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Your resume is one of the most important parts of your job application. Many hiring managers will make their entire hiring decision based on the information they discover in the candidates’ resumes. In order to improve your chances of being hired, review the information in this project coordinator resume template for Word and use it to create an eye-catching resume. Learn the ins and outs of writing a summary statement, education section, work history section and skills section.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

You should focus on making your summary as strong as possible because it is the first thing employers will read. Your summary will determine the initial impression you make on recruiters, so try to catch their attention and encourage them to continue reading.

  • Write in first person without the use of pronouns

  • Incorporate the most impressive information from throughout your resume to hook the reader

  • Keep this section brief; use three sentences so readers do not lose interest

The following examples and the project coordinator resume template for Word show that your summary can be a short paragraph or a bulleted list.

Example 1

Talented and dedicated project coordinator with more than 10 years of experience working in business administration. Exceptional written and oral communicator with experience giving professional presentations. Confident in positions of leadership and management.

Example 2

  • Professional project coordinator with extensive work history holding positions of leadership

  • Capable of managing an entire team and delegating tasks based on individual talent

  • Analytically-minded professional with strong attention to detail

Example 3

Business administration professional with extensive training and development abilities. Dedicated candidate who combines a history of successful office management with strong communication skills. Familiar with fulfilling administrative responsibilities on a daily basis.

Example 4

  • Charismatic project coordinator with nearly five years of experience working in leadership

  • Successful history leading the human resources department

  • Experienced office manager able to delegate tasks and assign special projects

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section is usually one of the shortest portions of the resume and it should be possible to understand all the information in it at a glance. It is best to use between five and eight bullet points in this section. If you are unsure about which skills to prioritize, think about what your daily responsibilities will be if you are hired. Review the project coordinator resume template for Word to get started.

  • Only include skills that relate directly to the job for which you are applying

  • It is most common for each bullet point to be a short phrase, but single words are fine as well

  • Incorporate important phrases or keywords from the job description in this section to show you are the perfect candidate for the position

Here are some examples of common skills for a project coordinator resume:

  • Strong management and leadership

  • Business administration expertise

  • Critical thinking, evaluation and analysis

  • Training and development experience

  • Human resource management

Writing Your Work History Section

The best resumes have the right information in the work history section. Employers are most interested in what your previous experience is, so strengthen this information as much as possible. Follow these tips to get started.

  • Using real metrics is a good way to add credibility and strength to your resume while giving an example of what kind of employee you would be

  • Employers will be expecting the first word of each bullet point to be a strong action verb

  • This section should communicate the actions you took when in previous positions

The project coordinator resume template for Word demonstrates a strong work history section. Additional examples are below:

  • Oversee business operations to ensure specially assigned projects are completed quickly and effectively

  • Create a special team to tackle assignments and fulfill unique requirements

  • Write project reports containing in-depth information of progress

  • Present project information at monthly executive board meeting, answering inquires and making recommendations for improvement

Writing Your Education Section

While the education section is usually short and simple, you should follow the example of the project coordinator resume template for Word to be sure you get the format exactly right.

  • Mention your school and type of degree along with the date of graduation (unless it is more than 10 years ago)

  • If possible, mention any internships you have had that are relevant

  • You should not include high school information or a specific GPA unless this information has been requested specifically

Example 1

Master of Science in Business Administration – 2012

University of Houston, Texas

Bachelor of Science in Communication – 2010

University of Houston, Texas

Example 2

Master of Science in Business Administration, estimated graduation 2018

University of Providence, Rhode Island

Bachelor of Science in Business – 2014

University of Providence, Rhode Island

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