Team Lead Resignation Letter

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Resignations can be both good and bad. It opens new doors for companies and employees. The Team Lead Resignation Letter should be distributed to all members of the team in order to help them cope with the change. Allowing for some lead time is advisable to help with the transition to a new Leader.

Madelynn Wilkinson

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Cell: 000-000-0000

Dear Heather Cooley,

I am tendering my resignation as Team Lead in three weeks time to allow for Bob Jones to take over. I care dearly about our group and have realized that Bob Jones should be in this position, not I. I will hand over my position to him, gradually helping him to become accustomed to his new duties for Team USA.

When Bob Jones went to the hospital in June, I took over on an interim basis for our Team USA. Rather than have some controversy over whether he or I should be the Team Lead, I am ready to resign my position. Bob is the right man for the job. He never lost his role, I only filled in until he got better. Now, Bob is back on his feet.

Bob and I have worked together for years. I will help him catch up with anything he might have missed during his convalescence. I have already turned over my permissions and laptop to Bob for his review. My phone number is 000-000-0000. My email is (

Many Thanks,

Frederick Darwin

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