Nutritionist Resume Example

Creating a delicious nutritionist resume can help you land your next job. Nutritionists use food and nutrition to promote health, manage diseases, cope with allergies or manage weight. Your resume should outline your past professional experience, as well as any special skills you might have, such as recipe development and meal planning. Since nutritionists typically work one-on-one with clients, soft skills such as great written and verbal communication and compassion can set you apart. Be sure to include your education, including any certifications you’ve earned. For more tips to sink your teeth into, check out our nutritionist resume example.

Nutritionist Advice 

If you care about healthy living and healthy eating, consider a career as a nutritionist. Nutritionists make a difference in health outcomes for many people, and finding a job in this rewarding field starts with the right resume. Not sure where to begin? The resume examples below can help. Use these examples to see which elements should be included in your nutritionist resume, then build your own resume based on your personal background. Get started today and get into a healthy new career!

Resume Tips for Nutritionist 

Jobs as a nutritionist, as is the case with almost every industry in the United States, can sometimes be a bit difficult to come across. However, there are certain steps which any applicant can take in order to make their job hunt more successful and less stressful.
1. Look high and low for job opportunities. Many available positions in small businesses are often overlooked simply due to lack of exposure.
2. Be persistent. Just because an applicant at first receives a rejection, it does not mean they should give up hope.
3. Pursue all job leads diligently. Unless a firm “no” has been received from a potential employer, an applicant may still have a shot at the desired position.
4. Attend any local job fairs available. This can both open new doors and allow one to gain a better understanding of the local job market.
5. Attend classes which aim to help those looking for work sharpen their interviewing skills and build resumes.

Nutritionist Job Seeking Tips 

Regardless of age, experience or education, the most important aspect when it comes to looking for jobs as a nutritionist is a well-polished resume. While there are many qualities which employers debate over when it comes to what creates a great resume, there are some factors which are consistently favorable on any document of this type.
1. Always list work experience and education in reverse chronological order. This helps to insure that the most relevant information comes first.
2. Do not fill a resume with “fluff,” including irrelevant hobbies or other information that does not apply to the desired position.
3. Use a little color or a new layout in order to ensure that your resume stands out in the stack.
4. Provide contact information that is appropriate and professional, including email addresses and voicemail messages which a potential employer might encounter.
5. Always check to make sure that spelling and mechanics are correct. Mistakes in these areas can be catastrophic on a resume.

Related Resumes:

Nutritional Therapist Resume

Date Range: 10/2011 to Current

I take a bio-individual approach in conducting a thorough, in depth assessment using various tools and necessary research to establish the condition, needs and goals of clients.
Create 3-6 months renewable programs that provide the guidance clients need to produce attainable results.
Review food journals to educate and slowly make adjustments to clients diet for easier compliance, transitioning and permanent changes.
Devise meal plans for clients when needed.
Functional lingual neuro-testing to establish supplement protocols that provide essential support to maximize desired outcome.
Supply and suggest educational material, direct to and supplement proper resources and make additional recommendations concerning nutrition and various aspects of holistic wellness including reducing toxic load to fine tune clients program.
Address consciousness as a key element in attaining optimal results which also benefits their mental and emotional health.
In person and email follow ups to examine progress, address obstacles, structure in next steps, provide education, encouragement and support.
Offer additional educational services in healthy food preparations, supermarket/farmers market tours and pantry clean up.
Maintain up-to-date knowledge about the latest research and trends through extended education and professional development courses, workshops and seminars.

WIC Nutritionist Resume

Company: Marana Health Center
Date Range: 12/2010 to Current

Manage receptionist area, including greeting visitors, creating welcoming, professional environment and responding to telephone and in-person requests for information.
Explain program procedures, regulations and processes to applicants.
Organize and analyze information to prepare reports and follow up with clients.
Determine office needs such as supply orders and educational material.
Provide nutrition assessment and nutrition counseling

Public Health Nutritionist Resume

Company: Pinal County Department of Public Health
Date Range: 07/1990 to 07/1996

Developed and presented group education within the community
Analyzed nutrition problems relating to social, cultural and economic situations.
Created nutrition newsletters in English and Spanish.

WIC Nutritionist Resume

Company: Jordan HealthLink WIC Program
Date Range: 10/1984 - Current

Provide nutrition education and counseling to program's diverse population
Perform finger stick blood draws to measure iron levels
Assessment of food intake, anthropometrics and iron levels
Supervised satellite site responsible for servicing approximately 300 participants
Compiled data and evaluations for completion of Nutrition Service Plan (a report used for quality assurance-to set and track agency goals and objectives)

Nutritionist Resume

Company: Aramark Higher Education
Date Range: 08/2013 to Current

Provided nutritionals for dining halls, markets, and bakery
Assisted in menu planning and cycling
Trained staff about allergens and special dietary options
Managed an intern for nutrition
Conducted food demos for staff and students
Hosted many nutrition events
Assisted students with food consultations and dietary concerns
Provided healthy choices for students
Processed meal plan exemptions

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