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When you get to the point in your career where you are able to seek a chief executive officer position, you may believe your work history speaks for itself. Still, you might find that helping to give it a voice in the form of an effective, well-written resume may just be the key to finalizing your status as the ideal candidate. Following the format provided in the CEO resume template for Word shown here allows you to convey your interest in a position with a summary statement, and then present your professional profile through sections detailing your education, skills and work history.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

Your resume is the equivalent of the proverbial “60-second sales pitch.” In this case, however, the product is yourself and your skill set. You begin that pitch with your summary statement. This section of your resume should introduce you to prospective employers, provide a high-level overview of your career, and highlight some of your most important skills and accomplishments. Review the CEO resume template for Word and observe the following best practices in action:

* Keep your statement confined to three sentences or bullet points

* Tailor your content to the audience reading your resume

* Write in the first-person while removing all pronouns

Here are some examples to help get you started:

Example 1

Regional manager with 10 years of corporate oversight experience looking for CEO position. Leadership skills developed in various managerial roles are bolstered by strong educational background in business administration. Proven to be effective at inspiring added effort in workforce.

Example 2

* Experienced corporate officer looking for career advancement opportunities

* 16 years of business leadership experience at local and regional levels

* Excellent leadership as well as personnel and resource management skills

Example 3

Operations director looking to progress into CEO position. Demonstrated skills in both the areas of corporate finance and operational management. Bring 20 years of experience in managing and directing corporate efforts to the table.

Example 4

* Junior executive officer seeking permanent role as a CEO

* 18 years of experience in leading corporate process improvement initiatives

* MBA in business administration

Writing Your Skills Section

You will notice the skills listed in the CEO resume template for Word emphasize general soft skills. That is because companies looking to fill executive officer vacancies often value leadership skills over industry specific expertise (that is already in place; what is needed is someone to manage it). Therefore, you should emphasize skills that portray you as the best option to offer a company the direction it needs. Consider these tips when contemplating what skills to include here:

* List your skills in order based on the value they add to the position you seek

* Reference their direct application whenever possible

* Do not exceed six to eight bullet points in this section

Follow the format shown in these examples:

* Proven leader who understands the challenges inherent in large-scale management

* Unique insight into asset and resource management

* Demonstrated understanding of how to incorporate advanced technologies into daily operations

* Recognized for being agile and adaptable when directing corporate efforts

* Meticulous with a talent for identifying opportunities where lean initiatives can help to eliminate corporate waste

* Excellent communicator who is adept at inspiring confidence and continued effort

Writing Your Work History Section

Inspiring confidence in prospective employers requires demonstrating how your skill set has affected change in the companies you have worked for in the past. You can see in the CEO resume template for Word this is done in the section detailing your work history. Here, you will want to provide details of the work you did as well as what you accomplished during your tenure with few of your past employers. Keep the following advice in mind:

* Only go back further than 15-20 years in your work history if a majority of that time was spent with a single organization

* Use the same terms and phrases seen in job listings when describing your previous work duties

* Include detailed metrics when listing your achievements

The following examples demonstrate the details this section should include:

* Directed the efforts of over 230 employees assigned to corporate region

* Introduced process improvement initiatives that resulted in 65 percent increase in productivity

* Oversaw implementation of new automated client billing system

* Organized corporate efforts in responding to requests from external oversight auditors

* Optimized operational processes to the point of generating a net 33 percent increase in revenue during tenure

Writing Your Education Section

Most executive positions require a certain level of educational experience (note that may include professional education, as well). When listing your educational accomplishments, use the CEO resume template for Word as a guide. Remember the following tips when creating content for this section:

* List professional licenses and certifications before your educational achievements

* Detail any internships you completed as part of a degree program

* Only list schools from which you earned a degree

Here are a couple of examples for you to reference

Example 1

Certified Compliance Officer – 2014

American Accreditation Board

Bachelor of Science in Systems Management – 2006

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Example 2

Master of Business Administration – 2007

University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Coursework included: Advanced Operational Theory, Corporate Finance, Workplace Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Finance – 2005

Portland State University, Portland, OR

Completed corporate internship in local corporation’s business office as part of senior seminar


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