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A well-written resume is important if you want to gain employment as a personal trainer in the health and fitness industry. To help you create a professional document, we have written a personal trainer resume template for Word for you to model your work after. In addition, we have included writing tips to help you with your summary statement, skills section, work history section and education section. By using our resources, you’ll create a resume that gets your foot in the door with recruiters and gain interviews.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

The summary statement is at the top of the resume, so use it as your sales pitch. This is the perfect place to show hiring managers what you’re made of and highlight your biggest achievements. Model your statement after the personal trainer resume template for Word, and use the following guidelines to help you create the best one you can:

  • Use three short sentences or three short bullet points

  • Mention your job title in the first sentence

  • Focus on two or three of your biggest hard skills and one or two of your best personality traits

Use these examples to get started:

Example 1

Dedicated personal trainer with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Specialize in creating personalized workouts for people of all abilities. Compassionate and patient when communicating with clients.

Example 2

  • Personal trainer with five years’ experience

  • Expert in CrossFit, HIIT, Yoga and Zumba and enjoy creating new workouts

  • Specialize in helping people who need to lose 100 or more pounds

Example 3

Nutrition and fitness expert who has been in the industry for nearly 20 years. Able to train individuals of all ages. Creative personality who enjoys putting workouts to specially made playlists to keep things fun and interesting.

Example 4

  • Qualified trainer with a decade of experience

  • Helped more than 100 people lose significant amounts of weight

  • Always work to create workout and nutrition plans that leave clients feeling satisfied, not deprived

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section provides a quick rundown of your best assets. When writing your skills section, tailor it to each job description. You can do this by finding the keywords and phrases in the description and using the exact same phrases in your list of skills. To get the most out of this section, format it the same way it is in the personal trainer resume template for Word and use the following tips:

  • Put the most important skills at the top of the list

  • Use short bullet points with no punctuation at the end

  • Be specific about the techniques and methods you are knowledgeable about

Below are some examples of skills you might find on a personal trainer’s resume:

  • Skilled at developing personalized programs

  • Expert in weight management

  • Certified to teach yoga, Zumba and weight training

  • Nutrition expert with a knack for meal planning

  • Knowledgeable in human anatomy

  • First Aid and CPR certified

  • Excellent communication skills in English and Spanish

Writing Your Work History Section

The work history section is where you will go into more detail about what you’ve done in your field in the past. The bullet points for each job should be a mixture of duties, responsibilities and achievements. The guidelines below and the personal trainer resume template for Word will help you format your own document and decide which information to include.

  • Include between five and eight bullet points for each job that you list

  • If you do not have paid experience, you can list internships and similar positions

  • Avoid listing jobs that are older than 10 or 15 years

  • Only list jobs that are relevant to the field you’re working in now

Use these example bullet points to get started:

  • Meet with clients on a weekly basis to discuss progress on nutrition and exercise plans

  • Create nutrition plans that are healthy and filling while accounting for any food allergies or aversions

  • Design fitness plans to match the client’s abilities and safely push his or her limits

  • Lead group fitness classes, including swim classes, Zumba and yoga classes

Writing Your Education Section

The education section of a resume is more important for some positions or companies than it is for others. Even so, you should always include it. Don’t be too wordy in this section. Display your academic background quickly so the hiring manager can simply skim. Use the personal trainer resume template for Word and these tips to help you.

  • Use this area to list college, ongoing training, seminars, certifications and other types of education

  • Do not list your GPA or your high school information

  • Avoid listing extracurricular activities or memberships that do not relate to your field

Example 1

Certified Personal Trainer – 2011

Athletics and Fitness Association of America

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training – 2005

The Ohio State University – Columbus, OH

Example 2

Certified Group Exercise Instructor – 2011

Athletics and Fitness Association of America

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Exercise and Health Science – 2005

University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, OH

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