Accounting Manager CV Example

In today’s competitive environment, it is not enough to have the right qualifications. To stand out among a throng of impressive applicants, you need to present a CV that convinces employers that you will be a great fit. Use this accounting manager CV example to learn how to showcase your credentials for maximum impact. Some factors to consider include formatting, the kind of information to include and the most effective phrasing to use. Employers want to know not just that you have a great education or extensive experience but also how this education and experience will add value to their companies.

Tips for Writing Your
Accounting Manager CV

  • Accounting Manager Overview

    An ideal accounting manager possesses both technical accounting skills and managerial qualities, such as the ability to motivate others and to communicate effectively. As a leader, you will also need to possess high levels of independence and the ability to innovate. Following the above accounting manager CV example, do list education and experience relevant to accounting or finance. Your specific degree may not be as important if you have substantial accounting experience. An accounting manager should be very detail-oriented and meticulous but also needs to keep in mind the company’s larger financial goals. As accounting is now entirely dependent on computer systems, an applicant for an accounting manager position should be at least familiar with major software and be able to keep up-to-date with changes. Another area of frequent change is the laws affecting accounting standards. As a department leader, you will be responsible for compliance with relevant laws and guidelines, so employers want to see an awareness of the importance of this aspect of accounting management.

  • Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Accounting Manager CV

    In addition to accounting skills, employers want to see qualities that are typical of an effective leader. This means the ability to assign projects, manage productivity and motivate staff members. As a leader, you will also need to show that you are able to seize the initiative and actively work to make positive change. In the accounting manager CV example above, the applicant lists several times she spearheaded a positive change at her company. If you gained your managerial skills in a non-accounting position, your CV should emphasize their transferability and applicability in an accounting context. As you can also see from this CV, an additional skillset such as the applicant’s computer systems knowledge can also add value to an accounting position. Follow the CV example and state specific ways your non-accounting knowledge helped you perform better as an accountant or an accounting manager.

  • Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

    In addition to using our accounting manager CV example as a template, you can spruce up your CV by considering the following across-the-board tips:

    • Make sure your contact information is complete, accurate and professional. If a prospective employer can’t get in touch with you, your chance at the job is gone. Check for typos or misspellings, especially when it comes to your phone number and email address. Use a professional-sounding email address. In most cases, this will consist of a combination of your name or initials.
    • List your experience in reverse chronological order. This way, the employer sees your current or last position first and gets an accurate understanding of what you offer now. This order also keeps your information organized and easy to remember.
    • Use your judgment when figuring out what positions you should include. Typically, applicants should not include irrelevant employment unless their experience is otherwise sparse. A good approach when this inclusion is warranted is to emphasize relevant skills you have acquired in this position.
    • Check your CV several times to ensure it is free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

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