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The primary duties of data analysts are data collection and analysis. They are tasked with compiling information and statistics relevant to company success and instructing others on how to apply that data to the benefit of the business. This includes analyzing business metrics, conducing market research and explaining the implications of the data collected.

Because this as a specialty position, a post-secondary degree is a must for your data analyst job description. Bachelor’s degrees in business, math or finance are standard requirements along with four years working in an analytical, statistics or data positions. The job description should also require experience with industry standard database technology, such as SQL or MySQL.

Data analysts must be critical thinkers with strong analytical skills to accurately and effectively assimilate information. They must also have excellent communication skills to effectually disseminate that same information. Successful data analysts are highly results-oriented, as well.

Data Analyst Job Description Template

Job Summary

As a leading accounting firm, we help businesses of all sizes grow and flourish. Our financial team is full of energetic and talented members who are ready to tackle any challenge. We are seeking to add a data analyst to our team; this professional should have a strategic mind and a complete knowledge of the current financial market. By implementing strong communication skills, the data analyst will work with all other departments to ensure our entire company is on the same page. If you are results-oriented and have experience working with big data, consider applying to help us assist corporate entities throughout the business world.

Job Responsibilities

  • Collect, organize, and apply company statistic and general data in order to improve the efficiency and influence our company has; present the collected information in monthly board meetings to the heads of each department.
  • Work alongside representatives from different clients to apply their data by designing and making suggestions for them to implement business models.
  • Explain the implications of business statistics on a daily basis.
  • Support the rest of the data team and work together to get the most accurate measurements possible; teach others how to effectively apply the collected data.
  • Analyze business metrics and logic to submit suggestions for continuous improvements.
  • Perform market research to allow us to remain a relevant and constantly changing business.
  • Design processes and tools to allow data to be more accurate and more accessible.
  • Provide assistance in the hiring process of new data team members.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Minimum of four years in a statistics, data, or analytical position
  • Strong communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, mathematics, business, or other related field
  • Experience with MySQL, SQL, or another industry standard database technology
  • Knowledge of web analytics
  • Minor programming skills in a compiling language such as Java or C++

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