO, SAML 2.0, Spring Security, WS-Security, Cenzic (Security Vulnerability Scan), Veracode
  • Design Skills Microservices, GoF Design Patterns, J2EE Design Patterns, UML (Rational Rose, Visio), Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD)
  • Server (Middleware) WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, ActiveMQ, Apache Tomcat, GlassFish, Oracle Coherence, F5
  • XML/HTML XML, XML Schema, XSL, XSLT, SAX, DOM, HTML, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript
  • Database & Tools Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g, PL/SQL, TOAD, Oracle XQuery, MySQL, DataTek PowerBuilder, Microsoft Access, ISAM
  • IDE Eclipse, RAD, MyEclipse, NetBeans IDE, JBuilder, JDeveloper, IBM Visual Age for Java, Visual Café
  • Source Control Subversion, CVS, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Visual Source Safe
  • Development Methodologies Agile (Scrum), Waterfall
  • CI & Testing Maven, Ant, Jenkins, Cruise Control, JUnit, Sonar, PMD
  • Content Management Alfresco, Documentum, DFC
  • C/C++ C/C++, Visual C++
  • Operating System AIX, Linux, Solaris, IRIX, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Hardware SUN, IBM, Silicon Graphics Indigo2, PCs ● Technologies: Spring Framework, Hibernate, jQuery, SAML 2.0, Spring Batch, Java 6/7/8, Java EE 5/6/7, Apache CXF, Oracle Service Bus, Oracle Coherence, Alfresco, F5 ● Tool: Eclipse, Jenkins, Subversion General Motors (Warren, MI) Jan, 2013 ~ June, 2013 Technical Lead VCPS (Vehicle Content and Pricing System) The system serves as the gold source for Market Offer data. Market offer data can be described as the vehicle specifications, with a pre-defined set of standard equipment and a list of available packages and options. It integrates the vehicle description, marketing intent and price flow into a global, common solution representing the "GM single source" of data for downstream use. Migrate the system to 2 Enterprise Data Centers
  • From Java SE 1.4 to Java SE 6 or 7
  • From J2EE to Java EE 5
  • From WebLogic 8.1 SP6 to WebLogic 11g (10.3.6)
  • From Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g R2
  • From Backbase 4.1.2 to Backbase 4.4.7 GM3PD (GM Product Portfolio Planning Database) GM3PD (GM Product Portfolio Planning Database) contains GM's global portfolio information, in real-time. This information is used by others in the organization to plan and implement vehicle programs. Portfolio decisions made by the Product Execution Committee (PEC) and Product Strategy Design Committee (PSDC) are communicated via Notices of Decision (NoDs) ● Responsibilities ● Design / Re-Architecture of GM3PD system using Spring Framework, Hibernate, ExtJS and Spring Batch ● Built whole framework for the system ● Documented Architectural Design Document, Technology Architecture Diagram, Component Architecture Diagram, Logical Application Architecture Diagram, Logical Infrastructure Diagram, Framework Design Document and others
  • Pointed / Sized user stories and technical stories
  • Project Planning
  • Ant build script for Jenkins build and JUnit Test Runs in Jenkins
  • Code Review
  • Generate Sonar report for code coverage, JUnit Test Success Rate, Security Violation for Sprint
  • Build and deploy application to Dev Tier ● Language: Java ● Application Server: WebLogic 11g (10.3.6) ● Database: Oracle 11g ● Technologies: Spring Framework, Hibernate, ExtJS, Spring Batch, Java 6, Java EE 5, JMS, Struts ● Tool: Eclipse Indigo/Juno, Jenkins, Subversion QBE (Southfield, MI) Oct, 2010 ~ Jan, 2013 Lead Application Developer AAS (Automated Agency System) Insurance Major Broker and Agency management system. Built with Spring Framework 3.0, Hibernate 3.0 Annotation and GWT (Google Web Toolkit). Rewritten as a web application based on legacy database. Aviation Insurance Quote & Issuance System Aviation (Aircrafts) Insurance Quote and Issue System. Built with Spring Framework 3.1 , Hibernate 3.0 Annotation and ExtJS Aviation Web Service Web Services for Aviation (Aircrafts) Insurance Quote System. Built with Spring Framework 3.1 , CXF annotation base. More than 80% of aviation insurance quote made through the web services by major brokers Agency Portal Agency portal provides Quote Lookup, Policy Inquiry, Claims, Loss Runs, Payment, Agency Management for Workers Compensation, Home Owner's insurance, Aviation and other programs. Payment System with BillPointe (FIS) Credit Card & Electronic Check Payment System. Built with BillPointe system powered by FIS Batch Process Web Application (Spring Batch) Batch Processes web application using Spring Batch and Quartz with cron expression ● Responsibilities ● Led Tech Team (internal contractors and Ernst & Young resourcs in India) ● Built framework for web applications using Spring, Hibernate and Javascript libraries such as GWT and ExtJS ● Mentored / trained developers with new technology and best practice ● Daily meeting with project managements and technical team ● Build & deploy web application to server ● Cruise Control using Ant script integrated with Subversion repositories (worked with infrastructure team) ● Code review ● Language: Java ● Application Server: WebSphere 6.1 ● Database: DB2 ● Technology: Java 6, Web Services (CXF), Spring Framework 3.1, Hibernate 3, Annotations, JUnit, Ant, log4j, XML, JDBC ● Tool: RAD 8, Subversion, SoapUI, XMLSpy Fiserv (Troy, MI) Jan, 2008 ~ Oct, 2010 Tech Lead Galaxy r7 The system serves in-house and online Cedit Union clients with innovative, member-focused products and a best-in-class data center solution. It provides all the features for tellers and members. It has been implemented using Web Services (JAX-WS), Spring Framework, Hibernate, JMS and AOP based on Service Oriented Architecture. ● Responsibilities ● Led Tech Team (18 Java Developers including 5 outsourcing developers in India) ● Mentored / Trained developers for new technology and best practice through Technical Session ● Maintained Subversion server and repository ● Maintained automated continuous build and nightly build ● Maintained Test Driven Development environment for JUnit Tests using Cruise Control and Ant (replacing Cruise Control with Hudson) ● Maintained automated deployment into integration server ● Code cutoff / build / deploy for 2 weeks Sprint for Agile methodology ● Designed and implemented framework of the system such as spring configuration, database connection pool, exception handling, thread pool etc. ● Analyzed Use Cases and user requirements ● Reviewed Use Case Realization (UML Models such as Class Diagram, Sequence Diagram etc) ● Code Review ● Maintained code quality tool (Cobertura, PMD) ● Implemented FM Journal with Message Driven POJO using Spring JMS and ActiveMQ as a message broker ● Implemented systems using WebServices (WSDL, JAX-WS, JAXB) ● Implemented Persistent Objects using Hibernate ● Hibernate O/R mapping ● Training and mentoring ● Performance monitoring using Compuware Vantage Analyzer ● Configured JBoss ● Language: Java ● Application Server: JBoss 4.0.5 & 5.1.0, ActiveMQ ● Database: DataTek ● Technology: Java 5, Web Services, Spring Framework, JMS, Hibernate, AOP, Annotations, JUnit, Ant, log4j, XML, JDBC ● Tool: Eclipse, Subversion, SoapUI, XMLSpy, Compuware Vantage Analyzer Sears Service Live (Covansys) (Farmington Hills, MI) Nov, 2007 ~ Dec, 2007 Contractor Sears Service Live ( is an online marketplace that saves users time and money on home repairs and improvements. It also provides features that can accept PC repair orders from HP using ESB and BPEL. ● Application Server: JBoss, GlassFish ● Technology: Java 5, Java EE 5, ESB (OpenESB), jBPEL, Web Services (JAX-WS 2.0), JMS, Spring Framework ● Tool: NetBean IDE, CVS, SoapUI, XMLSpy Thomson Gale (Farmington Hills, MI) Feb, 2001 ~ Sep, 2007 Software Engineer III / Team Lead Atlas (Vocabulary Services) May, 2000 ~ Sep, 2007 Vocabulary Management System provides various information, for example, Companies, Person, Organization, NACIS, SIC, Subject, Ethnicities, Geographies and so on. Each vocabulary term has their own detail information and has relationships to other terms. The system is Thomson Gale's fundamental vocabulary repository. It has been implemented using EJB, JSP, Struts, Hibernate, Ant, JUnit, log4j and JDBC AGI (Atlas Generic Interchange) Sep, 2004 ~ Sep, 2007 The system feeds information to other system as zipped XML format according to customer's search criteria periodically. It feeds baseline extract or incremental update as scheduled automatically and FTP the zip file to customer. The extracts are triggered as scheduled using JMX Timer and run as background job using JMS. SSO (Single Sign On) Aug, 2006 ~ Sep, 2007 SSO enables users to login into various systems with ONLY ONE sign on. It has been implemented using Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS), Java Cryptography Extensions (JCE) and WebLogic Security Service. Odyssey May 2000 ~ Apr, 2001 Content Management System utilizes Documentum as XML format. It acquires contents from Atlas system and adds some information into it. ● Responsibilities ● Led Tech Team ● Analyzed Use Cases and user requirements ● Designed systems using GoF Design Patterns and J2EE Design Patterns ● UML Modeling (Class Diagram, Sequence Diagram and so on) ● Use Case Realization using Rational Rose ● Implemented Façade, Factory, Adapter using various J2EE Design Patterns ● Implemented server side components (EJB, Business Objects, Data Access Objects, Value Objects, Data Transfer Objects) ● Implemented Message Driven Bean using JMS ● Implemented systems using WebServices (WSDL, JAX-WS, JAXB, JAX-RPC) ● Implemented Persistent Objects using Hibernate ● Hibernate O/R mapping ● Implemented AGI Scheduler using JMX Timer ● Implemented User Interface using Struts (MVC framework) ● Build ear, jar, war using Ant for incremental build ● Configured WebLogic ● Unit test using JUnit ● Deployment instruction and rollout plan ● Help QA to make Test Cases during test phases ● Language: Java ● Application Server: BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere ● Database: Oracle 8i/9i/10g ● Technology: J2EE (EJB, Servlet, JSP), Struts, JMS, JMX, Hibernate, , Web Services, JUnit, Ant, log4j, XML, JDBC, JAAS, JCE ● Tool: Eclipse, ClearCase, ClearQuest Covansys (Farmington Hills, MI) May, 2000 ~ Feb, 2001 Senior Consultant for Thomson Gale ● Projects Odyssey May, 2000 ~ Feb, 2001 Atlas May, 2000 ~ Feb, 2001 ● Responsibilities ● Developed application for Thomson Gale ● Analyzed Use Cases and user requirements ● Use Case Realization using Rational Rose ● Implemented and tested the system ● Performed proof of concept of Java/COM integration using J-Integra ● Language: Java, Visual Basic ● Application Server: IBM WebSphere ● Database: Oracle ● Technology: J2EE (EJB, Servlet, JSP), XML, JDBC ● Tool: Documentum, IBM Visual Age for Java, J-Integra (Java-to-COM bridge) PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation) Korea (Seoul, Korea) Nov, 1999 ~ May, 2000 Windchill Specialist ● Pilot Project, Presentation and Demonstration of Windchill on LGIS (LG Industrial System), HEI (Hyundai Electronic Inc.), HHI (Hyundai Heavy Industry) and Pyunghwa Industry Ltd. ● Proposal of Windchill for Samsung Aerospace ● Info*Engine (EAI Solution) for Daewoo Heavy Industry ● Responsibilities ● Performed pilot projects of Windchill (CPC Solution, Collaborative Product Commerce: announced by Gartner Group and Aberdeen) ● Performed presentation and demonstration of Windchill ● H/W(O/S): SUN W/S (Solaris), PCs (Windows-NT) ● Language: Java ● Tool: Visual Café, Oracle 8, Verity (Search Engine), Apache, IIS, Windchill, Info*Engine ● Technology: Servlet, JSP, RMI, JDBC, HTML, CGI. Jigsaw, Jrun, Jserv SK Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. (Seoul, Korea) May, 1999 ~ Oct, 1999 Senior Engineer ● Developed the interface program between Documentum and PDS (3D CAD System, Intergraph) using Oracle 8. ● Developed Intranet that enables us to manage the information such as engineering database, procurement, project schedule, drawings/documents etc. ● Responsibilities
  • Analyzed engineering procedures and user requirements, and designed system
  • Designed database entity relationship
  • System Administration (Windows NT)
  • Programming using Java, Visual C++, Oracle 8 ● H/W (O/S): PCs (Windows-NT) ● Languages: Java, C++ ● Tool: JBuilder, Oracle 8, Documentum, ERWin, IIS ● Technology: JSP, Servlet, RMI, JDBC, HTML, CGI Korea Power Engineering Company, INC. (Seoul, Korea) Feb, 1991 ~ Nov, 1998 Senior Engineer ● Developed a PDM System, IPIMS (Integrated Plant Information Management System), using Oracle, Powerbuilder, and JAVA ● IPIMS includes several modules such as Engineering Database Management, Drawing / Document Management, Material Management (BOM), Procurement Management. ● Responsibilities ● Analyzed engineering procedures and user requirements, and designed system ● Programming using JAVA, C/C++ and PowerBuilder ● H/W (O/S): SUN W/S (Solaris), Silicon Graphics (IRIX), PCs (Windows-NT/95/98) ● Language: C/C++, Java, Oracle 7, Powerbuilder
Technical Skills
Professional Experience
Lead Solution Architect, 06/2013 to Current
NokiaAustin, TX,
  • A broad-scale experienced Solution Architect, VSC (Vehicle Service Contract) VSC program provides quotes, contracts, remittent and claims for Vehicle Service Contract for Auto Dealers and consists of 7 work stream projects, VPC (Vehicle Protection Center), QPS (Quote, Print and Submit), OCA (Online Claims Administration), BCD (Billing, Collection and Disbursement), DWR (Data Warehouse Reporting), MENU and Products. ● Responsibilities ● Designed Modularized Applications Architecture: Proposed and Designed "Modularized applications" architecture before Microservices pattern introduced ● Defined Technology Stack ● Own / Create Architecture Design Document, which contains Context View, Process View, Logical View, Interface View, Deployment View etc. for sub-application level ● Own / Approve System Design Document
  • Involved in project planning and estimation
  • Involved in Business Requirements, Use Cases and System Requirement Specification
  • Involved in RFP for 3rd party integrator of DMS (Dealer Management System)
  • Proof of Concept for newly introduced technologies to Ally VSC
  • Build Prototype for whole technology stack
  • Build framework of Ally VSC program and reusable codes
  • Configure application servers & Coherence servers for Dev, SIT, UAT, Capacity (Pre-Prod) and Production with Middleware team
  • Single Sign On with SAML 2.0
  • Configured F5 iRule with F5 team for F5 load balancer
  • Interact with DNS team for Virtual Domain (VIP)
  • Review security vulnerability scan results with Cenzic scan and Veracode scan with Security Architect
  • Review performance test results
  • Manage deployments for all tiers with Middleware team
  • Configure continuous integration using Jenkins and Maven
  • Code Review ● Language: Java ● Application Server: WebLogic 9.2, 11g & 12c ● Database: Oracle 11g
M. S.: Mechanical Engineering, Expected in
Sungkyunkwan University - Seoul,
Sungkyunkwan University (Seoul, Korea) M. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mar, 1989 ~ Feb, 1991
B. S.: Mechanical Design, Expected in
Sungkyunkwan University - Seoul,
Sungkyunkwan University (Seoul, Korea) B. S. in Mechanical Design Mar, 1985 ~ Feb, 1989
SCJP Sun Certified Java Programmer CPC
Application Server, Architecture, Billing, Business Requirements, Cases, Claims, Collection, Contracts, Data Warehouse, Database, Deployment, Disbursement, Dms, Dns, Estimation, Integration, Integrator, Java, Middleware, Oracle, Project Planning, Prototype, Prototypes, Rfp, Saml, Security, Security Vulnerability, Single Sign On, Uat, Use Cases, Weblogic, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Design, Access, Aerospace, Agency Management, Aix, Ajax, Analysis Design, Analyzer, Apache, Application Architecture, Aspect, Authentication, Auto Cad, Aviation, Batch Process, Bea, Bea Weblogic, Bom, C++, Cad, Cgi, Class, Clearcase, Clearquest, Clients, Compensation, Comprehensive Large Array Data Stewardship System, Compuware, Content Management, Content Management System, Credit, Credit Card, Cruise Control, Cryptography, Css, Cvs, Data Center, Database Management, Db2, Design Patterns, Document Management, Documentum, Dom, Eai, Ear, Eclipse, Ejb, Engineer, Erwin, File, Fiserv, Ftp, Hds Cruise Control, Html, Iis, Intergraph, Internet Information Services, Intranet, Irix, J2ee, Jar, Javascript, Jax, Jaxb, Jax-rpc, Jax-ws, Jboss, Jbuilder, Jdbc, Jdk, Jms, Jndi, Journal, Jquery, Jrun, Json, Jsp, Junit, Ldap, Linux, Long-term Disability, Ltd, Maestro, Mapping, Marketing, Mentor, Mentoring, Microsoft Windows, Model View Controller, Model-view-controller, Mvc, Mysql, Object Oriented, Object Oriented Analysis, Ooad, Oracle 10g, Oracle 7, Oracle 8, Parametric, Pcs, Pdm, Pds, Pl/sql, Power Engineering, Powerbuilder, Pricing, Procurement, Ptc, Qa, R2, Rad, Rational, Rational Rose, Real-time, Restful Web Services, Rmi, Rollout, Sap, Search Engine, Servlet, Silicon Graphics, Soa, Soap, Software Engineer, Solaris, Sonar, Sql, Sso, Struts, Subversion, Sun, System Administration, Systems Administration, Team Lead, Test Cases, Testing, Tomcat, Topo, Training, Uml, Uml Modeling, Unit Test, Use Case, User Interface, User Stories, Vantage, Verity, Visio, Visual Age, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Web Services, Websphere, Windchill, Windows 2000, Windows Xp, Workers Compensation, Xml, Xsl, Xslt

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School Attended
  • Sungkyunkwan University
  • Sungkyunkwan University
Job Titles Held:
  • Lead Solution Architect
  • M. S.
  • B. S.

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